UN Development Goal:

Affordable & Clean Energy

Just below 1 billion people worldwide don’t have access to electricity

41% of the world’s population relies on fuel and stove combinations that lead to damaging levels of both indoor and outdoor air pollution. As the need for affordable electricity increases worldwide, there is a massive need to invest in sustainable sources of energy including solar, wind, and thermal power.

Make an Impact on Affordable & Clean Energy

Take Action!


Provide Sustainable Energy Education – By providing individuals and communities with education on engineering sustainable energy, you’re providing them with a valuable resource in creating and implementing programs in their communities.

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Implement Incentive Projects – Implement incentive projects in communities to target the Affordable and Clean Energy Goal in addition to hitting the objectives of another UN Sustainable Development Goal.

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Provide Affordable & Innovative Tools & Resources – Many communities lack the necessary tools and resources to create and implement sustainable energy systems in their communities. By providing them with the necessary tools and resources, you’re empowering them to create sustainable change in their community’s energy systems.

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Sample Projects


Solar Panel Project – Groups have provided solar panels in Mauritania and Senegal to provide villages with sustainable electricity.

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The Portable Lantern Project provides incentives for parents to send their daughters to school. Schools give girls lanterns that can only be charged at school, which can be taken home at night to have light for cooking and other household needs.

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Build a waste composting system in Costa Rica that converts harmful gases into energy that households can use for electricity and cooking.

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Where will you make your difference?

America’s Pacific North West

Wilderness, Volcanoes and Marine Life – Oh My! The states in the U.S. geographic region informally known as the “Pacific Northwest” encompass a surprisingly large number of national parks, monuments and areas preserved for historical, cultural and natural purposes. Come journey with us to discover the history and science behind protecting and preserving wildlife in Washington!

Arabian Adventures in Dubai

Known for its vast rocky deserts, waterless mountains, coastlines and abundant wildlife, the UAE is an ideal location those up for an adventure. On this trip to Dubai, you will be educated about STEM while visiting the top attractions. The trip’s highlights include building and programming a robot, reaching the top floor of the tallest building in the world, riding an ATV and a camel in Dubai Desert. Book your educational student tour today!

Best of Tokyo

Experience the best of the past and present of Japan’s capital as you spend five exciting days in the electric metropolis of Tokyo. Explore lush gardens and fascinating museums, and sample the exceptional variety of food options the city offers on every corner. You’ll never want to leave!

Study Photography in Canada with Worldwide Navigators

Capture the Northern Lights in Canada

Canada is a vast nation full of dense forests, cascading mountains, grand rivers, agricultural lands and more. However, the country is also faced with industrial and political demands that put a lot of pressure on the natural landscape and ecosystems. When getting involved with ecotourism activities, you have the opportunity to experience fully the natural beauty of a place. This trip’s highlights include visiting top outdoor cities like Vancouver, Revelstoke and Banff.

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Desert Trek in Chile

Full of tradition and spirituality, Japan is a must-visit destination for any cultured traveler. However, the country faces issues related to industrial pollution. During your week in Japan, you will get the chance to study fashion and connect with organizations counteracting climate change along the way. This trip’s highlights include shopping for textiles along Fabric Street, Nippori Textile Town, and being photographed by a professional photographer as you wander around Kyoto in a traditional kimono.

Discover Vancouver

Spend seven thrilling days getting to know the jewel of British Columbia! Famous worldwide for its cultural diversity and friendly citizens, Vancouver will also dazzle you with its abundance of natural beauty. Marvel at the ways Vancouver balances its metropolitan sophistication with the serenity of its nearby wilderness

Educational Tech Expo in Las Vegas

The National Educational Technology Exposition in Las Vegas is a one-of-a-kind trip that’ll help you study education and bring new innovations to your classroom or school. Along the way see the Grand Canyon and much more!

