UN Development Goal:

Life On Land

Of the 8,300 animal breeds known today, 8% are extinct and 22% are greatly endangered

It’s no surprise that human life depends on the earth as much as it does the ocean. Plant life provides 80% of our human diets and we rely on agriculture as an important source of economic resources and means of development. Our global forest provides habitat for keystone species and act as giant filtration systems for clean air and water. In more recent times, the sheer amount of land degradation and deforestation has led to drought and the greatest loss of arable land in history.

Make an Impact on Life Above Land

Take Action!


Give Life to a Dying Forest – Deforestation and desertification caused by human activities and climate change has posed a massive issue to the fight against poverty. Aid in the rehabilitation of forests and soils to give life back to earth.

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Implement Sustainable Management of Natural Resources – Promote the implementation of sustainable management of all types of forests, halt deforestation, restore degraded forests and substantially increase afforestation and reforestation globally.

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Restore Degraded Land & Soil – Help to stop the desertification of land caused by human activity, climate change and drought by restoring degraded land and soils. Work with local communities to teach them restoration techniques as well as desertification prevention.

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Sample Projects


Groups have used local fauna seeds to plant trees and bring life back to forests.

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Work with local communities and organizations to aerate and restore damaged land and soil to encourage new plant growth.

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Students have partnered with local governments to implement the sustainable management of natural resources in a way that’s achievable and reasonable for the local community.

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Where will you make your difference?

Study Literature in Europe with Worldwide Navigators

A ‘Shakespearience’ in England and Italy

Walk in the footsteps of the famous poet and playwright Shakespeare as you explore his birthplace, his theatre and an Italian location that served as the setting for one of his most famous plays. International travel is all about immersing yourself in another time and place, and to open your mind to new experiences. For this trip – you’re in for a Shakespearience.

A trip to the Samoan Islands offers unique eco adventures, with its lush environment of waterfalls, white sand beaches, and multiple spots for snorkeling and surfing. These islands are one of the few places people can travel to experience authentic south Pacific cuisine, inspiring culture and fascinating history.

A Getaway to the Samoan Islands

A trip to the Samoan Islands offers unique eco adventures, with its lush environment of waterfalls, white sand beaches, and multiple spots for snorkeling and surfing. These islands are one of the few places people can travel to experience authentic south Pacific cuisine, inspiring culture and fascinating history.

Study Animal Science in Malyasia with Worldwide Navigators

A Malaysian Island Animal Adventure

Borneo – deep rainforests, pristine beaches, native tribes, fascinating wildlife, and spectacular natural beauty. This trip to Borneo will provide you with an adventure-packed week of fun and education. Hang out with orangutans, snorkel with exotic marine life, take a train to traditional villages, and so much more! You’ll be sure to have an outstanding time and gain a deeper global understanding of our spectacular earth. Start planning your world travel today!

Study Photography in Namibia with Worldwide Navigators

A Photographic Adventure in Namibia

Namibia is an elephant stomping ground where dunes are mountains and stripy safari sunsets paint the sky. Indeed, its awe-inspiring desert landscape and wavy shores are a must-see for all nature-lovers and adventurers. The trip’s photography highlights include sailing Walvis Bay to spot the marine big 5, quad driving through the Namib Desert’s endless dunes, and (of course!) touring Namib-Naukluft National Park. Book your global travel photography tour today!

Aboriginal Journey through the Australian Outback

Welcome to the Land Down Under! On this radical journey you will camp in the Australian Outback and experience pure adventure. Hear stories of the aboriginal people as you discover ancient cave paintings. Get ready for campfires and nights under a blanket of stars in this magnificent desert region.

Study Film in New Zealand with Worldwide Navigators

Adventurous New Zealand

New Zealand is home to a vast variety of landscapes, which makes it the perfect place for a trip abroad. Feast your eyes on mountain ranges, plains, volcanoes, glaciers, and beaches all in one trip. Due to sitting on two tectonic plates, New Zealand experiences a large amount of geological action. Dive head first into the diverse landscapes and wildlife of New Zealand and be left with unforgettable memories and photos.

Study Botany in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Agricultural & Botany Tour in Colorado

Visit some of the best natural spots in Colorado and study botany in each of the locations. With a diverse range of flora, Colorado is a great place to track and learn about plants in fun and adventurous ways. Hike to Hanging Lake, explore Rocky Mountain National Park, and visit the sandstone arches of the Garden of the Gods. Being out in nature during the day and still being able to experience city life at night will give you a diverse range of things to do and discover.

Botanical Studies in Southeast Asia with Worldwide Navigators

Agricultural Studies Tour in Myanmar

Myanmar has centuries-old stupas and is a land full of vibrant religion and traditional practices. With a landscape scattered with gilded pagodas and architecture, it’s a must-see country for history buffs and adventurers alike. On this trip to Myanmar, you will learn about agriculture while visiting the country’s top attractions. The trip’s highlights include climbing to the top of a volcanic cone, learning pottery from locals, and cruising through rural countrysides.

Study Agriculture in Montana with Worldwide Navigators

Agriculture & Botany in Montana

For those who study agriculture, Montana is filled with unique and diverse learning opportunities. While in Big sky country you will get to tour multiple facilities and learn how different agriculture businesses produce fresh and organic products people love. From an herb farm to a goat cheese dairy, you will have insight on the hard work that is put into daily routines and processes that result in the best quality.

Akbar the Great Tour in India

India has a fabulous mix of spiritual beliefs, landscapes, architecture, and tradition. Your memories in this country will undoubtedly last a lifetime once you have left its shores. On this trip to study political science in India, you will have a cultural, educational, and adventurous experience. The trip’s highlights include visiting Akbar the Great’s last resting place, exploring Jaipur’s water palace, and going on a tiger safari! Global travel to India today!

Study Marine Science in Alaska with Worldwide Navigators

Alaskan Adventure Tour

Alaska is known for its bears more giant than bison, glaciers bigger than some countries, and national parks the size of other U.S. states. Its spectacular nature and abundant wildlife draws visitors from across the globe. On this trip, interactively learn about marine science and oceanography while visiting the country’s top attractions. The trip’s highlights include dog-sledding down a mountain, spotting whales in the Pacific Ocean, and watching the unforgettable Northern Lights.

America’s Pacific North West

Wilderness, Volcanoes and Marine Life – Oh My! The states in the U.S. geographic region informally known as the “Pacific Northwest” encompass a surprisingly large number of national parks, monuments and areas preserved for historical, cultural and natural purposes. Come journey with us to discover the history and science behind protecting and preserving wildlife in Washington!

Study Engineering in Peru with Worldwide Navigators

Ancient Engineering at Machu Picchu, Peru

It’s difficult to overstate the sense of wonder that washes over those who visit Machu Picchu and scale its 3,000 steps. The pyramid draws upwards of a million people every year who to marvel at the engineering skills of the ancient Inca people who built it over 500 years ago. Why was it built? And why did they abandon it less than 100 years later? More importantly, how did they do it?

Educational Student Tour in Senegal with Worldwide Navigators

Animal Science & Conservation in Senegal

Located in Western Africa, and labeled as one of the continents most stable countries, Senegal is the opposite of dull. The lively location has vibrant markets and glittering nightlife, as well as wildlife and nature galore. Come along for an unforgettable journey to learn about animal science and conservation in Senegal while encountering the country’s wildlife and culture.

Educational Student Tour in Tanzania with Worldwide Navigators

Animal Science & Conservation in Tanzania

Tanzania is where giants roam, an airborne adventure, and a Swahili paradise. From its spectacular wildlife to pristine beaches to lively culture, the country has it all! Come along for an unforgettable journey to learn about animal science and conservation in Tanzania while visiting the country’s top attractions.

Educational Student Tours to Zambia with Worldwide Navigators

Animal Science & Conservation in Zambia

Zambia is known for its remote and spectacular wilderness which is full of a diversity of awe-inspiring wildlife. Come along for an unforgettable journey to learn about animal science and conservation while adventuring into Zambia’s rugged terrain, immersing yourself into its culture, and encountering its most spectacular wildlife.

=U523&" with Worldwide Navigators"

Animal Science Tour in New South Wales

Eco adventures in New South Wales, Australia is unlike any other. The huge variety of unique fauna is enough to make the trip memorable, but the breathtaking views and intriguing Aboriginal history add so much more. See wallabies, koalas, reptiles, and more while gaining a deeper understanding of their delicate ecosystem.

Annual Cheese Festival in Gruyeres, Switzerland

Gruyères happens to be the cheese capital of Switzerland and is where the annual cheese festival is held; this is where our journey centers. Any cheese lover will be enamored with Gruyères. Along this adventure we will be exploring the history and culture of Switzerland and partaking in some local artisan cheesy delights.

Wildlife Studies in the UAE with Worldwide Navigators

Arabian Wildlife Expedition in the UAE

Known for its vast landscapes of rocky deserts, waterless mountains, and long-winding coastlines as well as its abundant wildlife, the UAE is an ideal location for tourists who have a desire for adventure. This trip to Dubai and its surrounding areas will provide you with the life-changing opportunity to ride with Arabian horses in the desert, dive with underwater creatures, and experience Arabian culture – all while gaining a deeper global understanding of our world.

Educational Student Tour in Istanbul with Worldwide Navigators

Architectural Tour in Turkey

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city, beautifully situated along the Bosphorus and Golden Horn waterways, its mosques and minarets piercing the skyline of this modern Islamic republic. Your educational student tours will explore the city’s past through both its Byzantine and Ottoman architecture, visiting the most important sights and learning about the historical figures that created Istanbul as you see it today.

Argentina Short Stay

Get a taste of Argentina by experiencing the La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires with its exciting street artists and brightly painted zinc shacks. Explore El Tigre and its surrounding islands in the Paraná Delta by river boat on this 3-day getaway. ¡Bienvenido a Argentina!

Argentina, Tip of the World Tour

Welcome to the very tip of the world! On this adventure, you’ll explore by sea & land. Visit Tierra del Fuego National Park, Lake Fagnoano & Escondido, and the Beagle Channel. With sea & land animals galore, off-road adventures, and environmental wonders, this is a trip to not be missed!

Study Sports Management in South America with Worldwide Navigators

Argentinian Polo Tour

Argentina has abundant natural beauty like glittering glaciers, stunning rivers, and spectacular wildlife. But it’s also the polo capital of South America, making it an ideal location to study exercise science. You’ll also visit the country’s top attractions, including touring historic Mendoza, relaxing in a natural thermal spa, and touring vineyards while sampling Argentina’s finest wines. Top it off by viewing the tallest mountain in North America and South America for an unbeatable trip!

Religious Studies in Ethiopia with Worldwide Navigators

Ark of the Covenant Tour in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is an Abyssinian abyss where the Blue Nile was born. It is also full of salt-laden camel trains. The country is like nowhere else in the world; with a beautiful location full of spectacular wildlife, peerless history and Africa’s most welcoming people. The trip’s highlights include wildlife discovery in the Entoto Mountains, exploring markets, cooking with locals and the Ark of the Covenant’s final resting place. Book your educational student tours today!

Study Literature and the Arts in France with Worldwide Navigators

Art and Literature in Paris

Student tours of France should inspire you to appreciate your surroundings, to think deeply, and to create. This trip will take you through the most important arts and literature attractions in Paris and beyond to open your eyes to a new world of possibility!

