What to Pack

We recommend you pack as light as possible.

You will be carrying your own luggage, hauling it on and off buses, on to trains, up the stairs (you get the idea), so we recommend you pack as light as possible. Really, no one cares if you already wore that shirt. One suitcase or a duffel bag you can easily manage is best, with a carry-on for your valuables, medications, and an extra change of clothes just in case. Baggage restrictions vary by airline, and it is your responsibility to clearly understand your airline’s baggage allowance before departure. Any additional charges or luggage fees outside the original booking are your responsibility.

Trips to different areas of the globe often require different accessories – you’re not going to need extreme mosquito protection if you’re going to Antarctica but a parka is a must. We will provide trip-specific shopping and packing lists to your trip leader as your trip gets closer. You can purchase some of the items we recommend right here »

For most trips, we recommend:



Carry-on Bag

Your carry-on bag will be essential in case your luggage gets delayed. You might want to include:

Remember, different airlines have different regulations for carry-on bags, so make sure your bag is the right size once you have your flight itinerary from your trip leader.

Other Essentials

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