Study Sustainability in Denmark

Engineering Excursion in Denmark

There are some incredible eco adventures to be experienced in Denmark. The small nation is one of the world leaders in wind energy and has made enormous strides in this area over the last few decades. Denmark is also one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world. Come travel with us and visit one of Denmark’s foremost environmentally-focused volunteer organizations, see iconic places and more.

Study Engineering in Germany with Worldwide Navigators

Engineering in Germany

German engineering is some of the most admired in the world, and Berlin is one of the most exciting places to study engineering. You’ll visit unique museums that cover every topic from the theoretical to the concrete, and see everything from idea to schematic to result. From the Game Science Center to the Museum of Transport and many more, this engineering-focused trip will leave you with a better understanding of how the world around you works.

Explore Honduras

There’s so much to discover in Honduras! You’ll adventure through quaint historical towns, take in breathtaking landscapes of coffee and sugarcane plantations, and zip-line through the rain forest canopy. Of course, this trip would not be complete without visit to the extraordinary Mayan ruins at Copán.

Study STEM in Finland with Worldwide Navigators

Finland Astronomy Tour

Kakslauttanen is a resort located in Finland, and it’s one of the best places in the world to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. You’ll be able to do all sorts of winter activities while learning about astronomy and the science behind the Aurora Borealis. Study STEM at this beautiful location just 150 miles away from the Arctic Circle.

Ha Long Bay Cruise

Halong Bay translates to “descending dragon” and is a popular travel destination on the coast of Vietnam. This region features thousands of small islands and limestone karsts that are the product of 20 million years of formation. Each island is topped with lush vegetation making for a spectacular site of forests growing out of the sea.

Iceland Arctic Tour

Explore the Arctic Ocean by cruise ship as it circumnavigates Iceland during your summer vacation. Embark in Rekyjavik after a guided tour with an expert in climate change and professor from Rekyjavik University. During this LNT Certified tour, make steps at UNESCO World Heritage Site Breidafjordur Bay, Lake Myvatn Nature Reserve, take part in an impact project in partnership with Ecology Project International and Travelers Against Plastic, visit islands, glaciers and see the aurora borealis.

Isla de Vieques Shelter Recovery

Provide a safe and secure home for one or more island families. Work beside like-minded humanitarians in your quest to give back. Enjoy one of the world’s beautiful islands and relax in the evening knowing you have given your all during the day.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park is one of the most sought out sites in South Africa, and one of world’s most diverse Safari destinations. Come along with us on this exotic animal adventure!

Linger Longer in Costa Rica

Pack your flip flops and spend five days in the laid-back Caribbean paradise of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. Famous for its Salsa Brava surf break, this colorful beachside town is not just for surfers. Its cool Caribbean attitude and variety of outdoor activities make it an attractive and exciting travel option for all!

Linger Longer in Tonga

Venture to Tonga, the Polynesian kingdom of more than 170 islands located in the South Pacific! Explore pristine beaches, blowholes and caves, swim with ocean giants and indulge in local customs and traditions.

Malaysian Adventure

Feel the rush of dynamic Kuala Lumpur, with it’s bustling energy and vibrant culture. Escape to the mostly undeveloped Perhentian Islands, where time moves a little slower. Explore ancient temples and get a taste of Malaysia’s potpourri of Asian culture and history of Penang, the state known as the “Pearl of the Orient”.

NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center does not disappoint when feeding inquisitive STEM minds on educational student trips. Central Florida proves to be a bonus in this experience to study STEM as it boasts many opportunities for discovery and exploration through water adventures, encounters with nature, and science-focused museums.

Educational Student Tour in Europe with Worldwide Navigators

Nuclear Research Tour in Switzerland

Switzerland is contemporary and cultured, has world-famous peaks, and is known for its alpine adventures. From its innovation and technology to sophisticated culture to spectacular scenery, the country is a must-see for all. On this trip to Switzerland, you will have both an educational and adventurous experience. The trip’s highlights include traveling 200 meters below ground to visit the Large Hadron Collider, taking a train to one of the highest peaks in Europe, and exploring the famous city of Zurich. Book your educational student tour today!