Study Art in Rome with Worldwide Navigators

Arts & Cultural Tour in Rome

The opportunity to study art, music and theater in an incredible city like Rome is a life-altering experience. From St. Peter’s Basilica to the University of Fine Arts, to the Leonardo da Vinci Museum to a trip to see the opera “La Traviata,” this once-in-a-lifetime journey will leave you with a new and profound appreciation for the genius that is Italian art.

=U26&" with Worldwide Navigators"

Astronomy Tour of Chile’s Atacama Desert

While many visitors to this South American nation think immediately of its southernmost climes and glaciers on the edge of Antarctica, in the north of the country lies the rugged jewel of the Atacama Desert. The area is home to incredible sights like the Moon and Mars Valleys, the Atacama Salt Flats, live volcanoes – and stunningly clear night skies.

Study Sports Management in Italy with Worldwide Navigators

Auto Race Tour of Italy

Your adventure to study history in Italy takes you past sprawling vineyards and ancient ruins, through mountains and cobblestone streets and along coastlines and raceways. From Brescia to Rome and back again, Italy’s Mille Miglia gives you a unique perspective of northern Italy’s landscape and culture blended with its past, present and future contributions to architecture and automobiles.

Study Environmental Sciences in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Backpacking in the Rocky Mountains

The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail is one of the most extensive trail systems in the world. It runs for 3,100 miles and goes across five states. During your eco tour backpacking in the Rocky Mountains, you’ll bravely explore a whopping 45 miles of this trail. You’ll learn about the wildlife and national structures in Rocky Mountain National Park and get a chance to experience all the beauty the trail has to offer on foot.

Study Architecture in Italy with Worldwide Navigators

Baroque Art in Rome

Rome is a beautiful city, where history finds you at every corner. This student trip abroad gives you a small snapshot of a moment in its history, so join us in for a return to 17th-century Rome in an eco-conscious way.

Study Sustainability in Bermuda with Worldwide Navigators

Bermuda Eco Tour

Palm trees, pink sand and perpetually blue water make Bermuda a paradise for any nature enthusiast. Whether you’re a wildlife fan, a marine biology major or an ecotourism student, your Bermuda itinerary is filled with experiences about the island’s marine life, natural attractions and environmental activities.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Share an adventure in volunteer work with the animals at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Explore the dramatic scenery of Zion and Bryce National Parks and the serenity and magic of the sanctuary’s home in Angel Canyon. Your new buddies await you in Dog Town, Cat World, Horse Haven, Marshall’s Piggy Paradise, Bunny House, Parrot Garden, or Wild Friends!

Study History in Croatia with Worldwide Navigators

Best of Croatia

Join us for a weeklong adventure to discover the Dalmatian coastline, island-hop around some of the Mediterranean’s hottest spots and get your adrenaline rushing through activities like climbing or cliff jumping. The natural beauty and pristine beaches paired with the perfect combination of history and ancient Roman architecture are bound to leave you mesmerized!

Wildlife Studies in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Bison Tour in Colorado

Visiting Colorado is a trip to the wild west to experience panoramic peaks and frontier-styled streets. From its mountain villages to its massive ski hills to its fantastic vistas, the state has long beckoned adventure lovers. On this trip, learn about and view America’s native bison while visiting the state’s top attractions. The trip’s highlights include white-water rafting down the Arkansas River, food touring the city of Denver, and horseback riding through the rocky mountains.

Study History in Italy with Worldwide Navigators

Blue Caves Tour in Capri

Italy is home to gorgeous cities and rich western culture. Travel abroad to the capital Rome as well as Naples and Capri. Although there are lots of things to see on this trip, you will get to experience some of the best, like the clear waters of Blue Grotto, the Colosseum, and Pompeii. Learn about the unique culture and archeology found in these cities while enjoying the different scenery each one has to offer.

Study History in the Balkans with Worldwide Navigators

Bosnia & Herzegovina History Tour

Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for its history with war and conflict over the years. But amongst this discourse is a beautiful country with warm, welcoming people. The literal East meets West atmosphere blends cultural warmth, breath-taking scenery, and impressive ruins.

Study Botany in California with Worldwide Navigators

Botany in California

Because of its diverse wildlife and extensive conservation efforts, California is a great place to study botany. And you won’t stop at just California wildlife, there’s plenty of opportunity to see plants from other places around the country and other places around the world. Whether you’re looking for a more self-guided tour or a more specialized, learning intensive tour, the botanical gardens and experiences in and around the Los Angeles area offer both.

=U480&" with Worldwide Navigators"

Botswana Animal Science Tour

With some of the most spectacular wildlife spectacles on our planet, Botswana is one of the most exceptional safari locations in Africa. Indeed, this is a place where wild animals rule; large cats roam the wilderness and elephants tower. On this trip, get an up-close and personal experience with Africa’s wildlife — from white water rafting to ground safaris to hot air balloon rides, your trip abroad will leave you feeling both exhilarated and inspired.

Botswana Safari

Discover one of the wildest and perhaps most beautiful parts of Africa! The world’s most amazing animals are around every corner in Botswana, so if you’re an animal lover, or just want the adventure of a lifetime, this getaway will certainly not disappoint!

Wildlife Studies in Brazil with Worldwide Navigators

Brazilian Wildlife Tour

Filled with an enormous diversity of plants and wildlife that includes 300 species of mammals and 1,000 species of birds, you will find among those inhabitants the elusive jaguar and the giant river otter. Travel to the Pantanal and take river and land safaris through this isolated region in search of jaguars. Experience even more of the rich biodiversity on horseback, by canoe, and walking the trails. Experience and treasure this UNESCO World Heritage Reserve and Biosphere.

Study Humanities in Switzerland with Worldwide Navigators

Breathtaking Switzerland

Switzerland is a majestic country. Spend a week exploring its alpine cities, clear mountain lakes, and awe-inspiring scenery during your travel abroad to study humanities in one of the happiest countries in the world. Spend a week visiting top locations such as Mt. Pilatus, Harder Kulm, the Old Town of Bern and more.

Study History in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Buffalo Bill Front Range Tour

The legendary western pioneer and entertainer Buffalo Bill rests atop beautiful Lookout Mountain in Colorado’s foothills. Embark on a sustainable educational trip across the Colorado Front Range through mining towns, 19th-century western memories, and national parks that will leave you reminiscing of times past in downtown Denver!

Study Architecture in India with Worldwide Navigators

Building the Taj Mahal in Ancient India

Take a blast into the past of India’s 16th-century Mughal era where you’ll witness Indo-Islamic architectural masterpieces and rare handcrafted designs. See why the Taj Mahal is recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a perfect destination for educational student trips to study architecture.

California Central Coast Adventure

This Pacific expedition combines scenic travel with outdoor adventure and ecotourism. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy the gradual build in diverse landscape as the journey transitions from busy city life to giant redwoods and ocean bluff views.

Animal Science Studies in the UAE with Worldwide Navigators

Camel Trek Adventures in Dubai

Ecotourism and nature conservation may not be your first thought when you think of Dubai and the UAE, but the government’s commitment to sustainable tourism and preserving the environment is growing. Join us to discover their conservation efforts through experiencing the UAE’s first national park as you go camel trekking in the desert, take a wildlife safari, explore the ancient art of falconry, and sleep in the desert under an Arabian sky.

Sports Management Studies in Canada with Worldwide Navigators

Canadian Curling Tour

On your trip to Québec, you will learn the game and watch professionals play the sport of curling while visiting the province’s top attractions. The trip’s highlights include whitewater rafting down Jacque-Cartier River, snowshoeing through the mountains, and boating the Pacific Ocean to spot breaching whales. Book your educational student tour to Canada today!

Captain Cook’s Hawaii

Explore Captain Cook’s Hawaii! Your adventures will take you to the Big Island of Hawaii and the island paradise of Kauai. See the spectacular landscapes that have been the backdrop for movies for almost a century. You’ll leave part of your heart here, making sure that you return.

Study Photography in Canada with Worldwide Navigators

Capture the Northern Lights in Canada

Canada is a vast nation full of dense forests, cascading mountains, grand rivers, agricultural lands and more. However, the country is also faced with industrial and political demands that put a lot of pressure on the natural landscape and ecosystems. When getting involved with ecotourism activities, you have the opportunity to experience fully the natural beauty of a place. This trip’s highlights include visiting top outdoor cities like Vancouver, Revelstoke and Banff.

Central America Birding Tour

Join us on a tour of some of Costa Rica and Nicaragua’s wildest places. Accompanied by an expert birdwatcher, we’ll explore through this bird-watching paradise! Pack your binoculars and hiking boots as you head to Montverde Cloud Forest, Arenal National Park, and the private rainforest reserve of the Ro Indio Maiz World Heritage National Park.

3-day Ugandan Tour with Worldwide Navigators

Central Region Uganda Tour

Spend 3 days discovering the beautiful central region of Uganda. Tour Buganda, the country’s post-colonial kingdom, volunteer with health and water sanitation projects, and embark on a wildlife safari. If you only have a few days to spend in this incredible African country, don’t miss out on this engaging tour!

Charles Darwin Adventure in the Galapagos

Follow in the footsteps of the great naturalist and father of the theory of evolution Charles Darwin as you discover the unique variations of animals living among the rocky, volcanic islands of the Galapagos! You’ll rub shoulders with the giant tortoises and blue-footed boobies, snorkel with sea turtles and baby sharks, and maybe catch a glimpse of a dolphin or humpback whale as you go island-hopping.

Study Political Science in France with Worldwide Navigators

Charles de Gaulle Tour in France

Travel abroad to study political science and gain first-hand experience of France’s World War II resistance. Visit Charles de Gaulle’s birthplace and learn more about the French resistance. This trip will open your eyes to the French perspective of the war. Not only will you learn about the history of this battleground nation, but you’ll also get a better understanding of how important and powerful civil disobedience and resistance can be.

Study History and Religion in the USA with Worldwide Navigators

Charleston Historical Tour in South Carolina

If you plan to study history, you should definitely explore this famous Southern city known for its friendly people, delicious food, well-preserved history and historic sites. It’s also been dubbed as the Holy City for its historic tolerance of many religions even during times in the nation’s history when religion divided everyone. The city tells a tale of acceptance, equality and love in a region that historically struggled with all three.

Study Political Science in China with Worldwide Navigators

China: Mao Zedong Tour

China is modern, yet hosts the world’s oldest continuing civilization. From its temples to its history to its landscape, it’s an amazing region to explore. On this trip you’ll study political science and enjoy an adventurous cultural experience. The trip’s highlights include visiting Memorial Hall of Mao Zedong, enjoying a hot cup of green tea in Longjing’s tea fields, and walking on the Great Wall of China. Book your global travel to China today!

Study History in Morocco with Worldwide Navigators

City of Dreams: Chefchaouen, Morocco

Bonjour and welcome to the blue city of Chefchaoen, the most captivating place for the photography enthusiast. Arrive in Tangier, visit the spectacle city of Chefchaoen and travel back in time in Fez to a world with mainstream technologies. Morocco is magical — Join us to see why.

