UN Development Goal:

Zero Hunger

821 million people around the world are undernourished, 151 million of them are children

Due to conflict, drought, and climate change, this number is on the rise. Hunger prevents children from going to school and reduces adult productivity and contribution to their communities, leading to a massive barrier for a country’s development. It is essential that nations work together to invest in small scale farmers, sustainable agriculture, and access to land to move towards positive impact.

Make an Impact on Zero Hunger

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Provide Resources for Female Farmers – If women farmers had the same resources as men, the number of hungry people in the world could be reduced by up to 150 million.

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Introduce More Nutritious Food Options – Insufficient nutrition is a poverty trap to many of the global poor. Low nutrition greatly impacts one’s ability to do physical work and is the cause of 45% of deaths in children under the age of 5 (3.1 million children each year).

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Implement Incentive Projects – Incentive projects help meet the goals of Zero Hunger while also hitting the objectives of another UN Sustainable Development Goal. Implementing projects strategically can incentivize communities to feed their families and themselves nutritiously and regularly.

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Sample Projects


An Egg A Day Project – Past groups have purchased chickens for schools to provide children with 2 eggs each day — one for the child to eat at school and one to take home to their family.

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Groups have gifted livestock to communities to provide them with animal byproducts such as eggs and milk.

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Introduce moringa plants into communities. Moringa seeds are nutrient dense and offer an immense amount of vitamins, calcium, iron and essential amino acids.

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Where will you make your difference?

Akbar the Great Tour in India

India has a fabulous mix of spiritual beliefs, landscapes, architecture, and tradition. Your memories in this country will undoubtedly last a lifetime once you have left its shores. On this trip to study political science in India, you will have a cultural, educational, and adventurous experience. The trip’s highlights include visiting Akbar the Great’s last resting place, exploring Jaipur’s water palace, and going on a tiger safari! Global travel to India today!

Study Anthropology in Italy with Worldwide Navigators

Amalfi Coast Culinary Adventure

Travel to Italy to experience the spectacular place that is the Amalfi Coast — a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On this tour, you’ll visit Rome, Naples, take part in a pizza cooking class and even try on some of your Italian langauge skills. You won’t want to miss this!

Ancient Kingdoms of Ethiopia

Soak in Ethiopia’s rich and fascinating history on this four-day tour of the ancient kingdoms. This exploration of Africa’s only unconquered state will include the famous rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the ancient kingdom of Axum, the ‘Camelot of Africa’ at Gondar, and culminating in the natural wonder of the Simien Mountains.

Study Anthropology in Spain with Worldwide Navigators

Anthropology Tour in Spain

To study anthropology in multifaceted Spain means visiting distinct regions like Castile, Basque Country, Galicia and Catalonia. Each has its own unique language and culture, but you’ll learn how they blend into today’s modern Spain. With the help of local guides you’ll examine the dynamics of each region, starting from cities like Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao. Along the way you’ll enjoy the culinary differences while visiting the historical touchstones of this ancient, unforgettable land!

Argentina Short Stay

Get a taste of Argentina by experiencing the La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires with its exciting street artists and brightly painted zinc shacks. Explore El Tigre and its surrounding islands in the Paraná Delta by river boat on this 3-day getaway. ¡Bienvenido a Argentina!

Beaches of the Dominican Republic

Spend five perfect days in the unexpected tropical paradise of the Dominican Republic, a country known for its warm people, lush mountain scenery and of course beaches galore. Wander charming cobblestone streets and discover the history of Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the Americas.

Botswana Safari

Discover one of the wildest and perhaps most beautiful parts of Africa! The world’s most amazing animals are around every corner in Botswana, so if you’re an animal lover, or just want the adventure of a lifetime, this getaway will certainly not disappoint!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, New York

This trip to New York is the ideal combination of sightseeing and giving back, and is ideal for anyone who loves “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Explore this exciting city with us and enjoy some of the best it has to offer.

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Celebrate Chinese New Year in China

If world travel in Southeast Asia is on your bucket list, this journey to China with a bonus stop in Bangkok to study anthropology and celebrate Chinese New Year is not to be missed. You’ll get a great overview of how the holiday is celebrated by visiting some of China’s most iconic sites including the Great Wall, plus you’ll get to enjoy some delectable food and experience authentic culture and tradition on this once-in-a-lifetime trip!

