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Get a hands-on, up-close perspective of the world’s engineering and architectural marvels

Our Engineering and Architecture expeditions are designed to provide hands-on experiences in building design, infrastructure and construction. Students partner with local experts to learn how cutting-edge technology and design continue to create the world around us. Choose from a variety of destinations to study sustainable infrastructure and intricate architecture at the foot of some of mankind’s greatest feats. All of the trip excursions offered for this program feature numerous course-related interviews with experts and visits to some of the world’s newest, most innovative constructions as well as the oldest and most intricate. Imagine exploring the new-age skyscrapers of Dubai while researching sustainable engineering practices, or walking the cobblestone streets at the Colosseum in Rome uncovering the architectural feats of ancient civilizations. Choose from destinations like Italy, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

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Best of Paris

On this journey we'll explore the most famous landmarks and attractions of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and world-famous museums such as the ...
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Best of Tokyo

Experience the best of the past and present of Japan’s capital as you spend five exciting days in the electric metropolis of Tokyo. Explore lush ...
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Birth of a Nation in Washington DC

On this 7-day tour, explore the historic Georgetown, go on a culinary tour, discover the National Mall by bike and enjoy a dinner cruise on ...
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Discover Vancouver

Spend seven thrilling days getting to know the jewel of British Columbia! Famous worldwide for its cultural diversity and friendly citizens, Vancouver will also dazzle ...
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Diwali in India

Come to the magical land of India and get ready to celebrate one of the most cherished celebrations, Diwali! A five-day Hindu festival, Diwali celebrates ...
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Study Engineering in the United States with Worldwide Navigators

East Coast Lighthouse Tour

From the Chesapeake Bay to the Carolinas, lighthouses have served as navigational aids and beacons of hope for ships approaching the U.S. for centuries. Whether ...
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Study Engineering in Italy with Worldwide Navigators

Engineering & Science Tour in Italy

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of history’s greatest minds, whose work has transcended beyond the Renaissance period. His genius manifested into many faculties, not just ...
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Explore Cambodia

Ready yourself for a trip packed full of surprise as you venture through Cambodia. Journey through Cambodia's most treasured sites in Phnom Penh. Discover the ...
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From Atlantic to Pacific in Panama

Panama is a tiny nation but offers an incredible opportunity for global travel, sitting at the juncture of east and west, north and south. Join ...
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Japan: Off the Beaten Path

Are you ready to step off the beaten path and explore the depths of Japan? Join us on this 10-day trip and tour of Japan ...
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Linger Longer in India

Explore the depths of India and its ancient Mughal history on this incredible 3-day tour. Experience the vibrant contrasts of Old and New Delhi. Discover ...
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Machu Picchu & Inca Trail Trek

Traverse this epic trail across an amazingly diverse array of landscapes, mountains, forests, jungles,  OH-MY! With four days of trekking you’ll be able to take ...
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Metropolitan New York

Welcome to New York — America’s busiest and most influential city. Visit the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, museums, the Theatre District and ...
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Portugal: Off the Beaten Path

Portugal is surprisingly undiscovered by travelers in spite of its close proximity to Spain, a popular tour destination in Europe. On this 5-day tour, explore ...
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Renewable Energy in Iceland

Discover the unique story of one of the world's leaders in renewable and sustainable energy. Stand in awe of your surroundings while you experience the ...
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Short Stay in Turkey

Filled with amazing markets, hilly quarters, and historic mosques, Istanbul is a feast for the eyes and dangerous for the pocketbook. See all the highlights ...
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Study STEM in Panama with Worldwide Navigators

STEM Studies in Panama

Learn how the Panama Canal is a vital economic transportation hub for this country and the world, as well as an engineering wonder that traverses ...
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The Trans-Siberian Railway Expedition

Discover three of the world’s largest countries - Russia, Mongolia and China - while traveling on the iconic Trans Siberian Railway! Whether you’re a beginner ...
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Where History Meets Ecology in Venice

There’s no place like Venice! This city is unique in her water-focused history, unconventional architecture, classical art, and abundant seafood. Venice is directly affected by ...
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