Study Philosophy in China with Worldwide Navigators

Confucius Philosophy Tour in Beijing

To study Confucius you must study religion in Beijing. Exploring the two largest temples of Confucius, his family and the cities of Beijing and Qufu will enlighten you to the path of peace and understanding. Coupled with the exploration of a foreign studies fellowship opportunity, this shapes up to be a trip of a lifetime. This trip’s highlights include a tour of the Forbidden City, Cemetery of Confucius and more.

Study Humanities in Rwanda with Worldwide Navigators

Connecting with the People of Rwanda

Rwanda is full of surreal encounters, a safari wonderland, and a culturally rich country. From its majestic mountains to lively people to lush rainforests, this country is one to check off your list! During this trip you will immerse yourself into the Rwandan way of life. The trip’s highlights include spotting the Big Five on a safari, learning how to cook authentic cuisine and trekking to find endangered mountain gorillas. Book your overseas adventure today!

Study History in Georgia with Worldwide Navigators

Covered Wagon Camping in Georgia

If you’re a city mouse, this is the perfect trip to bring you out of your element as you study history in Georgia! On this sustainable travel excursion, you’ll make your way around the Peach State, learning all about the Old West. You’ll meet lots of horses, learn to keep bees and sleep in an authentic covered wagon under the stars.

Study History in Chicago with Worldwide Navigators

Crime Tour of Chicago

Chicago is the site of some of the most notorious crimes in the world; it’s been the home to at least two serial killers. On your tour of the states, head to Chi-Town to learn about the most fascinating and ghastly crimes the city has to offer.

Study Anthropology in Ethiopia with Worldwide Navigators

Cultural Tour in Ethiopia

On this trip to Ethiopia, you will enjoy adventure and education as you immerse yourself into the country’s culture and explore its history. The trip’s highlights include cruising to an ancient Ethiopian island, learning how to cook authentic Ethiopian cuisine, and spotting Africa’s exotic wildlife at Debre Libanos Monastery. Global travel to Ethiopia today!

=U29&" with Worldwide Navigators"

Desert Trek in Chile

Full of tradition and spirituality, Japan is a must-visit destination for any cultured traveler. However, the country faces issues related to industrial pollution. During your week in Japan, you will get the chance to study fashion and connect with organizations counteracting climate change along the way. This trip’s highlights include shopping for textiles along Fabric Street, Nippori Textile Town, and being photographed by a professional photographer as you wander around Kyoto in a traditional kimono.

=U487&" with Worldwide Navigators"

Desert Trekking in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a compelling island will extraordinary geology. Indeed, the location has over 300 volcanic cones, palm-filled valleys, and black lava fields to explore, making it the perfect place for an adventure. On this Lanzarote trek, you will hike the Gaurdilama Volcano, explore the Valley of a Thousand Palms, and hike among the towering Femara Cliffs. Each day is action-packed, educational, and explorative.

Discover Argentina

Fall in love with Argentina in this week long discovery. Sample some of the most enticing experiences and sites that this country has to offer. Tour bewitching Buenos Aires, visit the magical Iguaza Falls and venture to South America’s frontier of Patagonia! From culture hounds to intrepid hikers, Argentina truly has something for everyone!

Study Environmental Sciences in California with Worldwide Navigators

Discover Big Sur, California

This Pacific expedition combines scenic travel with outdoor adventure and ecotourism. With hundreds of miles in the Central California Coast waiting to be hiked and explored, nature enthusiasts can enjoy the gradual build in diverse landscape as the journey transitions from busy city life to giant redwoods and ocean bluff views.

Study History in Morocco with Worldwide Navigators

Discover Morocco

Discover the third largest desert in the world on a trip to study history in Morocco, where you will take an adventurous camel trek into the Sahara Desert, learn about the origins of argan oil and how it’s produced, and sleep under the stars in the one and only Sahara Desert. You’ll begin and end your trip in Marrakech, with a short getaway to the coastal city of Essaouira just before departure. We hope you’ll join us on an unforgettable Moroccan desert experience!

Study History in Portugal with Worldwide Navigators

Discover the Coastline of Portugal

Start your tour in the bustling city of Lisbon and make your way down to the coastline of the beautiful Algarve region where you will make your impact by organizing a beach clean-up and preventing harm to the coral ecosystems. End your tour in the beautiful Medieval town of Porto and get a glimpse into the everyday life of a local in one of Europe’s oldest nations.

=U24&" with Worldwide Navigators"

Discover the Hidden Gems of Québec

Canada is known for its glorious nature and wildlife as well as its mixed culture. On your trip to Québec, you will learn the language of love (i.e., French) while visiting the province’s top attractions. The trip’s highlights include biking Montmorency Falls, staying overnight in an ice hotel, and boating the St. Lawrence River to spot whales. Book your educational student tour to Canada today!

Discover the Indri Indri in Madagascar

Get ready for an animal adventure of a lifetime! On this journey through Madagascar, we’ll visit the largest lemurs in the world, called the Indri Indri. You’ll explore the rainforests to discover chameleons, reptiles, and a variety of species native to this wild land.

Discover the Moai at Easter Island

Most of us have seen photos of the famous and spectacular Moai carvings on Easter Island. Come along with us to Easter Island, as we get a first-hand look at these important statues while also finding out what else Easter Island has to offer visitors.

Study Philosophy & Religion in India with Worldwide Navigators

Discovering ‘God’s Own Country’ in India

Discover the reason one of India’s hidden gems is renowned as God’s Own Country as you go on an incredible journey to discover nthis tropical coastline of the Arabian Sea. Relax as you take in the lush mountains, pristine backwaters, ad scenic coffee and tea plantations as you go on the journey of a lifetime through some of Kerala’s most naturally breathtaking towns.

Study Sustainability in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Discovering Hidden Colorado

Grab your hiking boots and travel to Colorado to visit its gorgeous mountains, alpine lakes, and red rock deserts. Travel off the beaten path to hit the trails, discover local favorites in downtown Denver, and learn what sustainable travel looks like in this colorful state.

Study Animal Sciences in Sweden with Worldwide Navigators

Dog Sledding in Sweden

If experiencing unique adventures in travel is on your bucket list, dog sledding in Lapland Sweden will check that off. Travel to the northernmost part of Sweden where you will explore the wild beauty while mushing your own dog sled team. Learn to harness, drive and care for your team of Huskies. Bond with these wonderful companions as you join forces exploring mountains, valleys, and riverbeds.

Study Photography in the UAE with Worldwide Navigators

Dubai Photography Tour

Dubai is a dynamic global travel destination. During your week to study photography here, you’ll learn about slow-moving camels, fast-moving cars, and the speed at which Dubai turned into a huge cosmopolitan city, world-class tourist destination and hub of international business. Some of the top attractions in this trip include the Gold Souk, Jumeirah and more.

Study Animal Science in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Dude Ranch Retreat in Colorado

Have you ever wanted to get a taste of what it’s like to be a cowboy? On this sustainable travel expedition, you’ll visit the Black Mountain Ranch in Vail, Colorado. You’ll ride a horse, shoot a gun, and attend a real-life rodeo. This trip’s highlights include Volunteer at a Native American Reservation, white water rafting and beyond. Book your trip today!

Study Engineering in the United States with Worldwide Navigators

East Coast Lighthouse Tour

From the Chesapeake Bay to the Carolinas, lighthouses have served as navigational aids and beacons of hope for ships approaching the U.S. for centuries. Whether you study engineering, nautical history or architecture, this southeast lighthouse tour takes you from Fresnel lenses and cast-iron stairways to piracy, shipwrecks and lost treasure, providing a fascinating window into a beautiful and little-explored niche that will make you a lighthouse fan for life!

Educational Student Tour to Hawaii with Worldwide Navigators

Eco Adventures in Hawaii

On this trip to Hawaii, you will interactively learn about marine science and oceanography while visiting the country’s most popular attractions. The trip’s highlights include snorkeling with sea turtles, rappelling down waterfalls, and zip lining through the jungle.

Study Environmental Sciences in the Oceania with Worldwide Navigators

Eco Tours in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has endless greenery, pristine coastlines, and colorful wildlife. It’s also a country rich in history and culture. On this epic journey, you’ll learn how to harvest coffee beans, dive with exotic marine life, snorkel around underwater World War II wreckage, and spot hundreds of bird species. Book your trip to study environmental sciences in Papua New Guinea today!

Study Marine Sciences in the Philippines with Worldwide Navigators

Eco Tours in the Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago and home to several islands considered some of the most beautiful in the world. From unspoiled, pristine beaches, to adventure lurking around every turn, it’s sustainable travel of a lifetime that you won’t soon forget.

Study Environmental Sciences in Puerto Rico with Worldwide Navigators

Ecology in Puerto Rico

From sunny beaches, lush rainforests, lovely mountainscapes, dry arid forests, lakes, rivers and various bioluminescent beaches, there is so much to explore in Puerto Rico. While this tour only scratches the surface of what Puerto Rico has to offer, it gives you a taste of all the ecotourism opportunities on the island, and more importantly, while you study environmental sciences, you are helping the local economy continue to recover from the devastation left behind by Hurricane Maria.

Study Wildlife in Alaska with Worldwide Navigators

Ecotour in Alaska

No matter when you visit, Alaska is sure to inspire you with its incredible mountains, icy cold waters, and abundant wildlife. Summer is the most popular time to visit Alaska, but visiting in the shoulder season will allow you to see and experience things you can’t in the summer. This includes the Northern Lights, most common in the off-season (not summer) times. Alaska is a great state to explore for an eco adventure you will never forget.

Ecotourism Studies in Europe with Worldwide Navigators

Ecotourism Adventures in Norway

You won’t find a more picturesque country than Norway — it’s the perfect place for incredible overseas adventures, and your group will have the experience of a lifetime here. While you’re taking everything in, you’ll also be helping different communities and the environment during your week here. Come along and have an adventure today!

Ecotourism Studies in Bermuda with Worldwide Navigators

Ecotourism in Bermuda

Bermuda – a country of hidden adventures, cultural hotspots, and island adventures. The turquoise waters of the Sargasso Sea have spectacular marine life while the diverse land offers adventures at every turn, making it an ideal tourist destination. On this trip to Bermuda, you will have an educational and adventurous experience. The trip’s highlights include meeting fish during a helmet dive, sailing to hidden coves, and descending into the spectacular Crystal Caves.

Ecotourism in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for its harmonious combination of nature and architecture, remote rafting adventures, and craggily beautiful landscapes. The east-meets-west atmosphere exudes human warmth, breathtaking scenery, and medieval ruins. On this trip, you will have an adventurous and educational experience. The trip’s highlights include whitewater rafting into town, horseback riding through vineyards, and swimming in the Kravice Waterfall pools.

Environmental Studies in Chile with Worldwide Navigators

Ecotourism in Chile

Santiago de Chile – a mountainside metropolis, a land where soaring peaks meet rushing rivers, a place where nature runs wild. In a country where nature is on a colossal scale, and its culture is rich and lively, Chile is a must-see for nature-lovers and humanitarians alike.

Study Agricultural in the United States with Worldwide Navigators

Ecotourism in San Francisco

The Bay Area is all the activities you will look forward to all in one place while on your tour of the states. You can see the historical fun city of San Francisco from its gorgeous architecture to its great city parks to enjoying views of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. The Bay Area continues to beautiful vineyards that provide wine across the county. Also, enjoy even more gorgeous views of the beautiful landscapes of the nationals parks.

