Safety & Security

We are serious about safety and have several protocols in place to help keep your group safe and secure on your adventures.

There are things we can do and there are things you as an individual can do to keep yourself safe while traveling. Together, these protocols, guidelines, and tips will help you have a safe and successful journey.

Worldwide Navigators:

  • Registers your group with the U.S. State Department and provides a color photo roster for easy traveler identification.
  • Monitors conditions on the ground and U.S. State Department travel advisories.
  • Chooses travel locations and tour hosts with your safety first. Our ground teams are experienced and professional.
  • Hires private security as required for your group’s safety.
  • Has established procedural protocols for your safety, including a buddy system.
  • Maintains a file of your medical history and emergency contacts.
  • Maintains daily communication with your trip leader while you are traveling and provides an open line of communication 24/7

What can you do to increase your personal safety?

  • DO NOT discuss the specifics of your trip on any social media platform. This includes specific locations, airline/flight information, or personal information about your travel mates.
  • Take personal responsibility for your health and safety during the trip.
  • Obtain all required vaccinations and use travel medications and insect repellant as appropriate and recommended by your doctor.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the country you are visiting.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and maintain a vigilant attitude.
  • Follow your trip leader’s instructions, maintain any set curfews, and look out for your travel mates.
  • Read the materials you are provided well before your departure and submit accurate medical information during the application stage.

If you have any questions about safety on your trip, feel free to contact us.

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