Gain an understanding of the events that shaped our world from a different point of view

Our history expeditions are designed to provide an in-depth and hands-on experience to explore the linkages of our past, present, and future. Students partner with experts to learn how tradition, culture, war, politics, and government have shaped each country and region. Choose from a variety of destinations and visit locations where historical milestones took place that turned the powers of one era into the future of the next. All of the trip excursions offered for this program feature numerous course-related interviews with experts and visits to museums, sites, and monuments. Envision yourself studying the rise of the Roman Empire and spending a day exploring Hadrian’s Villa as part of your coursework. Or studying World War II and visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp. Discover the mysteries of the past that greatly influence our present and future. Choose from destinations like Italy, Germany and China.

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Aboriginal Journey through the Australian Outback

Welcome to the Land Down Under! On this radical journey you will camp in the Australian Outback and experience pure adventure. Hear stories of ...
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Akbar the Great Tour in India

India has a fabulous mix of spiritual beliefs, landscapes, architecture, and tradition. Your memories in this country will undoubtedly last a lifetime once you have ...
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Ancient Civilizations in Turkey

With its unique position as the bridge between Europe and Asia, the nation of Turkey has long been an important location for human civilizations. Turkey ...
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Study History in Mongolia with Worldwide Navigators

Ancient Discovery in Mongolia

Your trip abroad to Mongolia will give you a serious taste of who Genghis Khan was, and how he shaped the world. You will step ...
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Ancient Kingdoms of Ethiopia

Soak in Ethiopia's rich and fascinating history on this four-day tour of the ancient kingdoms. This exploration of Africa’s only unconquered state will include the ...
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Andalusian Adventure through Spain

Discover the beautiful sights, sounds, and flavors of Southern Spain. Journey through Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba, Ronda, and Zahara in this action-packed itinerary. Get ready for ...
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Study Anthropology in Spain with Worldwide Navigators

Anthropology Tour in Spain

To study anthropology in multifaceted Spain means visiting distinct regions like Castile, Basque Country, Galicia and Catalonia. Each has its own unique language and culture, ...
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Religious Studies in Ethiopia with Worldwide Navigators

Ark of the Covenant Tour in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is an Abyssinian abyss where the Blue Nile was born. It is also full of salt-laden camel trains. The country is like nowhere else ...
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Art, Cuisine, & Sustainability in Porto, Portugal

Porto has breathtaking medieval architecture, lively music, wonderful food and amazing wine. The best way to experience Porto is by walking her medieval streets full ...
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Study History in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Aspen’s Historic Redstone Castle in Colorado

Redstone Castle sits in the wondrous Crystal River Valley in Redstone, CO, just outside of Aspen. The environment is full of exciting eco adventures, impact ...
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Study Sports Management in Italy with Worldwide Navigators

Auto Race Tour of Italy

Your adventure to study history in Italy takes you past sprawling vineyards and ancient ruins, through mountains and cobblestone streets and along coastlines and raceways. ...
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Balinese Adventure

Ready yourself for adventure the minute the planes wheels touch ground! From temples galore to snorkeling in one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in ...
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Study History & Architecture in the Baltics with Worldwide Navigators

Baltics Historical Tour

Enjoy this unique trip abroad as you explore the charming Baltic states and get lost in history, medieval traditions, architecture and enchanting castles. Explore the ...
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Beaches of the Dominican Republic

Spend five perfect days in the unexpected tropical paradise of the Dominican Republic, a country known for its warm people, lush mountain scenery and of ...
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Study History in Croatia with Worldwide Navigators

Best of Croatia

Join us for a weeklong adventure to discover the Dalmatian coastline, island-hop around some of the Mediterranean’s hottest spots and get your adrenaline rushing through ...
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Best of Madrid

Spend five glorious days getting to know the beguiling Spanish capital of Madrid. Explore world-famous museums, stroll through elegant gardens, and wander quaint cobblestone streets. ...
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Best of Paris

On this journey we'll explore the most famous landmarks and attractions of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and world-famous museums such as the ...
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Birth of a Nation in Washington DC

On this 7-day tour, explore the historic Georgetown, go on a culinary tour, discover the National Mall by bike and enjoy a dinner cruise on ...
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Study History in Italy with Worldwide Navigators