Study Ecotourism in the Galapagos with Worldwide Navigators

Ecotourism in the Galápagos Islands

Your five-day sail will enable you to see a cross-section of the islands, each with its own distinct geographic features, flora and fauna. Your daily excursions will bring a lifetime of memories of adventures amongst these beautiful islands and their resident wildlife. Start and finish your journey in the interesting Pacific coast city of Guayaquil, where you will get a sense of mainland Ecuador’s city life and local cuisine.

Study Sustainability in Canada with Worldwide Navigators

Ecotourism in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in North America, and it is close to the vanguard when it comes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Learn about the efforts the city has made in this regard, and what still must be done to lessen Vancouver’s environmental footprint. You and your group will also learn about the First Nations tribes. Come along and join us!

Ecotourism Studies in Thailand

Visit the Land of Smiles for eco adventures in Thailand, full of intricate temples, rich gastronomy, and an elephant nature park experience of a lifetime! Enjoy two days and one night with the elephants as you learn about the animal ecotourism issues facing Thailand and how you can play a part in improving ecotourism and conservation efforts around the globe.

Study Engineering in France with Worldwide Navigators

Eiffel Tower Engineering in Paris

Marvel at numerous classic Parisian sights, with an eye toward the remarkable engineering design that went into constructing some of the most popular tourist attractions there, including Paris’ crown jewel, the Eiffel Tower. Get ready to visit the City of Light and witness the amazing engineering feats that went into making it the world-renowned city it is today.

Study Religion in France and Spain with Worldwide Navigators

El Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage in France and Spain

Take an enlightening trip across the Camino de Santiago on one of the most popular routes — the French Way. Unplug from everyday life on a pilgrimage from Saint Jean Pied de Port, France across the border to Pamplona, Spain. End your tour in the city of Bilbao as you indulge in world-renowned gastronomy and disembark on the journey of a lifetime with your Camino passport in hand!

Elephant Adventure in Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai

Venture to Thailand’s mountainous region of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai where you will have the chance to explore temples, indulge in local customs, and make friends with the gentle giants at Thailand Nature Park’s home of rescue and rehabilitation center!

Study Music in the USA with Worldwide Navigators

Elvis Presley Tour of the South, USA

This road trip USA takes you through the south from Jackson and Tupelo, Mississippi to Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee. Elvis’ humble beginnings in Tupelo set the stage for his rise to fame in Memphis. Nashville pulls it all together with a blending of country, jazz, blues, bluegrass and gospel. You’ll walk in the footsteps and spend a week discovering the life of The King and his contributions to the American music scene.

Educational Student Tour to Costa Rica with Worldwide Navigators

Environmental Biology & Math in Costa Rica

On this trip to Costa Rica, you will have an educational and adventurous experience. The trip’s highlights include hiking up the tallest volcano in the country, zip-lining through a cloud forest, and embarking on a safari through Santa Rosa National Park. Book your overseas adventure to Costa Rica today!

Study Religion in Greece with Worldwide Navigators

Epicurus Philosophy Tour

Study religion in a country built on a solid foundation of ancient history. By joining several archeological teams in their research and gain a new understanding of these ancient people. This trip’s highlights include visiting places such as the Temple of Apollo Epicuriussuch, Olympia and beyond. Book your archeology trip today!

Study Tourism in the USA with Worldwide Navigators

Escape Rooms in California and Las Vegas

There are more than 2,300 escape room locations in the U.S. How are you supposed to find the best ones? Here’s a tour of the five best escape rooms in the U.S. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or a veteran; you’ll have a blast! Collaborate with your friends, get a little scared, and most importantly, ESCAPE!

Study Political Science in Ethiopia with Worldwide Navigators

Ethiopia: Haile Selassie Case Study

Ethiopia is rich in culture, politics, and nature. The awe-inspiring country has peerless history, exotic wildlife, and Africa’s most welcoming people. On this trip abroad to study political science in Ethiopia, you will have an adventurous and educational overseas adventure. The trip’s highlights include exploring Haile Selassie’s former palace, swimming in the famous Blue Nile River, and enjoying a food tour in the country’s capital city. Book your trip to Ethiopia today!

Study Animal Sciences in Texas with Worldwide Navigators

Experience an African Safari in Texas

Study animal sciences on an adventure in conservation by close encounters of an African Safari in Texas and experience more than a safari. Go behind the scenes to see the efforts, programs, and progress in conservation being made at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Discover how their research and cooperative ventures help to solve the wildlife crisis for rare and endangered species and preserve diversity for sustainable development of ecosystems to support all life.

Study Anthropology in Japan with Worldwide Navigators

Experience History in Japan

As time goes on, some cultures remain strong and others fade away. However, it’s important that we recognize cultures both of the past and present in order to preserve their longevity. To really immerse yourself, listen to locals and experience their traditional costumes first-hand.

Study Wildlife Science in Uganda with Worldwide Navigators

Explore National Parks in Uganda

Immerse yourself on an eco tour of Uganda’s culture and wildlife and explore the country with the highest concentration of primates in the world! Engage in face-to-face encounters with incredible mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. Explore national parks like Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi National Park and extinct volcanoes. Travel on game drives and cruise the Nile to see Africa’s incredible wildlife. Take this captivating journey to discover Uganda, called “Africa’s friendliest country!”

Study Environmental Sciences in Canada with Worldwide Navigators

Exploring Banff National Park in Canada

Banff is one of the most popular destinations to study environmental sciences in the Canadian Rockies. From its majestic peaks, pristine mountain lakes and welcoming mountain towns, Banff and the surrounding region have discovered what it truly means to live alongside majestic animals and to protect their species and habitats at all cost.

Study Environmental Sciences in Panama with Worldwide Navigators

Exploring the Isthmus of Panama

Panama is still somewhat off the radar in the world of international travel. However, word is spreading, and tourists are beginning to arrive in bigger numbers. Check out this pure and unspoiled Central American destination for a trip that’s both educational and restorative while there are still very few crowds.

Study Anthropology in Kosovo with Worldwide Navigators

Exploring Unknown Kosovo

Kosovo is known for its violent history and the new dawn of a more peaceful era, as well as its slow-paced mountain life and picturesque towns. In the heart of the Balkans, Europe’s youngest country is a spectacular land full of charming monuments, welcoming smiles, and hiking treks galore. Experience both the adventure and culture of this country. Highlights include ascending Mount Gora, exploring Prinstina’s old town, and trekking through Valbona Valley.

Study Hospitality in South Africa with Worldwide Navigators

Exploring Zambia & Hospitality Studies

Zambia is known for its remote and spectacular wilderness, which is full of a diverse and awe-inspiring array of wildlife. It is a rare location where animals wander through unfenced lodges. During your overseas adventure to Zambia, you can enjoy a variety of cultural, adventurous, and educational experiences. The trip highlights include experiencing an on-foot photo safari, zip-lining along Victoria Falls, and visiting Mikuni village as honored guests.

Study Humanities in Vietnam with Worldwide Navigators

Fashion’s Future in Ancient Vietnam

From photographing Halong Bay to reliving war history in Halong Bay, Vietnam has something to suit any interest. With this travel abroad tour you’ll hit all of the highlights from north to south. You’ll see everything from rice paddies to war photos, pagodas to rock formations — not to mention all of the delicious street food! We hope you can join us on this journey to one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant destinations.

Study Fashion in Europe with Worldwide Navigators

Fashionable Italy

Italy has a long history and revered reputation in fashion, design and textiles. Whether you’re a fashion design student or focusing on merchandising, your educational student tour to study fashion in Italy will be unforgettable as it takes you through the past, present and future of apparel design, construction and merchandising. This trip’s highlights include the Gucci Museum, Ferragamo Museum, The Costume Gallery and more.

Study STEM in Finland with Worldwide Navigators

Finland Astronomy Tour

Kakslauttanen is a resort located in Finland, and it’s one of the best places in the world to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. You’ll be able to do all sorts of winter activities while learning about astronomy and the science behind the Aurora Borealis. Study STEM at this beautiful location just 150 miles away from the Arctic Circle.

Marine Science Studies in Latin America with Worldwide Navigators

Fishing in Panama

From cloud forests to coffee plantations to turquoise waters once frequented by pirates and conquistadors, Panama exudes mystery and adventure. On this trip, you will enjoy some sport fishing while visiting the country’s top historical and ecological attractions. The trip highlights include hanging out with monkeys on a private island, touring the famous Panama Canal, and snorkeling for sunken treasure. Book your overseas adventure to Panama today!

Study Film in Iceland with Worldwide Navigators

Game of Thrones Tour

On this trip to Iceland, you will visit tour numerous “Game of Thrones” filming locations while also visiting the country’s other top attractions. The trip’s highlights including swimming in the natural Blue Lagoon, meeting the Icelandic horses who starred in “Game of Thrones,” and viewing the spectacular Northern Lights.

Study History in Seattle with Worldwide Navigators

Ghosts of Seattle

Travel to the Pacific Northwest and explore the ghosts of Seattle and the San Juan Islands. Your adventures in travel to this incredibly beautiful area will explore not just fascinating ghosts and their stories, but also whales, dolphins, and wildlife.

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Gladiators From Austria to Rome

You can do no better than to take an adventure in travel with Gladiators to Carnumtum, Pompeii, and Rome. You will be in awe of these historic places-gladiator schools, theaters, and the Coliseum — places where gladiators walked over 2,000 years ago.

Gorilla Trek in Uganda

Immerse yourself in thick green forests while hiking through national parks and learning about the natural behavior of the endangered mountain gorillas. Gorilla trekking is an unforgettable experience that will not only help you learn of their unique habits, but it will also help the surrounding areas fund for more research and conservation projects. Contribute to the protection of the gorillas and help teach local kids how important gorilla conservation is to them and their home.

Study Architecture in England with Worldwide Navigators

Gothic Revival Architecture in England

This educational student tour to study architecture in England takes you through incredible historic sites that the town of Oxford offers, letting you travel back to a time long gone and to places that add a little more magic into your life. Join us in this blast to the past and discover what this beautiful town has to offer while reducing your carbon footprint! This trip’s top attractions include Museum of Natural History, Oxford University and more.

Study Anthropology in Greece with Worldwide Navigators

Greek Island Eco Tour

Let your cares wash away as you swim, sun, and snorkel in the blue-green crystal clear waters of the Greek Ionian Sea islands. Enjoy your adventures in travel with unforgettable vistas of sandy beaches, fascinating rock formations, tiled roofs and whitewashed building cities, which will be etched in your memories forever.

Green Architecture in Portland

Portland is widely regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the United States. During this eco tour of the city, you’ll see the amazing green architecture and wonderful urban gardens. Whether you’re an aspiring architect or just someone interested in saving the environment, you’ll be astonished by what Portland has to offer!

Environmental Studies in Hawaii with Worldwide Navigators

Hawaiian Volcano Trek

Trek amidst the volcanoes of the Big Island of Hawaii where your adventures in travel will lead you to explore the power of fire and ice, black sand beaches, breathtaking natural landscapes, the wonders of the sea, and Hawaii’s Aloha spirit. Feel the warmth of the sun, imagine sea breezes, sea turtles, and lunar landscapes, and the turquoise waters of the Pacific. You’ll leave part of your heart here, making sure that you return.