Discover the Indri Indri in Madagascar

Get ready for an animal adventure of a lifetime! On this journey through Madagascar, we’ll visit the largest lemurs in the world, called the Indri Indri. You’ll explore the rainforests to discover chameleons, reptiles, and a variety of species native to this wild land.

Study Philosophy & Religion in India with Worldwide Navigators

Discovering ‘God’s Own Country’ in India

Discover the reason one of India’s hidden gems is renowned as God’s Own Country as you go on an incredible journey to discover nthis tropical coastline of the Arabian Sea. Relax as you take in the lush mountains, pristine backwaters, ad scenic coffee and tea plantations as you go on the journey of a lifetime through some of Kerala’s most naturally breathtaking towns.

Study History in Moldova with Worldwide Navigators

Eastern Europe’s Hidden Jewel, Moldova

Moldova is known for its charming rural pastures, secluded monastic life, and complex cultural landmarks. Nestled between Ukraine and Romania, the country is ranked among the happiest in the world. The trip’s highlights include an going on an underground wine tour, exploring natural springs and 300-year-old caves, and visiting the world-renowned Orhei Vechi Monastery. Plan your global travel to Moldova today!

Humanities Studies Student Tour in the Gambia with Worldwide Navigators

Eco Exploration of The Gambia

While The Gambia is the smallest country in Africa, it has a captivating array of places to explore and attractions. On this educational student trip to The Gambia, you will have an informational, cultural, and adventurous experience. Some of the highlights include spotting the Big Five wild animals on a photo safari, kayaking the Gambia River, discovering the village of Gunjar, and taking a traditional cooking class.

Study Political Science in Ethiopia with Worldwide Navigators

Ethiopia: Haile Selassie Case Study

Ethiopia is rich in culture, politics, and nature. The awe-inspiring country has peerless history, exotic wildlife, and Africa’s most welcoming people. On this trip abroad to study political science in Ethiopia, you will have an adventurous and educational overseas adventure. The trip’s highlights include exploring Haile Selassie’s former palace, swimming in the famous Blue Nile River, and enjoying a food tour in the country’s capital city. Book your trip to Ethiopia today!

Study Business in Laos with Worldwide Navigators

Experience the Cultural Side of Laos

Laos is known for its history and cuisine, cascading waterfalls, and sunset treks. While the country may be tiny, its lively people and endless adventures will leave a lifelong impression. On this trip to Laos, you will teach entrepreneurship to village students while also visiting the country’s top attractions. The trip highlights include swimming in the Kuang Si Waterfall, learning how to cook authentic Laotian cuisine, and exploring the Pak Ou Caves. Global travel to Laos today!

Gastronomy in Guatemala

With eternal spring, two oceans, numerous adventures available, and deeply colorful culture, Guatemala is the place for you! Join us on this ultimate experience of Guatemala as we taste our way through this beautiful country.

Study Political Science in Mongolia with Worldwide Navigators

Genghis Khan Tour of Mongolia

Mongolia is a country for adventure and education where visitors can immerse themselves in the nomadic culture and explore diverse, untouched landscapes. On this adventurous trip to study political science in Mongolia, you will learn about the politics and culture of the country while also exploring its landscapes on your global travel. The trip’s highlights include visiting the Genghis Khan statue, living a day in the life of nomads in the Ger District, and camel trekking the Semi Gobi Desert.

Study Culinary Science in Italy with Worldwide Navigators

Get a Taste of Rome’s Food Festivals

Here you can experience all the biggest Italian festivals rolled into one epic, week-long journey. As you consider your next adventures in travel, think about experiencing the best food and wine Italy has to offer. From zeppoles to Michelin star dining experiences, your foodie adventure will encompass all that is Italian cuisine.

Gorilla Trek in Uganda

Immerse yourself in thick green forests while hiking through national parks and learning about the natural behavior of the endangered mountain gorillas. Gorilla trekking is an unforgettable experience that will not only help you learn of their unique habits, but it will also help the surrounding areas fund for more research and conservation projects. Contribute to the protection of the gorillas and help teach local kids how important gorilla conservation is to them and their home.

