UN Development Goal:

Good Health & Well-being

Preventable diseases still account for millions of premature deaths each year

This includes both communicable & non-communicable diseases. Limited or no access to healthcare results in poor reproductive, maternal, and newborn health. In 2015, 303,000 women died of complications during childbirth. Limited access to safe drinking water leads to the upwards of 800,000 deaths per year. Household and outdoor air pollution accounted for 7 million deaths in 2016 alone. Improving the health of the world’s populations requires a strong collaboration between public health, medical, and political initiatives.

Make an Impact on Health & Well-Being

Take Action!


Educating Women and providing services such as women’s healthcare, prenatal and postnatal training, and women’s health education can lead to decreased mortality rates in children and mothers.

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Installation of Simple Water Filtration and storage systems allow families and communities to better avoid water borne illnesses. Education on boiling water before use can also provide relief.

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Introduce Proper Indoor Ventilation to greatly reduce air pollution related deaths, and provide education on the benefits of cooking outside versus inside for safer breathing environments.

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Implement Protection Against Malaria – Nearly 800 children die every day from malaria in regions where mosquitoes carry the disease. Proper education, prevention and protection methods can aid in reducing this number of fatalities drastically.

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Sample Projects


Groups have hosted community education projects on cooking and the importance of good indoor ventilation can aid in the decrease of air pollution related deaths.

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The donation of mosquito nets in areas that have a prevalence of mosquito borne illness can help better protect families while they sleep.

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Lucky Iron Fish Project –  The Lucky Iron Fish is a small cooking tool that infuses meals with a healthy amount of natural iron to help prevent iron deficiency and anemia. Iron deficiency anemia is among the world’s more common deficiencies, especially in the developing world. Anemia not only affects women, but unborn children too leading to higher risk of mental underdevelopment.

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Where will you make your difference?

A trip to the Samoan Islands offers unique eco adventures, with its lush environment of waterfalls, white sand beaches, and multiple spots for snorkeling and surfing. These islands are one of the few places people can travel to experience authentic south Pacific cuisine, inspiring culture and fascinating history.

A Getaway to the Samoan Islands

A trip to the Samoan Islands offers unique eco adventures, with its lush environment of waterfalls, white sand beaches, and multiple spots for snorkeling and surfing. These islands are one of the few places people can travel to experience authentic south Pacific cuisine, inspiring culture and fascinating history.

Aboriginal Journey through the Australian Outback

Welcome to the Land Down Under! On this radical journey you will camp in the Australian Outback and experience pure adventure. Hear stories of the aboriginal people as you discover ancient cave paintings. Get ready for campfires and nights under a blanket of stars in this magnificent desert region.

Amazon Medical Expedition

In partnership with International Medical Relief, your team will live and work on the Amazon River in the heart of the rainforest. Your group will be providing medical relief and education on hypertension, diabetes, smoking, and sexually transmitted diseases in addition to basic hygiene, water storage, sanitation, and mosquito/insect control.

Study Wellness in India with Worldwide Navigators

Ancient Cultures & Yoga in India

Today we live in a world that is dependent on technology and fast-paced development. However, it’s important to conserve the wisdom of those who were here before us. To help preserve the ancient rituals of other cultures and civilizations, put forward an effort to take part in projects abroad. Learn about the history of where you come from and in the places you travel because when you do, you will always have a story to tell afterward.

Andes Mountains Medical Expedition

Join us in partnership with International Medical Relief for a trip to Lavalle, Argentina in the Mendoza region of the Andes! This beautiful area will feed your senses with magnificent views of the beautiful wineries, olive groves, fruit orchards, and the highest mountain in the Western and Southern hemisphere, Aconcagua.

Argentina Short Stay

Get a taste of Argentina by experiencing the La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires with its exciting street artists and brightly painted zinc shacks. Explore El Tigre and its surrounding islands in the Paraná Delta by river boat on this 3-day getaway. ¡Bienvenido a Argentina!

Religious Studies in Ethiopia with Worldwide Navigators

Ark of the Covenant Tour in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is an Abyssinian abyss where the Blue Nile was born. It is also full of salt-laden camel trains. The country is like nowhere else in the world; with a beautiful location full of spectacular wildlife, peerless history and Africa’s most welcoming people. The trip’s highlights include wildlife discovery in the Entoto Mountains, exploring markets, cooking with locals and the Ark of the Covenant’s final resting place. Book your educational student tours today!

Art, Cuisine, & Sustainability in Porto, Portugal

Porto has breathtaking medieval architecture, lively music, wonderful food and amazing wine. The best way to experience Porto is by walking her medieval streets full of vibrant art and azulejo tiles. Have your camera at the ready, there will be many photo opportunities! Porto is a bustling city by day that turns romantic and soft at night.