Study Environmental Science in Italy with Worldwide Navigators

Hiking Italy’s Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods connects two beautiful villages in one of the most stunning corners of the world – The Amalfi Coast. You’ll spend your days exploring small, picturesque villages and important historical sites before heading out on foot for the hike of a lifetime and one of the most epic adventures in travel you could hope for.

Architectural Studies in Scotland with Worldwide Navigators

Historic Architectural Tour in Scotland

Journey to Scotland to discover the country’s fascinating architectue, culture and festivities. On this tour, you’ll visit some of Scotland’s most renowned architectural feats, as well as museums, and meeting with local guides to dive deep into this country’s history.

Study Photography in Europe with Worldwide Navigators

Historic Photography Tour in Italy

Italy is waiting for you! With 53 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Italy is home to thousands of ancient buildings and world-renowned works of art. From Milan to Palermo, the peninsula is the perfect location for immersing yourself in history and art. But Italy has even more to offer: breathtaking landscapes, exquisite food and interesting events. Here you are sure to find inspiration and unique subjects for your pictures.

Study Religion in Israel with Worldwide Navigators

Historical Tour in Israel

Your global travel itinerary has taken you from the birth to the life, times and teachings of Jesus Christ. This Holy Land tour intersects Judaism, Christianity and Islam to bring faith and understanding to the diverse religions and ancient cultures of the world.

Historical Studies in Northern Africa with Worldwide Navigators

Historical Tour of Egypt

People around the world have long been fascinated by the pyramids and mummies of Egypt. Now it’s your turn to see the wonders of ancient Egypt firsthand. On your trip to study history in Cairo and Luxor, you’ll see and learn about King Tutankhamun’s tomb, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the Great Sphinx.

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History & Ecotourism in Belarus

If it’s eco-adventures you’re after, Belarus is the place for you. This trip will take you to a different park or reserve every day to allow you to partake in environmentally-friendly tours and adventures. You’ll also see some of the world’s most unique museums, delve into the history and culture of the world’s last dictatorship, and see castles and churches. Sign up now!

Study Interior Design in St. Louis with Worldwide Navigators

History and Design in St. Louis

St. Louis is an underrated destination to explore and study interior design. While in recent years more modern buildings have gone up, the area has done a remarkable job of preserving gems from the past. Check out iconic places such as Union Station, Fox Theater and more during your time in the United States!

Study Botany in Brazil with Worldwide Navigators

Holistic Wellness in Ilha Grande, Brazil

Ilha Grande is home to the remaining Atlantic Forest. Explore the jungle trails, amazing vistas, and crystal clear waters of this biologically diverse island as you study botany. You’ll learn about medicinal plants that have been used for centuries and can only found on the island and witness the delicate balance of flora and fauna here. Top off your journey with underwater exploration of coral and sea shelves on this journey to discover the diversity of life!

Study Ecotourism in New Mexico with Worldwide Navigators

Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico

Full of pristine natural beauty, culture and beyond, New Mexico is an ideal hub for any avid traveler. However, when you travel to explore new places, it’s important to remain vigilant. As you discover the highlights of an area, also be aware that there is usually other aspects which are facing environmental, political or cultural hardships.

Study Anthropology in Africa with Worldwide Navigators

Human Evolution Tour in Africa

The history of human evolution from apes to man has its genesis in Africa. Here is your chance to study anthropology at some of the most exciting locations on the planet, particularly Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania and the Cradle of Mankind World Heritage Site in South Africa. Learn about the discoveries and the key people behind them, such as the Leakey family. In addition, enjoy some fantastic wildlife viewing in Tanzania at Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater.

Study Humanities in Japan with Worldwide Navigators

Humanity Tour in Japan

Japan is an amazing country with a long and storied history. Their dedication as a culture to preserve their national heritage is one of the many reasons to come and visit. Join us to study humanities in Japan and learn how climate change affects every aspect of our lives!

Study Marine Science in Hawaii with Worldwide Navigators

Humpback Whale Tour in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are a paradise just to visit and relax. But they also provide significant opportunities to participate in ecotourism efforts while protecting the humpback whales that call the islands home. Your time spent counting, working with the sanctuary whales, or providing public education does not go unnoticed. You can truly make an impact this week in this ecotourism adventure!.

Iceland Arctic Tour

Explore the Arctic Ocean by cruise ship as it circumnavigates Iceland during your summer vacation. Embark in Rekyjavik after a guided tour with an expert in climate change and professor from Rekyjavik University. During this LNT Certified tour, make steps at UNESCO World Heritage Site Breidafjordur Bay, Lake Myvatn Nature Reserve, take part in an impact project in partnership with Ecology Project International and Travelers Against Plastic, visit islands, glaciers and see the aurora borealis.

Environmental Studies in Iceland with Worldwide Navigators

Iceland Eco Tour

On this trip to Iceland, you will have an adventurous and educational experience. The trip’s highlights include drinking champagne in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, spotting whales in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, and watching the wondrous Northern Lights with awe.

Study Anthropology in Canada’s Largest City with Worldwide Navigators

Indigenous History in Toronto

Travel to Canada and get ready to enjoy yourself and learn something new! On this trip to study anthropology, you’ll learn about Indigenous people in Canada, including their art, their food, and the struggles they face. Join us and you can make a difference in these people’s lives!

Study Sports Management in Ireland with Worldwide Navigators

Irish Hurling Tour

On our trip to Ireland, you will learn about and watch the unique sport of hurling while also visiting the country’s top attractions. The trip’s highlights include crossing the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge to a fisherman’s island, viewing the spectacular Cliffs of Moher, and horseback riding through Ireland’s countryside.

Island Adventure in Trinidad & Tobago

Overseas adventures in Trinidad and Tobago are filled with Indian heritage, Caribbean culture and the laid-back ambiance of the islands. Whether you’re visiting to learn about conservation, Caribbean culture and history, or the biological diversity of an island, you’ll gain an appreciation for Trinidad and Tobago’s unique place in the world over the course of the week.

Jane Goodall Tour in Tanzania

Over 60 years ago Jane Goodall arrived at Gombe River in Tanzania to study the local communities of chimpanzees. Her work has brought us closer to our primate relatives who are still being cared for and studied today. Here you’ll have a unique opportunity to observe and learn how these wonderful primates shape our understanding of humankind. There is an optional add-on six-day Kilimanjaro climb for the ultimate Tanzania adventure.

Study Environmental Sciences in Peru with Worldwide Navigators

Journey Through Peru

As the historical hub of the Incan Empire, Peru has a lot to offer in the way of a cultural timeline. Add brilliant Pacific waters, mountain ranges, and steep sand dunes and you have what sets this South American region apart as a truly diverse destination. Enjoy the full spectrum of variety as you experience responsible travel in Peru. During this trip you will visit top destinations such as Huacachina, Paracas National Reserve and more.

Journey Through Peru

As the historical hub of the Incan Empire, Peru has a lot to offer in the way of a cultural timeline. Add brilliant Pacific waters, mountain ranges, and steep sand dunes and you have what sets this South American region apart as a truly diverse destination. Enjoy the full spectrum of variety as you experience responsible travel in Peru.

Environmental Science Studies in New Zealand with Worldwide Navigators

Kayaking in Fiordland National Park

Rudyard Kipling named Milford Sound the 8th wonder of the world, and after this trip, it’s easy to see why. Fiordland is a slice of heaven on earth and offers a truly ‘unplugged’ experience as you connect with nature in its purest form on this overseas adventure.

Study Humanities in Kazakhstan with Worldwide Navigators

Kazakhstan: Where Europe and Asia Meet

As the world’s ninth-biggest country, Kazakhstan is rich in tradition and is ripe for exploration as you travel abroad to study humanities. Enjoy the capital’s leafy avenues, hedonistic nightlife and sparkling shopping centers. On this trip to Kazakhstan, you will immerse yourself into the local culture and tradition. The trip’s highlights include viewing over 4,000 ancient rock carvings, cruising down the capital’s river, and horseback-riding to a spectacular gorge. Enjoy global travel to Kazakhstan today!

Animal Science Tour in Kenya with Worldwide Navigators

Kenya National Parks Expedition

From clear tropical seas, white sand beaches, and treasured coral reefs to landscapes filled with the largest of animals, Kenya’s diversity awaits you. Explore unexpected Africa in breathtaking marine national parks, and of course enjoy incredible safari game drives in Kenya’s magnificent land parks as well. You’ll grow to love Kenya as you get to know the people who call the coast home and their efforts to preserve both the marine and terrestrial environments here.

Study Animal Sciences in Tanzania with Worldwide Navigators

Kenya: Safari Edition

Uncover the extensive wildlife and vegetation of this East African region as you embark on your overseas adventures to study conservation abroad in Kenya. Go on game drives in some of Africa’s best national parks and reserves as you learn about the vast wildlife inhabiting the region and enjoy up close opportunities to spot elephants, lions, and many more fascinating species in their animal kingdom.

Study Abroad in Spain with Worldwide Navigators

La Tomatina Festival in Spain

Do you love tomatoes? No, do you really love tomatoes? Time for Buñol, Spain’s La Tomatina, the infamous annual tomato fight. While there, you’ll get to check out the historic city of Valencia on the Mediterranean coast, enjoy a beach day and gorgeous mountains — and of course revel in three dump trucks’ worth of tomatoes along with 1,000 of your new best friends. Sign up today to join in this massively silly tradition!

Sport Management Studies in Oceania with Worldwide Navigators

Lacrosse & Eco Tour in Australia

Australia is known for its iconic cityscapes, spectacular scenery, and abundant wildlife. On this trip to Australia, you will learn about the country’s national sport of lacrosse while visiting the city’s top attractions like Bondi Beach, The Rocks and the Gold Coast. The trip highlights include a hot air balloon ride over diverse landscapes, zip-lining through a lush rainforest, and hugging a koala! Book your overseas adventure to Australia today!

Language Immersion in China with Worldwide Navigators

Learn Mandarin in China

When you travel abroad to Beijing for this language immersion tour, you’ll get the chance to experience a beautiful and fascinating city while improving your Mandarin! Choose a trip to Beijing to learn about the people and culture of one of China’s most important cities. Top sites in this trip include  the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China and beyond.

Study History in the USA with Worldwide Navigators

Lewis and Clark: From St. Louis to Oregon

Beginning in St. Louis, follow the expedition of Lewis and Clark through 11 states in 11 days before reaching the shores of the Pacific ocean. The path of these two explorers will take you on educational exploits in museums and memorials, guide you into the beauty of protected lands and camping under the same skies as the frontiersme.

Linger Longer in Brazil

Welcome to Brazil! On this 3-day tour, visit the world-renowned South Zone known for its namesake beaches, surfing, trails and sunset views. Summit Sugarloaf Mountain to catch the iconic panoramic view of Guanabara Bay and the city of Rio. Have the ultimate cultural experience visiting the Historic City Center, art deco, and even a percussion class!

Linger Longer in Nepal

Nepal, known for its rich culture, lush landscape and extravagant, spiritual temples, is naturally a traveler’s magnet. Dive deep into spirituality and nature in the lively cities of Pokhara and Kathmandu. The country’s catchphrase is “Once is not enough” and you’re about to experience why first-hand.