Blue Caves Tour in Capri

Italy is home to gorgeous cities and rich western culture. Travel abroad to the capital Rome as well as Naples and Capri. Although there are ...
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Study History in the Balkans with Worldwide Navigators

Bosnia & Herzegovina History Tour

Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for its history with war and conflict over the years. But amongst this discourse is a beautiful country with warm, ...
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Boston and the American Revolution

This educational student trip is filled with real life interactive history, transporting you back in time. Relive the Battle of Lexington and Concord, learn how ...
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Bridging Past and Present in New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina in 2005 made all the worst nightmares of the city's residents come true when floodwaters breached the levees lining the Mississippi and inundated ...
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Buenos Aires Immersion

Ignite all of your senses as you dive deep into the rich & colorful culture of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This 11-day adventure has it all. ...
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Study History in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Buffalo Bill Front Range Tour

The legendary western pioneer and entertainer Buffalo Bill rests atop beautiful Lookout Mountain in Colorado’s foothills. Embark on a sustainable educational trip across the Colorado ...
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Study History in Bulgaria with Worldwide Navigators

Bulgaria Historical Tour

Bulgaria is known for its misty mountains, history-capturing monuments, and laid-back town havens. From its nightlife to golden beaches to art, the country has the ...
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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Get ready for one of the most magical experiences of all times! With world-famous nightlife, stunning golden beaches and thriving urban culture, Rio de Janeiro ...
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Catholicism in Vatican City

Welcome to Italy, or more accurately, Vatican City! On this 7-day tour, explore this small, influential city and learn about Catholicism straight from the source ...
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3-day Ugandan Tour with Worldwide Navigators

Central Region Uganda Tour

Spend 3 days discovering the beautiful central region of Uganda. Tour Buganda, the country's post-colonial kingdom, volunteer with health and water sanitation projects, and embark ...
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Study Political Science in France with Worldwide Navigators

Charles de Gaulle Tour in France

Travel abroad to study political science and gain first-hand experience of France’s World War II resistance. Visit Charles de Gaulle’s birthplace and learn more about ...
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Study History and Religion in the USA with Worldwide Navigators

Charleston Historical Tour in South Carolina

If you plan to study history, you should definitely explore this famous Southern city known for its friendly people, delicious food, well-preserved history and historic ...
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Chasing Amelia Earhart Tour

Join us as we travel halfway around the world, learning as much about Amelia Earhart as we can: her life, her accomplishments, the aircraft she ...
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Chile: Off The Beaten Path

Long isolated between the Andes mountains and the Pacific, Chile today is rapidly becoming a top tourist destination. Come along for an unforgettable journey into ...
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Study History in Morocco with Worldwide Navigators

City of Dreams: Chefchaouen, Morocco

Bonjour and welcome to the blue city of Chefchaoen, the most captivating place for the photography enthusiast. Arrive in Tangier, visit the spectacle city of ...
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Civil Rights Landmarks in the Southern US

You can read about history in books, but traveling to the places where history was made brings a whole new perspective. Join us as we ...
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Classic London Tour

Spend five glorious days in London experiencing the best of what the city has to offer! Explore classic London landmarks like the Tower of London, ...
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Study History in Georgia with Worldwide Navigators

Covered Wagon Camping in Georgia

If you’re a city mouse, this is the perfect trip to bring you out of your element as you study history in Georgia! On this ...
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Study History in Chicago with Worldwide Navigators

Crime Tour of Chicago

Chicago is the site of some of the most notorious crimes in the world; it’s been the home to at least two serial killers. On ...
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Cuba Short Stay

Discover Cuba on this 3-day getaway by visiting Playa Varadero with its bridge-linked lagoon and whitesand beaches. Dive underwater in Cayo Piedras to explore its ...
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Discover Argentina

Fall in love with Argentina in this week long discovery. Sample some of the most enticing experiences and sites that this country has to offer. ...
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Discover Budapest

Discover the capital city of Hungary! Learn about the city's fascinating and complex history that stretches back to the ancient Celtics and changing hands many ...
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Study History in Guatemala with Worldwide Navigators