Study Art in Rome with Worldwide Navigators

Arts & Cultural Tour in Rome

The opportunity to study art, music and theater in an incredible city like Rome is a life-altering experience. From St. Peter’s Basilica to the University of Fine Arts, to the Leonardo da Vinci Museum to a trip to see the opera “La Traviata,” this once-in-a-lifetime journey will leave you with a new and profound appreciation for the genius that is Italian art.

Athletic Engagement in Samoa

Apia is the capital of Samoa, located on the north coast of the island of Upolu. It’s the perfect home base for interesting Samoan adventures and sharing your love for sports with the local schools. Come along on a once in a lifetime opportunity to share the joys and benefits of athletics!

Cambodia Medical Expedition

Cambodia’s tragic history defined by decades of political unrest, violence, and poverty has surprisingly shaped an inspiring, optimistic and warm population. This poignant intersection of a painful past and developing present leaves no visitor untouched.

Cambodia Short Stay

Discover Siem Reap — home to the temples and ruins of Angkor Wat, Bayon and Neak Pean. Immerse yourself in Cambodian culture at an acrobatic circus with live music. Indulge your senses in some of the best cuisine in Southeast Asia and be welcomed to a country of vibrant people, history and natural landscapes. ស្វាគមន៍មកកាន់ប្រទេសកម្ពុជា

Women’s Studies in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Cannabis Queens of Denver

When Colorado fully legalized cannabis in 2014, women proved to be many of its strongest and most vocal advocates. On this tour, you’ll visit Denver’s best female-owned dispensaries and see first-hand how women benefit from the legalization of marijuana.

Caribbean Medical Expedition

In partnership with International Medical Relief, join us as we travel to Haiti for medical relief and public health education. The Haitian culture is incredible and diverse, with much strength and resolve.

Costa Rica Medical Expedition

Costa Rica’s charm lies in its lush rain forests, unspoiled beaches and abundance of wildlife. With 24% of the population under 15 and 11% over 60, you will care for patients of every age in partnership with International Medical Relief.

Cuba Short Stay

Discover Cuba on this 3-day getaway by visiting Playa Varadero with its bridge-linked lagoon and whitesand beaches. Dive underwater in Cayo Piedras to explore its colorful marine life and crystal clear waters. ¡Bienvenido a Cuba!

Discover Argentina

Fall in love with Argentina in this week long discovery. Sample some of the most enticing experiences and sites that this country has to offer. Tour bewitching Buenos Aires, visit the magical Iguaza Falls and venture to South America’s frontier of Patagonia! From culture hounds to intrepid hikers, Argentina truly has something for everyone!

Dominican Republic Medical Expedition

We will be traveling to villages surrounding the province to provide patients with much needed health care services, dental care, education and medications. In partnership with International Medical Relief, it will be your group’s priority to provide care for the people of the Dominican Republic who can’t access care.

Humanities Studies Student Tour in the Gambia with Worldwide Navigators

Eco Exploration of The Gambia

While The Gambia is the smallest country in Africa, it has a captivating array of places to explore and attractions. On this educational student trip to The Gambia, you will have an informational, cultural, and adventurous experience. Some of the highlights include spotting the Big Five wild animals on a photo safari, kayaking the Gambia River, discovering the village of Gunjar, and taking a traditional cooking class.

Study History in Bolivia with Worldwide Navigators

Enchanting Bolivia

International travel to the enchanting country of Bolivia doesn’t make it onto the radar of most travelers. On this epic adventure, you’ll get away from the crowds and learn more about this country that’s nicknamed the “Tibet of the Americas.”

STEM Studies in the U.K. with Worldwide Navigators

Engineering the Titanic in the U.K.

The majestic RMS Titanic sank in 1912 after it struck an iceberg, and it’s been a source of tragic fascination ever since. On one of your overseas adventures, travel around England and Northern Ireland where you’ll visit many historically significant sites and see numerous artifacts related to ship’s fateful journey. This trip’s highlights include Titanic Memorial Garden, Titanic Trail and more.

Study Art in Europe with Worldwide Navigators

European Vincent van Gogh Tour

Vincent van Gogh was one of the most important and influential artists of the Western World. While success eluded him in life, his subsequent fame, thanks to his sister-in-law Johanna Bonger, the Fauvist and German Expressionist art movements, his name is cemented in the canon of Western art. Join us on this trip abroad following his short and tragic life and learn how you can help people suffering from mental illness in your community.

Study Anthropology in Kosovo with Worldwide Navigators

Exploring Unknown Kosovo

Kosovo is known for its violent history and the new dawn of a more peaceful era, as well as its slow-paced mountain life and picturesque towns. In the heart of the Balkans, Europe’s youngest country is a spectacular land full of charming monuments, welcoming smiles, and hiking treks galore. Experience both the adventure and culture of this country. Highlights include ascending Mount Gora, exploring Prinstina’s old town, and trekking through Valbona Valley.