Study Film in Los Angeles with Worldwide Navigators

Los Angeles Star Trek Tour

You’ll tour the states as well as the stars on this voyage in and around Los Angeles. It’s exciting to see places you’ve seen on TV in the real world, and even more exciting when a series has a legacy like Star Trek does. You’ll boldly venture where no tour has gone before and see places that have been featured in every single Star Trek series.

Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountain Short Stay

Welcome to Peru! There are no words for how magnificent the wonders of Peru are. Come along with us to explore Rainbow Mountain, Machu Picchu, and the Sacred Valley. Stand in awe of the striking mountains and explore the most renowned Incan architecture in the world on this epic 5-Day adventure!

Study Animal Science in Madagascar with Worldwide Navigators

Madagascar Eco Tour

Madagascar is known for its avenues of baobabs, crystal-clear waters, and exotic wildlife and nature. From its rainforests to deserts to lemurs, this island nation is a dream vacation for all outdoor enthusiasts. The trip’s highlights include diving into the renowned Anosy Lake, feeding fresh fruit to lively lemurs, and the bustling Analakey Market while you learn about the unique challenges and history of this once-isolated land. Plan your overseas adventure to Madagascar today!

Study Environmental Science at Mammoth National Park with Worldwide Navigators

Mammoth National Park Eco Excursion

On this trip you’ll get underground to fully explore Kentucky’s legendary Mammoth Cave system, the longest cave in the world. With over 400 miles of discovered pathways, you can fully satisfy your spelunking bug, enjoying underground boating, a lantern-light tour, spectacular underground hikes and more. Plus enjoy above-ground fun like horseback riding, zip-lining and more on this epic U.S. adventure! Book your trip today!

Study Political Science in the U.K. with Worldwide Navigators

Margaret Thatcher Tour of the U.K.

The United Kingdom is full of new technology and old tradition and where the past comes to life. From its pulsing cities to magical countryside, the United Kingdom is among the top destinations in the world. On this political science trip, the highlights include exploring the grounds of Windsor Castle, riding on the famous London Eye, and touring the renowned University of Oxford campus. Book your overseas adventure today!

Study Sports Health in the Mediterranean with Worldwide Navigators

Mediterranean Sport & Culture Tour

The Mediterranean is known for its teetering oceanside villages, legendary cities, and turquoise seas. From its ancient ruins to sun-kissed beaches to lively people, it’s a place you’ll want to return to again and again. On this trip, learn about sports nutrition while visiting the tourist hotspots of three different countries. The trip’s highlights include entering the Colosseum in Italy, bathing in Croatia’s Kravice Waterfalls, and cruising Greece’s magnificent coastline.

Study Architecture in Spain with Worldwide Navigators

Modernist Architecture in Spain

After this trip to study architecture of the Modernist period in Spain, you will appreciate how special and particular the style was in Barcelona. During this trip you will learn about artists like Antoni Gaudí, Lluís Domènech i Montane, Josep Puig i Cadafalch, Josep Maria Jujol, Rafael Guastavino and Enrique Nieto. Join us and explore the world of Modernisme!

Study Sustainability in Colombia with Worldwide Navigators

Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica

This immersive experience through the “green lung” of Costa Rica truly highlights the country as one of the top leaders in ecotourism. Through green initiatives, protected lands, and marine conservation (to name a few), Costa Rica is proving that sustainability and environmental respect isn’t just a trend, it’s a lifestyle.

Study Exercise Science in Tanzania with Worldwide Navigators

Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Adventure

Trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro is a dream trip for many and this itinerary will help you make that dream come true! Take part in this nine-day responsible travel journey in Tanzania. You’ll start your trip relaxing at the hot springs before embarking on your seven-day journey to climb Kilimanjaro via the Shira route. See gorgeous landscapes, come close with wildlife, and enjoy the greenery around you.

Mountain Adventures in the Rockies

Colorado is breathtaking in any season, but this eco adventure underscores the beauty of summer out west. With warm-weather hikes, water excursions, and plenty of outdoor enjoyment, Colorado is proving the truth behind its popular local phrase: people “come for the winter and stay for the summer.”

=U539&" with Worldwide Navigators"

Mountain Biking in Moab, Utah

It’s easy to see why Moab is hailed as one of the best mountain biking locations in the world. With a variety of terrain, endless amounts of trails, a deep respect for the environment, and some of the most breathtaking views around, outdoor enthusiasts won’t soon forget this incomparable eco adventure.

Study Sports Management in Mexico with Worldwide Navigators

Mountain Biking in Oaxaca, Mexico

Enjoy an ecotourism trip to Oaxaca where you will spend a week in Mexico’s cultural and cuisine hub of Oaxaca! Get ready to hit the trails with three full days of adventure mountain biking ahead, intriguing cultural and historical site visits in between in Oaxaca and Monte Alban. We hope you’ll join us on an adventure of a lifetime in this intriguing region of Mexico!

Study Exercise Sciences in Nepal with Worldwide Navigators

Mt. Everest: The Top of the World

Only a tiny minority of people on Earth get to see Mt. Everest in person. An even smaller group within that minority get to experience Everest Base Camp. You’re in for the experience of a lifetime on this 7-day trek to the top of the world, a must for any bucket list of overseas adventures.

Study Music in Austria with Worldwide Navigators

Music Galore in Vienna

A trip abroad to Vienna is unlike anything else. Not only will you get to experience the Spanish Riding School first hand, but you’ll get to see some of the most important cultural institutions in all of Europe. Vienna is the perfect first place to be introduced to Europe’s rich heritage of arts and culture. On this trip you will visit sites like Vienna State Opera and more. Book your literature and arts tour today!

Study History in Egypt with Worldwide Navigators

Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Journey back in time to study history in the life of ancient Egypt. Experience the wonders of how people without modern tools or equipment built great pyramids and temples. See the hieroglyphics used as a way of communicating and documenting their history. This international travel journey through history and wonders of the world will leave you with once in a lifetime memories.

Study Environmental Science in Costa Rica with Worldwide Navigators

Nature Escape in Costa Rica

Looking for a tropical nature escape? Look no further and join us as we tour the rainforest, beaches and small communities of Costa Rica! Take a latin dance class, visit an organic farm, zipline above the canopy lines of the rainforest, walk the trails of a lush national park and immerse yourself in a beautiful small community on this trip to Costa Rica.

Study Anthropology in Australia with Worldwide Navigators

Neanderthal Discovery in Australia

Australia is known for its iconic cityscapes, spectacular scenery, and abundant wildlife. International tourists are attracted to the country due to its historical culture, incredible beaches, and relaxed way of life. On this trip to Australia, you will learn about Neanderthals while visiting the city’s top attractions. The trip highlights include discovering cave carvings in the Blue Mountains, cruising by the Sydney Opera House, and enjoying a hot air balloon ride over diverse landscapes.

New Zealand Rugby & Eco Tour

On this trip to New Zealand, you’ll learn about and watch the sport of rugby while visiting the country’s top attractions. The trip highlights include swimming with wild dolphins, touring the “Lord of the Rings” movie set, and discovering a mesmerizing glowworm cave.

Study History in Scandinavia with Worldwide Navigators

Norse Mythology Tour in Scandinavia

Norse mythology has become more popular in recent years. You might recognize the names Thor and Loki from the Marvel cinematic franchise. But there’s more to these myths than Chris Hemsworth with a giant hammer. Travel to Norway, Denmark, and Sweden to study history and learn about these myths and the people who told them.

Norway Arctic Tour

Begin your Arctic educational tour in Tromso, Norway, a certified Sustainable Destination and embarkation point for your semi-private boating adventure. Study the implications of political science on climate change action while aboard a completely unique and once-in-a-lifetime arctic tour. During your cruise, visit several arctic islands, glaciers, see the aurora borealis, enjoy a whale watching tour, visit a small fishing village and meet with experts at the University of Tromso.

Study History and Culture in Romania with Worldwide Navigators

Off the Beaten Path in Romania

Travel abroad and experience the fascinating history and culture of Romania as you explore some of Romania’s hidden gems, boasting magnificent architecture, art, and history that are bound to leave you yearning for more! We hope you’ll join us on this unconventional route of Romania as you get a glimpse into the local and historically rich culture.

Study Orangutans in Borneo with Worldwide Navigators

Orangutan Wildlife Adventure

Travel to the island of Borneo and study animal sciences during a fun and helpful week. Visit two of the best rehabilitation centers for orangutans and contribute to the conservation of the species. Learn of their natural behaviors while watching them in the wild and get close and personal with semi-wild orangutans. Contribute to the veterinary work and conservation efforts happening in the lush rainforests of Borneo.

Pacific Northwest Orca Whale Tour

Your adventures in travel to the Pacific Northwest will explore this incredibly beautiful area of orcas, whales, dolphins, and wildlife by cruising these remarkable islands. Learn about the challenges to the natural world that inhabitants of the San Juan Islands face, the quest for solutions, and the responsible tourism efforts underway.

Study Animal Sciences with Endangered Pandas with Worldwide Navigators

Panda Bear Adventure in China

The Giant Panda is one of the most beloved animals in the world, but they’re among the rarest as well. On our overseas adventures to Chengdu, China, you’ll get to see some pandas up close and maybe even get to touch and feed them!

Environmental Studies in Hawaii with Worldwide Navigators

Parker Ranch Tour in Hawaii

Your adventures in travel will take you to the Big Island of Hawaii. Feel the warmth of the sun, imagine sea breezes, dolphins and sea turtles and the turquoise waters of the Pacific. Experience volcanoes and black sand beaches. Learn about the enormous influence and legacy of the Parker Ranch. You’ll leave part of your heart here, making sure that you return.

Patogonia Adventure

At the end of the world lies Patagonia, a wild and rugged land filled with breathtaking landscapes and eye-catching flora. Come alive as you spend seven days exploring this wild frontier, from areas of pure isolation and vast emptiness to tourist-filled camping towns and waters teeming with wildlife.

Art Studies Student Tour in Polynesia with Worldwide Navigators

Paul Gauguin Tour in Polynesia

Tahiti is a tropical island idyll, known for its turquoise waters and abundant marine life. On this trip you’ll learn about artist Paul Gauguin, who called this gorgeous place home for many years. Along with viewing hundreds of Gauguin’s art pieces, you’ll also visit the island’s top attractions, including snorkeling with sharks and stingrays and hiking the spectacular Three Coconuts Trail. Plan your overseas adventure to study art in paradise today!

Penguins in Argentina

Welcome to Argentina’s northern Patagonia! In this exciting animal adventure, we’ll be exploring the peninsula by boat to get up close and personal with orca whales and penguins! Puerto Madryn is known for its sandy beaches and many polar animals. Discover Patagonia on this 2-day extension and see firsthand the beautiful scapes of Argentina!

Study Photography in Norway with Worldwide Navigators

Photography in the Lofoten Islands, Norway

The Lofoten Islands are a dream destination for any photographer. The stunning natural beauty and secluded location of this archipelago make a trip to Lofoten an overseas adventure unlike any other. Experience the fjords, mountains, and coastlines while marveling at the dramatic scenery and breathtaking beauty.