Discover Guatemala

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Guatemala is recognized for its awe-inspiring landmarks, geological wonders, and artisanal creations. From its diversity to extraordinary landscapes to century-old culture, the ...
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Study History in Morocco with Worldwide Navigators

Discover Morocco

Discover the third largest desert in the world on a trip to study history in Morocco, where you will take an adventurous camel trek into ...
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Study History in Portugal with Worldwide Navigators

Discover the Coastline of Portugal

Start your tour in the bustling city of Lisbon and make your way down to the coastline of the beautiful Algarve region where you will ...
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Study Sustainable Tourism in the Balkans with Worldwide Navigators

Discover the History of Slovenia

Between its stunning medieval architecture, vibrant city streets, and breathtaking natural landscapes, the small country of Slovenia truly has something for everyone. Travel abroad on ...
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Discover the Moai at Easter Island

Most of us have seen photos of the famous and spectacular Moai carvings on Easter Island. Come along with us to Easter Island, as we ...
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Discover the North Island of New Zealand

New Zealand is a land of wonder. Relatively unspoiled and unpopulated, a visit to New Zealand will open your eyes to the very best of ...
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Study History in Moldova with Worldwide Navigators

Eastern Europe’s Hidden Jewel, Moldova

Moldova is known for its charming rural pastures, secluded monastic life, and complex cultural landmarks. Nestled between Ukraine and Romania, the country is ranked among ...
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Elephant Adventure in Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai

Venture to Thailand's mountainous region of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai where you will have the chance to explore temples, indulge in local customs, and ...
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Study Music in the USA with Worldwide Navigators

Elvis Presley Tour of the South, USA

This road trip USA takes you through the south from Jackson and Tupelo, Mississippi to Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee. Elvis’ humble beginnings in Tupelo set ...
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Study History in Bolivia with Worldwide Navigators

Enchanting Bolivia

International travel to the enchanting country of Bolivia doesn’t make it onto the radar of most travelers. On this epic adventure, you’ll get away from ...
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STEM Studies in the U.K. with Worldwide Navigators

Engineering the Titanic in the U.K.

The majestic RMS Titanic sank in 1912 after it struck an iceberg, and it’s been a source of tragic fascination ever since. On one of ...
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Experience the Roman Empire

The rich history of Rome is abundant as soon as you arrive. This city captures a unique blend of ancient ruins and modern buildings. The ...
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Explore Cambodia

Ready yourself for a trip packed full of surprise as you venture through Cambodia. Journey through Cambodia's most treasured sites in Phnom Penh. Discover the ...
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Explore Honduras

There's so much to discover in Honduras! You'll adventure through quaint historical towns, take in breathtaking landscapes of coffee and sugarcane plantations, and zip-line through ...
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Study History in Peru with Worldwide Navigators

Explore Peru’s Sacred Valley

A country full of diversity in terms of landscapes, environment, culture and culinary delights, Peru is a must-visit for any adventurer. However, beyond the epic ...
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Folklore Tour Throughout Europe

No matter how much we modernize the world, folklore and stories about mythical creatures that are passed down from generation to generation continue to survive. ...
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Study Political Science in Mongolia with Worldwide Navigators

Genghis Khan Tour of Mongolia

Mongolia is a country for adventure and education where visitors can immerse themselves in the nomadic culture and explore diverse, untouched landscapes. On this adventurous ...
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Study History in Seattle with Worldwide Navigators

Ghosts of Seattle

Travel to the Pacific Northwest and explore the ghosts of Seattle and the San Juan Islands. Your adventures in travel to this incredibly beautiful area ...
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=U477&" with Worldwide Navigators"

Gladiators From Austria to Rome

You can do no better than to take an adventure in travel with Gladiators to Carnumtum, Pompeii, and Rome. You will be in awe of ...
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Study Architecture in England with Worldwide Navigators

Gothic Revival Architecture in England

This educational student tour to study architecture in England takes you through incredible historic sites that the town of Oxford offers, letting you travel back ...
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Study History at the Great Wall of China with Worldwide Navigators

Great Wall of China Trekking Expedition

Getting to trek through the Great Wall of China will leave you with amazing memories and photos. Enjoy camping under the stars and experience eco ...
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Guatemala Short Stay

