Number of hours hiking: I lost track.
Number of slips and falls in the mud: I lost track.
But then, we were there.

– Ashley

Incredible trip to Brazil! Beautiful sunsets, great people, off-the-chart fishing, secret waterfalls…and some very interesting pharmacy. One of the clinics had the same chief complaints from most of the patients: sore throat and stomach pains. Turns out they were using bleach to disinfect their water. So our group came together to finance some water purifiers for the entire village. They will have clean water for the next 15 years!!! Thanks again to all who helped make this dream a reality.

– Dale

Trekked through the jungle for three hours to find the silverback gorillas. It did not disappoint! Saw a family of 13 including the silverback and got up to 5 feet of them. Total Jane Goodall moment! So amazing to spend time with them!

– Eileen

WWN provides an incredible humanitarian experience. As a provider and first time participant, I truly enjoyed giving to the people of the Koh Rong each day. The Cambodians have smiles that will melt your heart.

The extension trip through WWN allowed me to continue to explore this beautiful country with a deep history and ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples. The trip was well organized, thoughtful and cost-effective. Our guides were knowledgeable and flexible about our personal desires.

WWN successfully combines a humanitarian medical mission with an in-depth tourism experience.

– Ariana

What an amazing journey!

– Jung, Cynthia, and Ariana in Phnom Penh

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