=U28&" with Worldwide Navigators"

Photography in Torres del Paine, Chile

Ecotourism is a great way to integrate yourself and discover new places while you study photography. As you take in the natural beauty of Chile and other destinations around the world, put in the extra effort to uncover the different challenges each location faces and learn how you can make a difference. Join us on this unique photography excursion through Chilean Patagonia and capture frames unlike any you’ve experienced before!

Study Photography in Morocco with Worldwide Navigators

Photography Tour of Morocco

From camels crossing the shimmering sands of this ancient land to Berber goatherds tending their flocks on the slopes of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco is a stunning visual feast. You’ll haggle at the ancient bazaars of Marrakech, visit royal mosques in Casablanca, and see imperial palaces and gardens. Along the way, you will study religion and photography — so be sure you bring plenty of batteries for your camera because you won’t want to miss a single shot!

Study Photography in Papua New Guinea with Worldwide Navigators

Photography Tour of New Guinea

With Papua New Guinea’s tropical atmosphere and immense biodiversity, you feel like you’re walking into an enchanted country. New Guinea is the second largest island in the world and is home to somewhere between 5 and 10 percent of the total species on the planet, some of which are still unknown to science! Bring along your camera for this incredible journey and don’t miss a single shot.

Study Environmental Science in Costa Rica with Worldwide Navigators

Rafting in Costa Rica

Join us on eco adventures in the land of pura vida as we go on an adventure-packed week-long trip to Costa Rica! Satisfy your quench for adventure as you raft the sweeping waves in La Fortuna, zip-line through the tropical rainforest’s incredible canopies, and chase waterfalls in Arenal Volcano National Park! We hope you’ll join us on this trip not to be missed for all nature and adventure lovers!

Study Photography in California with Worldwide Navigators

Redwood Photography Tour in California

Eco adventures to study photography in Redwoods National Park and the Pacific Coast of California will leave you astounded by the immense beauty in this part of the world. During this trip, you’ll see the tallest trees in the world, abundant marine life, stunning vistas and so much more on this trip.

Exercise Science Studies in France with Worldwide Navigators

Riding the Tour de France Course

To study exercise science along the Tour de France course is undoubtedly spectacular. There is so much to see in this European country that’s it’s hard to pick which items make it on the list. This trip focuses on the famous race, held throughout the country since 1903. Your stops will include just a few of the traditional waypoints along the race route.

Study Environmental Science in Canada with Worldwide Navigators

Road Trip to the Arctic Ocean

Driving to Canada’s distant Arctic Ocean by car used to be a fantasy. Now you can make the dream a reality by trek to the “top of the world,” traveling a newly-opened road that connects all three oceans Canada touches. Along the way on this epic journey, you’ll visit an igloo church in Edmonton, see the historical fishing village Tuktoyaktuk, and of course the awe-inspiring Arctic Ocean. Book your epic northern travel today!

Study Environmental Sciences in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Rocky Mountain National Park Cleanup

After an amazing week in Colorado, it is time to head home. Hopefully, you’ve learned all about the world-famous Rocky Mountain National Park, how to keep it clean, and enjoyed its beauty along the way. Safe travels home!

Study Exercise Science in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Rocky Mountains Winter Tour

From unique local culture to snow-covered mountain runs, wintertime in Colorado has something for everyone. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or an adventure seeker, sustainable travel is a unifying goal that every visitor can appreciate in this environmentally-conscious state.

Study Architecture in Russia with Worldwide Navigators

Rococo in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is one of the few places in the world where the magnitude, opulence and excess of the late Baroque period is on full display. The pastel tones, gilded walls, asymmetry and molding come together to create an extremely lavish and decorated aesthetic. Join us on this student tour highlighting the greatest examples of the excesses of the 18th-century Rococo lifestyle.

Study History in Russia with Worldwide Navigators

Russia: Land of the Tsars

Russia is the largest country in the world, and has a population of 144.5 million with tremendous cultural diversity, and as such, it is impossible to visit every worthwhile attraction. But join us on this trip abroad to see some of the highlights of this amazing country.

Study Animal Science in Rwanda with Worldwide Navigators

Rwanda Wildlife Excursion

Discover Rwanda ─ its dramatic history, kind people, and incredible wildlife. You’ll trek to the home of the magnificent mountain gorilla, and get to see chimpanzees and golden monkeys, too. With each of these unforgettable primates, get up close and watch them go about their daily lives as they feed, play, and care for their young. Also learn about the 1990s genocide in Rwanda and how her people have moved forward through tragedy.

Sail the Nile River

Dating back to ancient times, the Nile River has been one of the most important bodies of water in human history. Join us for a ride along the last stretch of the Nile River, making pit stops along the way at essential landmarks that are found throughout Egypt.

Study Film in New York City with Worldwide Navigators

Sex & The City Tour, New York

It’s been over 20 years since “Sex & the City” premiered, but the love for Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda still runs strong among fans. Join us for and adventure in New York City to see not only the most important locations from the show and films as well as New York landmarks, but to participate in some meaningful volunteer opportunities in support of women’s issues.

Study Environmental Management in Florida with Worldwide Navigators

Shelling on Sanibel Island, Florida

Rated one of the best places in the world for seashells, a visit to Sanibel to study environmental management offers much more than beachcombing. It’s an incredible place for eco adventures and to learn about various ecosystems, from tidal flats and oyster beds to inland creeks and grasslands, and the vast variety of wildlife that call them home.

Study Literature in England with Worldwide Navigators

Sherlock Holmes Tour of the U.K.

Few fictional figures have so captured the imagination of the public and remained relevant for as long as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. On this tour, follow in the footsteps of the legendary detective and enjoy some adventures in travel that are anything but elementary! Plus, a visit to the moors of legend will add an environmental and conservation angle to your trip.

Short Stay in Cusco, Peru

A visit to Cusco tumbles you back into the cosmic realm of ancient Andean culture fused with the colonial splendors of Spanish conquest. Here, you will have the opportunity to dive into Inca history visiting sacred spots nestled in the landscape during this 3-day adventure. ¡Bienvenido a Perú!

Study Religion in Southern Italy with Worldwide Navigators

Shrines of the South of Italy

Considered a “bucket list” travel abroad destination for most Catholics and indeed anyone interested to study religion, Italy is steeped in religious history. From the major basilicas in Rome to the abundant tradition in Assisi, this pilgrimage through a spiritual timeline evokes inspiration and respect from anyone who travels it.

Study Photography in Southeast Asia with Worldwide Navigators

Singapore To Bangkok by Rail

Global travel simply does not get any better than a railway journey from beautiful Singapore to Bangkok. This route takes you through some of the most impressive parts of Southeast Asia and you will be spoiled for choice as have the opportunity to photograph the jewel-toned Indian Ocean, the majestic Batu Caves and the beautiful city of Bangkok.

Study Exercise Sciences in Japan with Worldwide Navigators

Skiing & Sustainability in Japan

With temperatures rising around the world, many ski destinations both in Japan and around the world are experiencing changes in the levels of snowfall each year. By joining this trip to Japan, you’ll get the chance to connect with Winter Olympic Games athletes, local conservationists, developers and more. Take the leap and uncover more about the changes currently taking place on our planet.

Environmental Sciences in Europe with Worldwide Navigators

Skiing Adventures in Swiss Alps

Switzerland is a skier’s paradise. More than 120 million people visit the Swiss Alps each year heading to some of the most famous resorts in the world. Hit four of those during your overseas adventure this week in Switzerland. From Jungfrau Ski Region to Wengen and beyond, check out some of the region’s top mountain destinations.

Study Exercise Science in Spain with Worldwide Navigators

Soccer & Sports Science in Barcelona

Barcelona is a magical and historical seaside city with fabled architecture, boundless culture, and a world-famous dining and drinking scene. It’s also renowned for its spectacular soccer team, making it an ideal location to study exercise science. Along the way you’ll get to visit the city’s top attractions like the awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia, the Monastery of Montserrat, and Park Guell. Top it off with watching a Barcelona FC match and you can’t beat this trip!

With over 239 known species, South America has the largest bat population of all seven continents. Yet with their numbers and habitats shrinking, wildlife education is now more important than ever. Embark on an extensive eco tour through Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador to explore their caverns, and learn more about the positive impact that these misunderstood creatures have on this planet.

South American Bat Cavern Tour in Venezuela

With over 239 known species, South America has the largest bat population of all seven continents. Yet with their numbers and habitats shrinking, wildlife education is now more important than ever. Embark on an extensive eco tour through Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador to explore their caverns, and learn more about the positive impact that these misunderstood creatures have on this planet.

Political Science Studies in South Korea with Worldwide Navigators

South Korea: Kim Il-Sung Tour

Divided by a militarized border, North Korea and South Korea have beautiful landscapes as well as over 5,000 years of history and culture. On this trip to Korea, you will have an educational yet adventurous experience. The trip’s highlights include traveling to North Korea for a Kim II Sung tour, visiting South Korea’s demilitarized peace zone, and relaxing in South Korea’s Garden of Morning Calm. Plan your global travel to Korea today!

U.S. National Park Eco Tour with Worldwide Navigators

Southeast U.S. National Park Tour

Your national park tour takes you from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee to the scenic overlooks of the Blue Ridge Parkway and the eco adventures of the Congaree National Park. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an environmental advocate or a biology student, you’ll spend the week developing a new or renewed appreciation for the natural world.

Language Immersion in Puerto Rico with Worldwide Navigators

Spanish Language Immersion in Puerto Rico

After this language immersion experience in the wonderful island of Puerto Rico, your group will leave with a great sense of gratitude. Work alongside Institute for Spanish Language Acquisition and join us in this one of a kind of adventure in the Isle of Enchantment. During this trip, you will be helping people recover from one of the most devastating events in its history.

Study Sports Management in Japan with Worldwide Navigators

Sports & Event Management of the 2020 Japan Olympics

Japan’s initiatives to ensure a more sustainable Olympic Games are impressive and could serve as a model to be followed by other Olympic hosts in the future. From using 100 percent renewable electricity and having a goal of recycling 99 percent of all produced items and goods are just a few of the sustainability concepts Tokyo 2020 is putting forth.

Study Humanities in Ireland with Worldwide Navigators

St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

Revel in the festivities celebrating Ireland’s Patron Saint in Dublin and visit Northern Ireland’s natural wonders and Belfast along with “Game of Thrones” filming sites while you study history in the Emerald Isle.

Study Architecture in Greece with Worldwide Navigators

Study Architecture in Athens

Athens is an iconic city. The story goes that it was named by Zeus himself in honor of his daughter Athena, goddess of wisdom and war. No international travel bucket list is complete without a trip to this far-off land where you will step back in time thousands of years as you explore ancient sites, admire preserved relics, and learn more about the way things used to be in this part of the world.

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Study Ecotourism in Andorra

On this trip to Andorra, you will engage in numerous adventures all while gaining a deeper cultural understanding of our world. The trip’s highlights include heli-skiing down Hortell Mountain, exploring Andorra’s small villages, and enjoying a full day in Europe’s largest spa. Start planning your travel abroad adventure today!

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Study Environmental Science in Australia

Continue your adventures in travel with a week in Australia. Traverse the country from the capital of Sydney to the Gold Coast jewel of Cairns, then back to the east for a stop in Melbourne. This trip has lots of adventure packed into seven days.

