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There are several styles of Port, including red, white, rosé and an aged style called tawny Port. They pair well with cheeses, dried fruits, chocolate and sweet desserts. Ports’ sweetness comes from the addition of Brandy which halts the fermentation process leaving some of the sugars behind and increases the alcohol content.

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Fly into Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport (Porto) and meet your hotel transport. After settling in, it is time to explore the city, Oporto (Porto).

As you stroll the ancient streets of Porto, you will encounter its friendly people and discover intriguing architecture and wonderful food and wine.

For dinner, try a Francesinha Sandwich, a Porto original, made with suckling pig, sausage or steak with Serra Estrela cheese and tomato/beer sauce.

Walk up to the Monastery of Serra do Pilar, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. You will be rewarded with the most spectacular panoramic view. If you time it correctly, the sunset from the belvedere is stunning. Your photos will be the envy of all of your friends!

Today you will be whisked away to explore Northern Portugal. First stop is the 15th century Castle of Santa Maria da Feira. Stop in the quaint town for coffee and Fogaca, a traditional sweet white bread.

Aveiro is the highlight of the day with her Venice like canals. Board a brightly colored boat called barcos moliceiros. These boats were traditionally used to harvest seaweed. Relax as your captain glides your boat along the Ria de Aveiro lagoon and canals. Imagine living in this peaceful, enchanting city!

Enjoy a lunch and wine pairing at a provincial, family run restaurant. Feast on regional seafood delicacies and exquisite hand-crafted wines.

Round out the afternoon with a visit to Costa Nova, a quaint seaside village known for the brightly colored houses and beautiful Atlantic beaches.

Return to Porto for a quiet dinner and a glass of Port, of course!

This morning, visit the Palacio da Bolsa (Palace of the Stock Exchange). This 19th century mansion is part of the UNESCO historic center. Tour the cavernous Hall of Nations, the opulent Court Room and Library, and Climb the Noble Staircase. The gold and silver work, frescos and furnishings will have you dreaming of glory days.

Spend the afternoon exploring the streets of Porto, browsing charming shops and soaking in the ancient architecture.

This evening meet your guide who will chauffeur you to the port houses in the Vila Nova de Gaia side of Porto. Many of the port houses have private tasting rooms where you can relax in private, stonewalled cellars surrounded by bottles of expertly aged port.

Your visit will include several established tasting rooms where you can savor both red and tawny-colored ports. Your hosts will help your explore how their ports pair with traditional accompaniments: local cheeses, dried fruits, chocolate, caramel and more.

Today, uncover the charm of the ancient village, Guimarães, where you will visit the 10th century Guimaraes Castle and the Palace of the Dukes of Braganca. Stroll the ancient city as you soak up the history and medieval architecture. Enjoy a relaxing lunch while you gaze at the charming village and her inhabitants.

Next motor to the City of Braga, the religious capital of Portugal. Visit the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus, Braga Cathedral which is home to a sacred art museum, the Archbishop’s Palace and Santa Barbara Garden.

Return to Porto and discover your new favorite restaurant.

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary is our first stop today. It is the most visited Catholic pilgrimage site in Portugal and the fourth in the world. It is believed the Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherds here. Subsequent apparitions were viewed by upwards of 50,000 people. Visit the Basilica and the Chapel of the Apparitions.

Your tour continues to the University town of Coimbra. Here you will enjoy a lunch before touring the historic University campus famous for its baroque library and 18th century bell tower.

Savor an amazing dinner tonight at one of Porto’s Michelin-Star restaurants that specializes in the finer tastes of Northern Portugal along with perfect wine pairings. Your taste buds will be delighted!

Set out today to walk the Ribeira District, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the banks of the Douro River. Wander the streets of the oldest part of Porto. Bring your camera – you will discover beautiful vistas as you climb the hills and look down on the bay.

It is time to leave this beautiful city full of art, history, food, wine and music. One last photo as your driver takes you to the airport.

Interested in exploring the city of Lisbon? Venturing to the cliffside town of Algarve for beaches and trails? Extend your stay for more adventures in Portugal!

Bem vindo a Portugal!

Porto, Portugal, is the home of Port! A sweet, fortified dessert wine grown on the banks of the Douro River. Porto has breathtaking medieval architecture, lively music, wonderful food and amazing wine. The best way to experience Porto is by walking her medieval streets full of vibrant art and azulejo tiles. Have your camera at the ready, there will be many photo opportunities! Porto is a bustling city by day that turns romantic and soft at night.


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