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Although many of the stones that were used to build the city were more than 50 pounds, it is believed that no wheels were used to transport these rocks up the mountain. Rather, it is thought that hundreds of men pushed the heavy rocks up the steep mountain side.

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Spend a day in Cusco-also known as the “Imperial City” and a UNESCO World Heritage Site with significant pre-Colombian history.

Your excursion starts at Coricancha temple, an ancient Inca palace and center of worship of the Sun. This temple was central to the Incan Empire which speaks volumes to the importance of the Sun that is still true today. Also on the site is a church built by Dominicans which survives to this day.

As you proceeds to the Main Square, visit the cathedral which is the most important religious building in the city. The tour continues to Sacsayhuamán fortress, an impressive example of Inca military architecture, then later to Kenko, a holy site where the Sun, Moon, and Stars were worshiped collectively. Next, a visit to Puca-Pucara, which is presumed to have been a “tambo” or rest and lodging place for the Inca. Finally, check out the Inka’s Expression art workshop, where you will be able to witness artists working on silver, and wood ¾the perfect place see Andean art firsthand.

Rise early for the journey of a lifetime as you are transferred to the beginning of the trailhead. From here, we will continue along the Urubamba River and proceed to the first archaeological site of the day, Llaqtapata.

Once there the group will have the chance to enjoy lunch in the valley surrounded by the beautiful scenery. After a short break, your trek will continue through the side valley and you slowly gain altitude until you arrive at the village of Huayllabamba where you will set

Trekking information:

Maximum altitude: 2954 masl / 9694 ft.
Minimum altitude: 2670 masl / 8761 ft.
Campsite altitude: 2954 masl/ 9694 ft.
Distance traveled: 12.00 km / 7.47 ml
Approximate walking time: 5 -6 hours

Enjoy a hearty breakfast before advancing towards the first pass of Warmiwañusca where you will reach 14,200 ft. The climb will take most of the morning. From here you will descend 2 hours into the valley and next campsite located near Pacaymayo.

Trekking Information:
Maximum altitude: 4226 masl / 13866 ft.
Minimum altitude: 2954 masl / 9694 ft.
Campsite altitude: 3500 masl / 11480 ft.
Distance traveled: 11.00 km / 6.84 ml
Approximate walking Time: 6 – 7 hours

Today’s journey will be the most diverse. We’ll begin the morning climbing towards Runcuracay at 13,800ft where you will then start a two-hour descent to the beautiful archaeological site of Sayacmarca.

You have some time here to explore the ruins and take in the historical and archeological riches that surrounds you before continuing on the original stone path built by the Incas. This trail goes through a semi-tropical, clouded forest and onto Phuyupatamarca. If you are graced with good weather you will have spectacular views of the surrounding snow peaks and the valley below. From this point onwards, the group will embark on a downhill trek to Wiñaywayna where you will stay for the night.

Trekking information:

Maximum altitude: 3974 masl / 13039 ft.
Minimum altitude: 2729 masl / 8954 ft.
Campsite altitude: 2650 masl / 8692 ft.
Distance traveled: 16.00 km / 9.94 ml.
Approximate walking time: 8 hours

After breakfast, you will start on a two hours hike through the forest eventually reaching the famous sun gate known as Intipunku. From here you’ll have breathtaking views of the infamous Machu Picchu.

Here, you will be a short walk from the famous archeological sites of Machu Picchu where you can sit in awe of your surroundings before beginning a two-hour guided tour of “the lost city of the Incas.” Once the tour finishes we you travel by bus to the village of Aguas Calientes. Later in the day, you will board the scenic train back to Ollantaytambo for your transfer to Cusco by bus.

Trekking information

Maximum altitude: 2732 masl / 8964 ft.
Machu Picchu altitude: 2400 masl / 7872 ft.
Distance traveled: 4.00 km / 2.49 ml.
Approximate walking time: 2 hours

Camina por esta ruta sagrada!

Traverse this epic trail across an amazingly diverse array of landscapes, mountains, forests, jungles,  OH-MY! With four days of walking you’ll be able to take in some of the most striking wonders of the Andes. The Inca trail is studded with a plethora of natural visual that you may think your eyes are deceiving you! Learn about the history arguably the largest pre-Colombian empire in the world by experiencing, up close, how the Incas lived, the things they care most for, and how traces of that history live in many Peruvians today.


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