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More than simply educational student tours or travel abroad programs, Worldwide Navigators offers over 1,000 unique, educational student travel packages for college and university students and professor-led groups in 72+ countries for a student travel experience unlike any other.

Educational travel company Worldwide Navigators offers transformative, educational tours and student adventure travel for both undergraduate and graduate students. Feed your curiosity through authentic international human connections and engaging course curricula abroad. You’ll be introduced to international conversations, intersecting your college classroom with real-life circumstances. The result? You’ll want to become more engaged, broaden the scope of your education, and seek to create positive, sustainable change. 

Benefits of Being a University Navigator: Why Choose Worldwide Navigators as Your Student Tour Company?

  • Earn course credit on educational student tours in conjunction with your university and course standards.
  • Avoid burnout by engaging in sustainable, purposeful college travel as part of your course curricula.
  • Build a résumé highlighting your global competency and volunteer experiences.
  • Learn in a multicultural environment with local experts in their own communities.
  • Sharpen your mind by experiencing and navigating new and unusual situations.
  • Become more creative by engaging with the local people.
  • Gain confidence and independence by interacting with unfamiliar territory and cultures.
  • Broaden your comfort level as a problem solver and gain valuable experience as an important individual contributor to a team effort.

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 University Navigator Student Tours
Impact Overall Growth & Success

Students who engage in an international experiential learning and culturally immersive educational travel experience make an invaluable self-investment. The greatest amount of personal growth you can make occurs when you step outside of your comfort zone.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your interests and passions as they relate to your studies.
  • Practice cultural sensitivity and work with people of different backgrounds harmoniously and productively.
  • Create real impact abroad and carry that initiative back home in a positive and sustainable way.
  • Develop important skills like awareness, independence, and compassion.
  • Better understand your place in the world and gain a global perspective about how you can participate in sustainable change.

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