Patogonia Adventure

At the end of the world lies Patagonia, a wild and rugged land filled with breathtaking landscapes and eye-catching flora. Come alive as you spend seven days exploring this wild frontier, from areas of pure isolation and vast emptiness to tourist-filled camping towns and waters teeming with wildlife.

Renewable Energy in Iceland

Discover the unique story of one of the world’s leaders in renewable and sustainable energy. Stand in awe of your surroundings while you experience the wonderland sculpted by Earth’s natural elements. Discover the delicate balance of Iceland; between fire and ice, light and dark, the natural world and man made innovation.

Restless in Bangkok

The bustling metropolis is a real concrete jungle, but her subtle polarity might not be visible by simply looking across the city skyline. Rich and poor, fancy malls and small food carts, modernity and tradition, Buddhism and animism, all merging together to create this vivid international city. Bangkok attracts people from all backgrounds and origin. Step out of the comfort of your hotel and dive in!

Study Environmental Sciences in Germany with Worldwide Navigators

Sustainability in Berlin

Learn about how Berlin has become a sustainable city by visiting an urban garden, exploring the city using energy efficient methods and seeing firsthand how you can live a sustainable life when touring a collaborative housing complex. We hope you take what you learn on this trip and apply it to your everyday life in your hometown.

Study STEM in Japan with Worldwide Navigators

Sustainable Energy in Japan

Although Japan dealt with one of the most devastating nuclear power leaks in history, experts in the country are doing all it takes to focus their efforts on sustainable, safe and easily accessible energy. Take part in eco adventures to get informed about how Japan and other countries around the globe are making forward movements to help promote clean, safe and efficient energy alternatives.

Study STEM in Greece with Worldwide Navigators

Technology Innovations in Greece

On your trip to study STEM in Greece, you’ll get to walk the most ancient of paths to the most futuristic of ones. Much of the technology you’ll use on your trip to take pictures or travel to and from your destination will have roots traceable back to ancient Greece. This trip’s highlights include icons such as Technopolis, Eugenides Foundation and more. Book your STEM studies tour today!

Tour the Golden Circle, Iceland Adventure

Stand in awe of your surroundings while you experience the wonderland sculpted by Earth’s natural elements. Marvel at geysers and glaciers galore as you venture through a geologic library hundreds of thousands of years in the making.

Historical Studies Tour in China with Worldwide Navigators

Uncover the Technology of Ancient China

China has both a dazzling modern face as well as the world’s oldest continuing civilization. From its temples to its history to its landscape, this country is rated among the top tourist locations for a reason! On this trip to China, you will learn about the technology of ancient China while visiting the country’s top attractions. The trip’s highlights include hiking the Great Wall of China and cruising along Longqingxia Gorge. Book your global travel to China today!

Exercise Science Studies in Oceania with Worldwide Navigators

Winter Sports Tour in New Zealand

From the North Island to the South Island, New Zealand is a favorite for winter sports enthusiasts. Your adventures in travel itinerary allows you to participate, watch and discover winter sports, activities and nature encounters.

World Science Festival In New York City

Have you decided on your career path? Will you change the world? Will you go to space? Cure a disease? Win a Nobel Prize? Move mountains? Take a trip to New York on your USA student travel and you can discover many exciting career options to study STEM fields as well as learning about this iconic city.

Science Student Tour in Russia with Worldwide Navigators

World’s Largest Planetarium in St. Petersburg, Russia

Aside from being Russia’s second biggest city, St. Petersburg is the home of the largest planetarium in the world attracting visitors across all continents with its high-end light projectors and laser technology. If there was ever a place to learn, discuss, and explore the true depths of solar space – it’s in St. Petersburg. Journey on for an extraordinary learning experience and let St. Petersburg teach you science and history like never before!

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