Study STEM in Detroit with Worldwide Navigators

Henry Ford’s Innovations in Detroit

Henry Ford was the founder of Ford Motor Company, and he developed the first automobile that many middle-class Americans could afford. This changed the landscape of America forever. On educational student tours, you can head to Detroit, the Motor City, and explore the history of Ford and the automobile!

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Humanitarian Efforts in Rio de Janeiro

After this humanitarian educational trip to one of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, your group will leave with a great sense of gratitude, admiration for the resilience of people, and a desire to return. Join us for this humanitarian trip abroad helping one of the most vulnerable groups in Brazil.

=U481&" with Worldwide Navigators"

Humanitarian Trip to Santarém

After spending your days immersed in the culture and learning from the people of Santarém while you lend them a hand, this trip abroad is likely to turn into one of many. Join us and help the communities of this beautiful and unique city forge a better and more positive future!

Study Economics in Southeast Asia with Worldwide Navigators

Island Adventures in the Philippines

Join us on this trip abroad to this underrated Southeast Asian gem of the Philippines as you get a dose of war history, support food drives for local slums, and go on the ultimate underwater adventure. You definitely won’t get bored exploring the World’s Best Island and discovering the Philippine’s best beaches through snorkeling, swimming, and ziplining around.

Kenya Safari

Ready yourself for a wild African safari in some of the world’s most renowned parks. You’ll have the opportunity to gaze upon lions, leopards, buffalo, and zebra. Bare witness to a once-in-a-lifetime Maasai Mara sunrise and while you try to spot Africa’s “Big Five”.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park is one of the most sought out sites in South Africa, and one of world’s most diverse Safari destinations. Come along with us on this exotic animal adventure!

Humanities Studies in Belgium with Worldwide Navigators

Learning Through Service in Belgium

Belgium is often overlooked when people look to take part in projects abroad, but there are plenty of ways you can help. During your stay, your group will help feed hungry asylum seekers in Gare du Nord looking for a fresh start in Belgium and you’ll help reduce the growing problem of food waste in Anderlecht . Come travel with us today and have a delicious Belgian beer!

Linger Longer in Nepal

Nepal, known for its rich culture, lush landscape and extravagant, spiritual temples, is naturally a traveler’s magnet. Dive deep into spirituality and nature in the lively cities of Pokhara and Kathmandu. The country’s catchphrase is “Once is not enough” and you’re about to experience why first-hand.

Malaysian Adventure

Feel the rush of dynamic Kuala Lumpur, with it’s bustling energy and vibrant culture. Escape to the mostly undeveloped Perhentian Islands, where time moves a little slower. Explore ancient temples and get a taste of Malaysia’s potpourri of Asian culture and history of Penang, the state known as the “Pearl of the Orient”.

Study Sustainability in Colombia with Worldwide Navigators

Medellín: Colombia’s City of Eternal Spring

Embrace this one-of-a-kind trip to Medellín where you will learn about the history of the city that was once considered the murder capital of the world and now attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists per year due to gentrification. Explore the incredibly vast biodiversity of Colombia with trips to Parque Arví, Guatapé, Salento, and one of the many coffee regions of Antioquia where you will get to taste some of the finest coffee in the world.

Historical Studies in Europe with Worldwide Navigators

Miguel Cervantes Historical Tour in Spain

Spain’s rustic landscape, bold architecture and adventurous spirit inspired Cervantes to write “Don Quixote” and other lively tales about the hapless knight errant and his sidekick Sancho Panza. Your overseas adventure travel itinerary will give you a look into the life and times of this daring duo. In addition, you will check out iconic historical sites, museums and more.

Study Anthropoogy in the United States with Worldwide Navigators

Native American Studies in the U.S. Southwest

The diverse cultures of Native Americans of the Southwest await you on a road trip USA! From Arizona to Colorado to New Mexico, explore the life of early Native Americans hidden in ruins, petroglyphs, and ancient landscapes. Meet the Navajo people and learn their stories and gain an understanding of their lives and challenges. Experience the rhythmic energy of the drums, the songs, and the colorful dancing at the largest Pow Wow in the US.