Study Fashion in Tokyo with Worldwide Navigators

Study Fashion in Tokyo

World travel broadens the mind and presents a new world of possibilities! A trip to Tokyo is more than a vacation — it’s a unique cultural experience that introduces you to the city’s rich heritage. On this fashion tour of Tokyo, you’ll learn about the country’s fashion history and the modern fashion trends that are continuously pushing boundaries.

Study Architecture in Lithuania with Worldwide Navigators

Study History & Architecture in Lithuania

If its overseas adventure travel you seek, Lithuania is the place for you! Not only is it home to many gorgeous castles and churches, but Lithuania also has some unique museums like the Devil’s Museum and the Museum of the Blind. Moreover, there is a myriad of green open spaces waiting to be explored. History and culture reign here, so join this trip for the adventure of a lifetime!

Study History in Savannah, Georgia

This small city on the coast of Georgia has a deep, rich history, and antebellum architecture, cultural attractions, and colorful characters to prove it. During your trip to Savannah, you’ll experience walking tours highlighting Civil War history, visit some of the South’s most well-preserved historic homes, explore gardens and parks, and learn more about the unique natural features of the southeast coast.

Historical Studies in Slovakia with Worldwide Navigators

Study History in Slovakia

Slovakia is a country full of breathtaking natural beauty and fascinating history. The medieval castles, baroque architecture, and strong ties with Roman Catholicism make it a unique and intriguing country. International travel to countries like Slovakia allows you to gain a better understanding of an entire region, and by learning more about Slovakia, you also learn more about Eastern Europe as a whole.

Study Humanities in Mongolia with Worldwide Navigators

Study Humanities in Mongolia

For those who enjoy exploring untouched landscapes and rich culture, Mongolia is the perfect place for international travel. Explore the busy city Ulaanbaatar and visit art and history museums in the city. Venture out into the rugged and grassy plains of nearby national parks and set foot into some of the most famous temples and monasteries in Mongolian history.

Study Jazz Music in New Orleans

Your tour to the birthplace of jazz will give you a firsthand opportunity to experience where jazz was founded and visit venues and clubs where it is still performed today by the best in the business. Select tours will give you rich insights into the history of the jazz legends that lived and played here. You will enjoy delicious Creole food at some of the city’s most iconic establishments, plus learn more about the Mardi Gras festival that brings the city alive every February.

Study Wildlife & Ecology in Yellowstone

This wintertime adventure in travel provides a unique glimpse into the habitat of the animals of the Great Plains, including wolves, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, bison, and more. You’ll also learn about the geology and micro-systems of the supervolcano, Old Faithful Geyser.

Volunteer Teach in South Africa with Worldwide Navigators

Surf in South Africa

With a plethora of world-class waves suitable for all levels, South Africa is a place that boasts a ton of natural beauty. Join us in South Africa for a week full of life-changing adventures. In just seven days, you will be able to connect with local communities directly impacted by surfing, learn about the importance of marine life in the ocean’s ecosystem, and explore some of country’s most iconic beaches.

Study Sustainability in Norway with Worldwide Navigators

Sustainability in the Green Capital, Norway

Sleep in the most northern igloo hotel in the world for a unique and unforgettable experience. Engage in the indigenous culture of the Sami reindeer herders to understand the challenges they face in preserving their way of life. Discover the sustainable efforts of Europe’s “Green Capital” and ideas to take home with you. Enjoy spectacular northern lights, dog-sledding, fun winter sports, inviting saunas, incredible exploring, and locally-sourced meals.

Study Tourism in Vancouver with Worldwide Navigators

Sustainable Tourism in Vancouver

Study tourism with a visit to Vancouver, British Columbia. The city has set a goal of being the most highly recommended destination in North America. As you explore the city and experience different attractions including Stanley Park, the VanDusen Botanical Garden, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver Aquarium, and more, decide for yourself if they are on the right path to their goal.

Tanzanian Safari

Tanzania is the ultimate safari destination and home to some of the best game viewing in the entire world. Experience the cultural melting pot that is Mto Wa Mbu, a market town rich with culture and a souvenir hunter’s paradise!

Culinary Studies in Spain with Worldwide Navigators

Tapas Tour in Spain

Many visitors to Spain are confused at first when a server automatically brings out a small dish of olives, goat cheese or Iberian ham on croquettes along with a drink order, but tapas are a wonderful tradition that deserves its own tour. You’ll enjoy the local variants while seeing some of Spain’s most iconic sights through Madrid, Toledo, and Barcelona. Bring your appetite as you embark on this epic culinary studies tour of Spain!

Teepee Camping Excursion in Montana

Journey into the land of the Northern Cheyenne where a spiritual leader will guide you in the traditional ways of the teepee and everyday life and introduce you to sacred places that influenced their unique culture. See fair-trade, ethical, respectful tourism in action. Immerse yourself in the stories shared around a campfire, walk in the footsteps of the soldiers and Native Americans of long ago, and understand how the past influences the challenges faced by the Cheyenne of today.

Study Anthropology in Italy with Worldwide Navigators

The Ancient Romans in Italy

Return to antiquity, as you make your way from the Capitoline Hill down through Naples all the way to Sorrento and the Island of Capri beyond. The Italian Mediterranean coast provides timeless and unique experiences, adventures as rich in natural beauty as historical import. Come join us as we dive back in time to immerse ourselves in the origins of Western Civilization, and the idyllic landscapes from which the greatest human empire in history was born!

Study Architecture in Serbia with Worldwide Navigators

The Architecture of Serbia

Full of fascinating and futuristic architectural structures, Belgrade is must-visit city for any architectural fanatic. Trip abroad and study architecture in Belgrade with us for one week to gain insights from a local architect who will be touring with you. Visit places such as the Eastern City Gate, Western City Gate, Stari Dvor and more. You will also get a deeper understanding of the human rights issues the country currently faces.

Study Environmental Sciences in Ecuador with Worldwide Navigators

The Biodiversity of Ecuador

The small country of Ecuador has four distinct regions — the Amazon, the Andes (mountains), the coastal area, and the Galapagos Islands. Each area has its own biodiversity and culture – as you will see will you travel abroad on this trip. While on your journey you will have the opportunity to interact with the local people, taste many different types of food, see unique native wildlife, and learn about the history of the country. We hope you enjoy your travel!

Study History in the U.K. with Worldwide Navigators

The Castles of England

England is full of centuries-old tales of knights in shining armor, fierce battles, oppression, and resilience. The British monarchy has been at the helm of this ancient country for more than 1,000 years. They remain a celebrated family in England and the masses love being part of their lives, if only from the outside looking in. Join this tour to study history and learn about all of the monarchy’s storied past, challenges, triumphs and great riches.

Study Humanities in Costa Rica with Worldwide Navigators

The Culture of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its serene waters, hidden oasis and lush jungles. One of the world’s most biodiverse countries, this wanderlust location is a must-see for all adventurers eager to travel abroad and study humanities. On this trip, you will immerse yourself into culture and tradition. The trip’s highlights include exploring San Jose’s markets, visiting a sloth rescue center and zip-lining through a jungle. Book your educational student tour to Costa Rica today!

Study History in Mainland China with Worldwide Navigators

The Dynasties of China

After a tour of a small fraction of all the sites and historical artifacts left behind by the 13 dynasties that once ruled over China, you leave this trip with a great interest in the long-spanning and ancient history of this country. Join us in visiting the places inhabited by the emperors of times past, and in doing so, help future generations of this wonderful country to prosper!

Study History in Rome with Worldwide Navigators

The Eternal City of Rome

Rome is called the Eternal City because for centuries, those that lived there considered that regardless of what happened in the world, Rome would always be Rome. You’ll get up close and personal to ancient Rome on this trip visiting many sites that are more than 2,000 years old. A visit to Rome is a must for anyone interested in global travel.

Study Botany in Singapore with Worldwide Navigators

The Flowers of Singapore

Singapore is a nation that has documented and preserved their native botany in a comprehensive manner. Take a trip to study botany in Singapore to discover some of the region’s top botanical gardens and native plant species. This trip’s highlights include the Singapore Botanic Gardens and beyond. While you’re here, you will also connect with well-versed local botanists and gain even more information about the flora you will encounter.

Study Theater in New York City with Worldwide Navigators

The Heart of Theater: Broadway, NYC

Explore the city that never sleeps in this epic study theater itinerary in New York City. You will see some of the many sights well-known on Broadway and off, as well as other significant sites in this great city like the Theater District, Central Park and more. Of course, you will also have some time to explore on your own, to try the underground subway, or catch Broadway performances.

Study History in Cuba with Worldwide Navigators

The History and Culture of Cuba

In Cuba, discover a world of history, architecture, native wildlife and stunning coastlines. Cuba has played a part in the lives of revolutionaries, writers and nature enthusiasts for centuries. With the easing of travel restrictions in recent years, it has become more accessible for U.S. citizens to discover the culture and intrigue of this island nation.

Study Religion in Israel with Worldwide Navigators

The Holy Land of Israel

Your tour of the Holy Land of Israel will hit all the important spots in the Christian faith, where you will be able to study religion and experience first-hand the sights and sounds of the region as they might have been experienced by the followers of Jesus 2,000 years ago. You’ll also visit the Dead Sea for a health-inducing soak, view the incredible archaeological find of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and visit the Wailing Wall, an important site to Judaism.

Study Anthropology in Peru with Worldwide Navigators

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru

The Inca Trail is often rated one of the top five hikes in the world. It’s 26 miles long, and although that may sound short to some experienced hikers, it’s not for the faint of heart! Plus, it’s an absolutely beautiful trek. Take one of our sustainable environmental trips and hike from Cusco to Machu Picchu, Peru, where you’ll get to see the ruins at sunrise.

Study Environmental Sciences in Guatemala with Worldwide Navigators

The Mayan Trading Route in Guatemala

Explore the ancient Mayan trading routes through the beautiful countryside of Guatemala. Spanning over 60,000 hectares in an incredibly bio-diverse area, Tikal National Park is the highlight of this amazing trip, and home to over 3,000 Mayan structures. This trip to Guatemala and Tikal is one of the best overseas adventures to experience the Mayan culture.

Study Fashion and History in Spain with Worldwide Navigators

The Past and Future of Fashion in Spain

The innovative Spanish fashion industry is taking the world by storm. This chance to study fashion and history while abroad in Spain will fuel your design aesthetic and inspire your creativity. Explore the world of the fashion business and prepare yourself for what the fashion future will bring. The highlights of this trip include Palace of the Marquis of Llio and more.

Study Tourism in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado

This trip to the Stanley Hotel to study tourism provides everything from the frightening nostalgia of ghost tales, to stunning views of the Rocky Mountain landscape, to hiking amongst some of Colorado’s best trails. Come along on a beautiful adventure that will leave you with a few chills and thrills.

Wildlife Studies in Africa with Worldwide Navigators

Tour Etosha National Park in Namibia

Experience the incredible wildlife that makes its home in Namibia’s Etosha National Park. Take remarkable photos that will bring vivid memories of your adventures in travel back home to your heart. Understand the challenges faced by predators to live in harmony with people and the ongoing efforts on their behalf. Come experience the diversity of Namibia from desert to mountains, and the wildlife and the people who share the land.