This four day teaser is the perfect trip to get a taste of what Guatemala has to offer. Venture to Tikal, what was known ...
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Ha Long Bay Cruise

Halong Bay translates to "descending dragon" and is a popular travel destination on the coast of Vietnam. This region features thousands of small islands and ...
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Study Literature in England with Worldwide Navigators

Harry Potter Tour in England

Muggles, Welcome to London! Prepare to enter the magical wizarding world on this Harry Potter tour in London where you’ll see amazing sets and props ...
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Religious Studies Tour in India with Worldwide Navigators

Hinduism & Buddhism in India

India is the birthplace of two important world religions: Hinduism and Buddhism. On international student tours around India, you will travel to some of the ...
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Historic Boston

Historic Boston Seven Day Historical Tour in Boston Previous Next DID YOU KNOW? Boston is home to the oldest public park in the United States? ...
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=U472&" with Worldwide Navigators"

Historical Tour in Albania

Albania might not be on everyone’s radar, but the country’s gorgeous landscape, unique features, and complex and fascinating history make it a perfect destination for ...
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Historical Studies Student Tour in Germany with Worldwide Navigators

Historical Tour in Germany

If you’re planning to travel abroad, Germany is one of the best places to visit. There are amazing cities to see, and you’ll be able ...
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Study Religion in Israel with Worldwide Navigators

Historical Tour in Israel

Your global travel itinerary has taken you from the birth to the life, times and teachings of Jesus Christ. This Holy Land tour intersects Judaism, ...
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Historical Tour of Chile’s Dictatorship

Travel to Chile to take a historical tour of its dictatorship, visit human rights museums and discover the key that unlocks their future. Immerse yourself ...
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Historical Studies in Northern Africa with Worldwide Navigators

Historical Tour of Egypt

People around the world have long been fascinated by the pyramids and mummies of Egypt. Now it’s your turn to see the wonders of ancient ...
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Study History in Hong Kong with Worldwide Navigators

History & Climate Awareness in Hong Kong

Being a city full of contrasts, Hong Kong has a lot to offer visitors. From cultural landmarks, historical traditions and scenic natural getaways, there is ...
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=U479&" with Worldwide Navigators"

History & Ecotourism in Belarus

If it’s eco-adventures you’re after, Belarus is the place for you. This trip will take you to a different park or reserve every day to ...
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Study Interior Design in St. Louis with Worldwide Navigators

History and Design in St. Louis

St. Louis is an underrated destination to explore and study interior design. While in recent years more modern buildings have gone up, the area has ...
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Holocaust & Anne Frank Historical Tour

Anne Frank’s life and diary is synonymous with the Holocaust and the plight of Jews in WWII. On this 7-day tour, discover her home and ...
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Iceland Viking Discovery

Despite its name, Iceland is more than just icy glaciers and freezing temperatures. It’s filled with beautiful mountains and fields of lava from volcanoes. Join ...
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Study Anthropology in Canada’s Largest City with Worldwide Navigators

Indigenous History in Toronto

Travel to Canada and get ready to enjoy yourself and learn something new! On this trip to study anthropology, you’ll learn about Indigenous people in ...
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Study History in Ireland with Worldwide Navigators

Ireland Cultural Tour

Ireland is an ancient land of legend and proud history, as well as a forward-thinking innovator in the modern world. On this trip you’ll get ...
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Study History in Italy with Worldwide Navigators

Italy’s Big Three: Venice, Florence and Rome

Enjoy an overseas adventure fit for the gods during your time in Italy. Your group will visit three of the country’s main cities including Venice, ...
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Japan: Off the Beaten Path

Are you ready to step off the beaten path and explore the depths of Japan? Join us on this 10-day trip and tour of Japan ...
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Study History in the USA with Worldwide Navigators

Lewis and Clark: From St. Louis to Oregon

Beginning in St. Louis, follow the expedition of Lewis and Clark through 11 states in 11 days before reaching the shores of the Pacific ocean. ...
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Linger Longer in Brazil

