Allergies & Medical Needs

Being sick is no fun. Being sick while traveling is awful.

That’s why we want you to stay healthy on your trip and have some tips to help you do so. Please review this information about medical situations so you can be as prepared as possible.


  • If you have serious allergies, make sure you include that information on your health profile form. Tell your trip leader at the beginning of your trip as well.
  • WWN can’t guarantee that a particular food or diet regimen can be met on your international trip. This includes vegetarian, gluten free, low sugar, or any other special dietary requirements. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs, but if you have dietary requirements that are different from the rest of your group, you are responsible for ensuring your needs are met by carrying your own high quality snacks or foods.
  • You are responsible for monitoring your health condition and avoiding the things you are allergic to as best you can. If you are not sure if a food or plant may contain something you are allergic to, ask!
  • Report any significant illness or allergic reaction to your trip leader immediately.
  • If you have allergies with serious reactions and don’t have an EpiPen or other emergency medication, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider. You may be exposed to new foods, insects, plants, etc. on your trip and should be prepared.

Diseases and Health Concerns

Make sure you know about the health conditions and diseases that are common in the country or countries you are traveling to so you can protect yourself. The CDC’s travel destinations website  offers a number of different search options for situations to be aware of during international travel.

Worldwide Navigators will not provide immunization recommendations to travelers. Please refer to the CDC website and ask for recommendations from your healthcare provider.


Currently, Worldwide Navigators does not offer travel insurance. This may change in the future. However, we highly recommend every international traveler purchase travel insurance.

Trip cancellations, flight delays, severe weather, lost baggage… These are all reasons to invest in travel insurance for your upcoming trip with Worldwide Navigators. Travel insurance may be purchased through many third-party providers to provide the care and coverage if you experience any disruptions while traveling abroad.

Prescription Medications

Carry your prescription medications in their original packaging in your carry-on bag. Bring a copy of the prescription paperwork from your pharmacist as well just in case customs officials have questions.

Emergency Contact

Make sure we have complete emergency contact information for you.

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