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Study Wellness in India with Worldwide Navigators

Ancient Cultures & Yoga in India

Today we live in a world that is dependent on technology and fast-paced development. However, it’s important to conserve the wisdom of those who were ...
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Study Environmental Science in Italy with Worldwide Navigators

Hiking Italy’s Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods connects two beautiful villages in one of the most stunning corners of the world - The Amalfi Coast. You’ll spend ...
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Study Botany in Brazil with Worldwide Navigators

Holistic Wellness in Ilha Grande, Brazil

Ilha Grande is home to the remaining Atlantic Forest. Explore the jungle trails, amazing vistas, and crystal clear waters of this biologically diverse island as ...
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Medical Relief Trip to India with Worldwide Navigators

India Medical Relief & Holi Festival

In 2018 alone, it is estimated that 2.4 million of its citizens died of treatable conditions. Poor quality care and insufficient access to healthcare are ...
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Women's Studies in Poland and France with Worldwide Navigators

Marie Curie Tour in Poland and Paris

Marie Curie was not only a groundbreaking researcher delving into the little-understood field of radioactivity, she was also the first woman to win Nobel Prizes ...
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Study Sports Health in the Mediterranean with Worldwide Navigators

Mediterranean Sport & Culture Tour

The Mediterranean is known for its teetering oceanside villages, legendary cities, and turquoise seas. From its ancient ruins to sun-kissed beaches to lively people, it’s ...
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Study Exercise Science in Tanzania with Worldwide Navigators

Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Adventure

Trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro is a dream trip for many and this itinerary will help you make that dream come true! Take part in this ...
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Study Exercise Sciences in Nepal with Worldwide Navigators

Mt. Everest: The Top of the World

Only a tiny minority of people on Earth get to see Mt. Everest in person. An even smaller group within that minority get to experience ...
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Study Physical Therapy in Europe with Worldwide Navigators

Physical Therapy Studies in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country full of old-world charm yet with modern amenities. During this trip, you’ll study physical therapy with a number of specialists, ...
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Exercise Science Studies in France with Worldwide Navigators

Riding the Tour de France Course

To study exercise science along the Tour de France course is undoubtedly spectacular. There is so much to see in this European country that’s it’s ...
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Study Exercise Science in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Rocky Mountains Winter Tour

From unique local culture to snow-covered mountain runs, wintertime in Colorado has something for everyone. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or an adventure seeker, sustainable ...
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Study Exercise Sciences in Japan with Worldwide Navigators

Skiing & Sustainability in Japan

With temperatures rising around the world, many ski destinations both in Japan and around the world are experiencing changes in the levels of snowfall each ...
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Environmental Sciences in Europe with Worldwide Navigators

Skiing Adventures in Swiss Alps

Switzerland is a skier's paradise. More than 120 million people visit the Swiss Alps each year heading to some of the most famous resorts in ...
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Study Exercise Science in Spain with Worldwide Navigators

Soccer & Sports Science in Barcelona

Barcelona is a magical and historical seaside city with fabled architecture, boundless culture, and a world-famous dining and drinking scene. It’s also renowned for its ...
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Study Exercise Science in Australia with Worldwide Navigators

Sporting Tour in Australia

Australia boasts some of the most diverse marine ecosystems on the planet. Journey to the other side of the globe with us on this epic ...
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Culinary Studies in Spain with Worldwide Navigators

Tapas Tour in Spain

Many visitors to Spain are confused at first when a server automatically brings out a small dish of olives, goat cheese or Iberian ham on ...
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Teach Public Health in Guatemala with Worldwide Navigators

Teach Public Health in Guatemala

There are at least 37 volcanoes surrounding the city of Antigua, making it the most volcanically active area in the region. The city contains beautiful ...
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Study Nutrition in Texas with Worldwide Navigators

Tour of the Texas BBQ Trail

This Road Trip USA adventure to study nutrition will take you on a week-long dining excursion to some of the best barbecue places in Central ...
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Trekking Argentina’s Mt. Aconcagua

Argentina abounds in nature and has an expanse of iconic peaks. Mt. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere and is known for ...
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Trekking Expedition in Bhutan

Bhutan is renowned for its mountains and monasteries, as well as incredible trekking expeditions. On this trip to Bhutan, you will enjoy an adventurous, cultural, ...
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Trinidad & Tobago Medical Relief Trip

In Trinidad and Tobago there is a concerning ratio of 18 doctors to every 100,000 citizens. Consequently, thousands of Trinidad and Tobago’s citizens die annually ...
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Study Health Sciences in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Ultimate Outdoor Adventures in Boulder

It is possible to stay healthy on vacation. Boulder is a great place to study health and what effects an active vacation can have on ...
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Exercise Science Studies in Oceania with Worldwide Navigators

Winter Sports Tour in New Zealand

From the North Island to the South Island, New Zealand is a favorite for winter sports enthusiasts. Your adventures in travel itinerary allows you to ...
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