Welcome to Brazil! On this 3-day tour, visit the world-renowned South Zone known for its namesake beaches, surfing, trails and sunset views. Summit Sugarloaf Mountain ...
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Linger Longer in India

Explore the depths of India and its ancient Mughal history on this incredible 3-day tour. Experience the vibrant contrasts of Old and New Delhi. Discover ...
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Linger Longer in South Africa

Explore the vibrant city of Cape Town, South Africa! On this 3-Day getaway we’ll seek a balance between bustling city and invigorating ocean views to ...
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Lisbon: A Primer to Portugal

Experience postcard-perfect Lisbon. Wander the cobblestone streets that climb into twisting, tile-adorned neighborhoods, each one its own treasure. In this old, vertical city, one thing ...
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Literary Tour of Great Britain

Have you ever read a book and wondered what the writer was thinking when they wrote it? Join us as we explore museums and landmarks ...
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Machu Picchu & Inca Trail Trek

Traverse this epic trail across an amazingly diverse array of landscapes, mountains, forests, jungles,  OH-MY! With four days of trekking you’ll be able to take ...
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Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountain Short Stay

Welcome to Peru! There are no words for how magnificent the wonders of Peru are. Come along with us to explore Rainbow Mountain, Machu Picchu, ...
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Explore the clash of cultures in this tiny nation. Parts of the country retain strong Russian influence while other parts embrace the German, Swedish, or Finnish cultures. Throughout the country you will find plenty of medieval architecture and reminders of an ancient history as you travel abroad.

Medieval Tour in Estonia

Explore the clash of cultures in this tiny nation. Parts of the country retain strong Russian influence while other parts embrace the German, Swedish, or ...
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Metropolitan New York

Welcome to New York — America’s busiest and most influential city. Visit the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, museums, the Theatre District and ...
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Study History in Egypt with Worldwide Navigators

Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Journey back in time to study history in the life of ancient Egypt. Experience the wonders of how people without modern tools or equipment built ...
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Mystical Magical Nepal

There is so much to be captured in Nepal! Explore medieval kingdoms, pagoda temples, and hillside villages. Experience ethnic cultures of the Newars, Gurungs & ...
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Mystical Romania

Mesmerizing landscapes, historic towns, and mystical castles, oh my! This five days trip covers Bucharest and the southern part of Transylvania, a land of fairy ...
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Mythical Monsters in Romania

Amidst the mountains of Eastern Europe on the shores of the Black Sea is the small country of Romania. Come along with us to Romania ...
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Mythology Tour of Athens

Athens is one of the original havens of Greek mythology. The city derives its name from the goddess Athena, who won the city’s patronage after ...
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Study Anthropology in Australia with Worldwide Navigators

Neanderthal Discovery in Australia

Australia is known for its iconic cityscapes, spectacular scenery, and abundant wildlife. International tourists are attracted to the country due to its historical culture, incredible ...
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Study History in Scandinavia with Worldwide Navigators

Norse Mythology Tour in Scandinavia

Norse mythology has become more popular in recent years. You might recognize the names Thor and Loki from the Marvel cinematic franchise. But there’s more ...
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Study History and Culture in Romania with Worldwide Navigators

Off the Beaten Path in Romania

Travel abroad and experience the fascinating history and culture of Romania as you explore some of Romania’s hidden gems, boasting magnificent architecture, art, and history ...
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Papacy Catholicism Tour

The Roman Catholic Church is roughly 2,000 years old. For a great many of those years, the church has considered Vatican City as its headquarters ...
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Study Literature and History in Paris with Worldwide Navigators

Paris Literary Tour

The 2000-year history and liberated spirit of the City of Light informs the daily lives of her denizens, and perhaps that's what has drawn writers ...
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Study History in North Carolina with Worldwide Navigators

Pirates on the Coastline of North Carolina

Amidst pirates and the scenic coastline of North Carolina's Inner Banks, ocean waves and salt marshes embrace a land shaped by wind, water, and the ...
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Playa del Carmen Getaway

Known for stretches of white sandy beaches and endless entertainment options, Playa del Carmen, Mexico offers a perfect balance of modern sophistication and authentic old-world ...
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Study Political Science in Washington D.C. with Worldwide Navigators

