The Castles of England

Study History in the U.K.

You’ll learn about the royal family and their role in England over the centuries. One thing they are known for is their charity work, partnering with charities and organizations around the world. Add an impact by volunteering at a women’s shelter during your stay to study history and the castles of England.

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Arrive in London today to begin your international travel abroad the royal way. Start getting acquainted with this world-class city. To get started with your education about one of the strongest institutions in modern history, you’ll start with a tour of the Tower of London. This building has served many purposes in the city including as a fort, palace and prison. Here you’ll encounter a large amount of historical information about the British monarchy including a peek at the centuries-old crown jewels and an education about torture. 

Your tour guide will bring you to Buckingham Palace today which has been the London palace of the royal family since the early 1700s. You’ll be treated to a changing of the guards at the palace with guardsmen dressed in their bold red uniforms and bear skin hats. Keep an eye out for the queen herself who spends considerable time in the palace when in town on official business. You can tour the palace during the summer on days when the queen is not in residence there. Your guide will also point out Clarence House which is home to Prince Charles and his wife Camilla. 

After Buckingham palace, you’ll enjoy a short walk to Westminster Abby located within a stone’s throw of the famous clock tower Big Ben. Westminster Abby has been the location of many important events throughout the history of the royal family including weddings, coronations and funerals. The church dates back to the 10th century.

Your tour guide will arrange transportation today to leave the city and head to Kensington Palace. The location has served as an official royal residence since the 1600s. It’s surrounded by elaborate gardens that are said to contain tens of thousands of plant varieties. After visiting Kensington, you’ll head to Windsor which is the official home of the queen when she isn’t in London, and Hampton Court which was the royal residence of Henry VIII.

Today you’ll head to Leeds Castle. This structure can trace its roots all the way back to the Roman occupation of England. It’s one of the oldest structures in the region, and near the charming town of Dover and it’s infamous white cliffs. You’ll spend some time in Dover wandering its quaint streets before heading further west to Winchester. Winchester was a long-ago capital and important city in England. Here you’ll explore the cathedral and site of the infamous Round Table from the days of King Arthur.

Today you’ll begin exploring the part of England known as the Cotswolds. It is one of the country’s most scenic areas and where you’ll find Warwick Castle built along the River Avon by William the Conqueror. It was an important fort and stronghold for the British during the Hundred Years War. The site is largely considered one of the best preserved historic castles in England. Depending on the time of year you visit, you might even be treated to a reenactment, live performance, or other musical event.

Today you’ll return to London where you’ll have a free day to explore the city’s other royal sites. Consider meandering through the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace which features the royal art collection and other temporary exhibits. Visit Hampton Court palace which served as the London residence of one of the most infamous royals, Henry VIII, and six of his wives. Check out the Household Cavalry Museum to learn more about the palace guards and the centuries-old changing of the guard tradition.

Today you bid farewell to England and one of the longest ruling monarchies in the world dating back to the 10th century. During your stay, you’ve learned much about the royal family’s colorful history and seen many places they’ve called home throughout the years and  throughout the country. These sites offer a glimpse into the royal world then, and now.

England is full of centuries-old tales of knights in shining armor, fierce battles, oppression, and resilience. The British monarchy has been at the helm of this ancient country for more than 1,000 years. They remain a celebrated family in England and the masses love being part of their lives, if only from the outside looking in. Join this tour to study history and learn about all of the monarchy’s storied past, challenges, triumphs and great riches.


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