Study Environmental Science in Costa Rica with Worldwide Navigators

Nature Escape in Costa Rica

Looking for a tropical nature escape? Look no further and join us as we tour the rainforest, beaches and small communities of Costa Rica! Take a latin dance class, visit an organic farm, zipline above the canopy lines of the rainforest, walk the trails of a lush national park and immerse yourself in a beautiful small community on this trip to Costa Rica.

Study Agriculture & Botany in America with Worldwide Navigators

New Mexico Nature Spectacular

A fun-filled adventure – New Mexico is known as the mesmerizing Land of Enhancement. From its juniper-speckled hills to gypsum sand dunes to never-ending plateaus, the country makes your wildest dreams a reality. Immerse yourself it’s the country’s nature, culture, and tradition on this trip to New Mexico.

Nok Culture Tour in Nigeria

On this trip to Nigeria, you will learn about the Nok civilization while visiting the country’s hot tourist locations. The trip’s highlights include horseback riding to Guarara Falls, visiting the archaeological sites of the Nok civilization, and spotting the Big Five on an African safari.

Study Political Science in India with Worldwide Navigators

Non-Violence in India: Mahatma Gandhi Tour

Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian leader who led protests that helped the country gain independence from British rule. On one of your overseas adventures to study political science in India and the incredible impact this amazing man had on not only his own country but the world, travel all over India and learn about Gandhi’s life and legacy. This trip’s highlights include Sabarmati Ashram, Gandhi Smirti and more.

Educational Student Trip to Peru with Worldwide Navigators

Public Health Trip to Peru

If you’re looking to make a difference and have experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life, Peru is one of the top countries to visit for educational student trips. During your time in the Land of the Incas, you will visit Lima and La Merced, and you will work with two different medical organizations helping the local populace. Sign up to do your bit to help today!

Exercise Science Studies in France with Worldwide Navigators

Riding the Tour de France Course

To study exercise science along the Tour de France course is undoubtedly spectacular. There is so much to see in this European country that’s it’s hard to pick which items make it on the list. This trip focuses on the famous race, held throughout the country since 1903. Your stops will include just a few of the traditional waypoints along the race route.

Senegal Short Stay

Welcome to Senegal, the French country on Africa’s west coast. Rich with colonial heritage and many natural attractions, Senegal is known for its exciting safaris, nightlife, and historical museums.

Travel Abroad to Senegal with Worldwide Navigators

Study History in Western Africa

On your travel abroad trip to Senegal, you will experience adventures like never before all while gaining a deeper global understanding of our world. The tour highlights include walking with lions, taking a dip in Pink Lake, and enjoying a spectacular African safari.

Tanzanian Safari

Tanzania is the ultimate safari destination and home to some of the best game viewing in the entire world. Experience the cultural melting pot that is Mto Wa Mbu, a market town rich with culture and a souvenir hunter’s paradise!

Educational Student Tour in Latin America with Worldwide Navigators

Textile & Cultural Tour in Peru

Peru is as exquisite as its most complex and intricate weavings. From its urban vanguard feel to ancient rites to splendid nature, the country has attracted international tourists for centuries and undoubtedly will continue to do so for centuries to come.

Study Nutrition in Texas with Worldwide Navigators

Tour of the Texas BBQ Trail

This Road Trip USA adventure to study nutrition will take you on a week-long dining excursion to some of the best barbecue places in Central Texas, linked via the Texas Barbecue Trail. Start in Austin, where you can take in the musical and cultural highlights of this dynamic capital city. Finish in San Antonio, enjoying the historical sights such as the Alamo and the fun of River Walk.

Study Engineering in Virginia with Worldwide Navigators

Virginia Roller Coaster Tour

On this study engineering trip you will dive deep into some of the world’s most high-tech roller coaster manufacturers, and visit some classic U.S. amusement parks along the way. Whether you’re a STEM student, a robotics enthusiast or just love the thrill of a well-designed roller coaster, this tour gives you a deep-dive look into the world of coasters. The zero-Gs, dips, drops and airtime hills (and the chocolate!) are just an added benefit!

Volunteer Teach in Laos with Worldwide Navigators

Volunteer Teaching in Laos

On this trip to Laos, you will volunteer to teach the children of Laos while also visiting the country’s top attractions. The trip’s highlights include kayaking down the Mekong river, exploring the Pak Ou caves, and meeting with and learning from Monks.

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