Politics and More in Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C., the capital of the United States, is small but important city along the Potomac River. On your tour to study political science here, ...
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Portugal: Off the Beaten Path

Portugal is surprisingly undiscovered by travelers in spite of its close proximity to Spain, a popular tour destination in Europe. On this 5-day tour, explore ...
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Restless in Bangkok

The bustling metropolis is a real concrete jungle, but her subtle polarity might not be visible by simply looking across the city skyline. Rich and ...
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Rosa Parks and African American Rights Tour

Welcome to the United States of America! In 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in ...
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Study History in Russia with Worldwide Navigators

Russia: Land of the Tsars

Russia is the largest country in the world, and has a population of 144.5 million with tremendous cultural diversity, and as such, it is impossible ...
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Sail the Nile River

Dating back to ancient times, the Nile River has been one of the most important bodies of water in human history. Join us for a ...
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Salem Witch Trials, Massachusetts

With a history dating back nearly four centuries, Salem, Massachusetts is best known for the Witch Trials of 1692, one of the earliest and most ...
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Short Stay in Cusco, Peru

A visit to Cusco tumbles you back into the cosmic realm of ancient Andean culture fused with the colonial splendors of Spanish conquest. Here, you ...
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Short Stay in Turkey

Filled with amazing markets, hilly quarters, and historic mosques, Istanbul is a feast for the eyes and dangerous for the pocketbook. See all the highlights ...
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Study Religion in Southern Italy with Worldwide Navigators

Shrines of the South of Italy

Considered a “bucket list” travel abroad destination for most Catholics and indeed anyone interested to study religion, Italy is steeped in religious history. From the ...
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Singapore Ultimate Adventure

Looking for the ultimate adventure? Join us for a 10-day trip to Singapore where we’ll visit the well-known places like Chinatown, the Marina Bay Sands ...
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Study Law & Social Justice in Madrid with Worldwide Navigators

Social Justice & Law Tour in Spain

Begin your trip by learning about the history of Spain’s influence around the world and the history of Spanish law. Become immersed in Spanish culture ...
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Southwest US National Park Tour

Southwest US National Park Tour 9-Day Trip to the Grand Canyon, Zion & Bryce Canyon Previous Next DID YOU KNOW? At the Grand Canyon’s widest ...
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Study History in Savannah, Georgia

This small city on the coast of Georgia has a deep, rich history, and antebellum architecture, cultural attractions, and colorful characters to prove it. During ...
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Historical Studies in Slovakia with Worldwide Navigators

Study History in Slovakia

Slovakia is a country full of breathtaking natural beauty and fascinating history. The medieval castles, baroque architecture, and strong ties with Roman Catholicism make it ...
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Study History in Sweden with Worldwide Navigators

Study History in Sweden

Travel abroad to the magical land of Sweden. You’ll spend time in the country’s capital Stockholm as well as several smaller cities to the west. ...
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Travel Abroad to Senegal with Worldwide Navigators

Study History in Western Africa

On your travel abroad trip to Senegal, you will experience adventures like never before all while gaining a deeper global understanding of our world. The ...
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Surfing Expedition in Morocco

Welcome to Morocco, the North African country bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea distinguished by its Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences. ...
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Study History in New York City with Worldwide Navigators

The American Melting Pot: New York City

Travel to New York City to discover its fascinating history. As you explore the 911 Museum, Ellis Island, Museum of Natural History and NYC’s neighborhoods ...
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Study History in the U.K. with Worldwide Navigators

The Castles of England

England is full of centuries-old tales of knights in shining armor, fierce battles, oppression, and resilience. The British monarchy has been at the helm of ...
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Study History in Mainland China with Worldwide Navigators

The Dynasties of China

After a tour of a small fraction of all the sites and historical artifacts left behind by the 13 dynasties that once ruled over China, ...
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Study History in Rome with Worldwide Navigators

The Eternal City of Rome

Rome is called the Eternal City because for centuries, those that lived there considered that regardless of what happened in the world, Rome would always ...
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Study Theater in New York City with Worldwide Navigators

The Heart of Theater: Broadway, NYC

Explore the city that never sleeps in this epic study theater itinerary in New York City. You will see some of the many sights well-known ...
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Study History in Cuba with Worldwide Navigators

The History and Culture of Cuba

In Cuba, discover a world of history, architecture, native wildlife and stunning coastlines. Cuba has played a part in the lives of revolutionaries, writers and ...
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Study Religion in Israel with Worldwide Navigators

The Holy Land of Israel

Your tour of the Holy Land of Israel will hit all the important spots in the Christian faith, where you will be able to study ...
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The Laura Ingalls Wilder Experience

American author Laura Ingalls Wilder captured the life of a pioneer family that moved throughout the American midwest. Her work is held close in the ...
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The Path of Eastern Orthodox in Romania

The country is known as the crossroads of Eastern and Western religious traditions and is the most religious country (in percentage) in the European Union. ...
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Study History in Paris with Worldwide Navigators

The Sun King in Paris

Opulence and grandeur are two common themes of the reign of King Louis XIV. He is one of the most celebrated of the French royals, ...
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The Trans-Siberian Railway Expedition

Discover three of the world’s largest countries - Russia, Mongolia and China - while traveling on the iconic Trans Siberian Railway! Whether you’re a beginner ...
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Tour the Golden Circle, Iceland Adventure

Stand in awe of your surroundings while you experience the wonderland sculpted by Earth’s natural elements. Marvel at geysers and glaciers galore as you venture ...
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Study Political Science in Paris with Worldwide Navigators

Touring the City of Lights

Paris is a city on practically every must-see list of international travel destinations. Travel there and spend a week touring some of its most famous ...
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Ultimate Ireland Adventure

Experience the ultimate Irish adventure! Eight action-packed and fun-filled days have it all. Journey through Ireland's lush green landscapes sprinkled with ancient castles and tombs, ...
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Ultimate Scotland

Visit scenic Scotland on this eight day whirlwind tour. traditional Scottish cuisine and music, and dive into Scotland's history and legends. We'll take the road ...
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Underground Adventure in Italy

Come along on a tour of Italy to visit many of the country’s interesting catacombs. Find out where important historical figures may have been laid ...
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Study Religion in Vatican City with Worldwide Navigators

Vatican City: a Modern City-State

Traveling abroad to study religion in Vatican City is a must for practically anyone, but especially students of religious studies. Art lover, history lover, devout ...
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Vienna Short Stay

Discover Austria’s top sights in a four day, multi-city tour. Begin with a few days in classic Vienna, with a day trip to musical Salzburg. ...
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Vietnam Short Stay

Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh City journey is excellent for travelers who want to know about the heritage, culture, cuisine, and wonders of Vietnam. ...
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Archaeological Studies in Europe with Worldwide Navigators

Volcano Discovery in Italy

Italy has 30 identified volcanic sites. Three of those sites are active, and many of the others could become active at any time, given the ...
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Wander Where the Gladiators Roamed

This ancient city has fascinated poets, politicians, writers and romantics for centuries, with its reminders of the past glory of the Roman Empire. Journey back ...
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7-day Western Uganda Tour with Worldwide Navigators

Western Uganda Tour

Journey to Western Uganda for this spectacular 7-day tour. Your group will discover Fort Portal, a tourism hub of the area, in addition to a ...
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Where History Meets Ecology in Venice

There’s no place like Venice! This city is unique in her water-focused history, unconventional architecture, classical art, and abundant seafood. Venice is directly affected by ...
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Wildlife Science Studies in California with Worldwide Navigators

Wild West Tour in California

No adventures in travel would be complete without a trip into the past. It’s not just important to see where we came from as a ...
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Women's Studies in the United States with Worldwide Navigators

Women’s Rights & Political Science in North America

Spend a week-long road trip USA visiting the main sites of the suffragist movement. See places where brave women rose up and demanded more from ...
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Wonders of Chinese Tibet

Journey to Tibet, also known as the "Roof of the World" to take in towering peaks, sacred monasteries, and witness the Tibetan's inseparable link to ...
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Science Student Tour in Russia with Worldwide Navigators

World’s Largest Planetarium in St. Petersburg, Russia

Aside from being Russia’s second biggest city, St. Petersburg is the home of the largest planetarium in the world attracting visitors across all continents with ...
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