Study Hospitality in South Africa with Worldwide Navigators

Exploring Zambia & Hospitality Studies

Zambia is known for its remote and spectacular wilderness, which is full of a diverse and awe-inspiring array of wildlife. It is a rare location where animals wander through unfenced lodges. During your overseas adventure to Zambia, you can enjoy a variety of cultural, adventurous, and educational experiences. The trip highlights include experiencing an on-foot photo safari, zip-lining along Victoria Falls, and visiting Mikuni village as honored guests.

Gambia Medical Expedition

The Gambia is known as one of the most culturally rich countries on the African continent, with many tribal and ethnic groups living peacefully side-by-side. In partnership with International Medical Relief, we have been invited by the Ministry of Health to provide aid to these populations.

Gorilla Trek in Uganda

Immerse yourself in thick green forests while hiking through national parks and learning about the natural behavior of the endangered mountain gorillas. Gorilla trekking is an unforgettable experience that will not only help you learn of their unique habits, but it will also help the surrounding areas fund for more research and conservation projects. Contribute to the protection of the gorillas and help teach local kids how important gorilla conservation is to them and their home.

Guatemala Medical Expedition

Welcome to La Antigua, a small city in south central Guatemala known for its colonial and Spanish baroque architecture, active and dormant volcanoes, multi-colored buildings, secret doorways and warm people. In partnership with International Medical Relief, your group will host clinics in the beautiful valleys around La Antigua and in schools and orphanages near the city.

Himalayan Medical Expedition

Join our partner organization, International Medical Relief in Nepal for a heart-pounding adventure through the heart of the Himalaya’s where you will trek with local Sherpas to remote communities in order to offer acute medical care.

Religious Studies Tour in India with Worldwide Navigators

Hinduism & Buddhism in India

India is the birthplace of two important world religions: Hinduism and Buddhism. On international student tours around India, you will travel to some of the most historical sites associated with these religions and meet the people who practice them today.

Historical Studies Student Tour in Germany with Worldwide Navigators

Historical Tour in Germany

If you’re planning to travel abroad, Germany is one of the best places to visit. There are amazing cities to see, and you’ll be able to help in plenty of ways during your time here. Opportunities for volunteering are abundant in Germany, so come take a journey with us today!

Honduras Medical Expedition

Welcome to Honduras, a country known for its natural beauty and extreme poverty, with more than 50% of the population destitute. Health care is almost nonexistent in the rural areas of the country where your team will work in partnership with International Medical Relief.

Humanitarian Relief Trip to Haiti with Worldwide Navigators

Humanitarian Trip to Haiti

Haiti has struggled to regain its footing after the 2010 earthquake and tsunami, leading to rampant poverty and out-migration. As an idea for sustainable travel, donate school materials, clothing or meals while you’re here. Speak or meet with someone to learn their stories and more about their needs.

Iguazu Falls Adventure

The exquisite Iguazu Falls have awed tourists, locals and indigenous inhabitants for centuries. The falls act as a natural boundary between Brazil and Argentina making the forceful river a significant part of the political and geographical structure of South America.

Medical Relief Trip to India with Worldwide Navigators

India Medical Relief & Holi Festival

In 2018 alone, it is estimated that 2.4 million of its citizens died of treatable conditions. Poor quality care and insufficient access to healthcare are contributors to this death count. Join us in partnership with International Medical Relief in providing quality medical care for the communities surrounding Mumbai.

Jamaican Experience

With its white sand beaches and brilliant turquoise waters it’s no wonder Jamaica attracts millions of tourists every year! For six glorious sun-soaked days, you’ll explore three distinct areas of the island country – from laid back Negril to vibrant Montego Bay and colorful Ocho Rios.

Kenya Medical Expedition

In partnership with International Medical Relief, we continue to make a difference in Kenya as we return to aid survivors in this land of continued healthcare peril. Participate in a truly ‘Out Of Africa’ experience and bring aid to those living in disadvantaged situations without access to medical and dental care.

Kenya Safari

Ready yourself for a wild African safari in some of the world’s most renowned parks. You’ll have the opportunity to gaze upon lions, leopards, buffalo, and zebra. Bare witness to a once-in-a-lifetime Maasai Mara sunrise and while you try to spot Africa’s “Big Five”.

Koh Rang, Cambodia Medical Expedition

Encompassing a number of picturesque islands, the Koh Rong Archipelago delivers the kind of off-the-radar experience that many of South East Asia’s islands offered 30 years ago prior to a rise in tourism; where white sand beaches, protected reefs, and jungle-covered hills remain untouched. Worldwide Navigators has partnered with International Medical Relief, Song Saa Private Island and the Cambodian government to provide healthcare to islanders living within the Archipelago of the Thailand Gulf.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park is one of the most sought out sites in South Africa, and one of world’s most diverse Safari destinations. Come along with us on this exotic animal adventure!

Linger Longer in Brazil

Welcome to Brazil! On this 3-day tour, visit the world-renowned South Zone known for its namesake beaches, surfing, trails and sunset views. Summit Sugarloaf Mountain to catch the iconic panoramic view of Guanabara Bay and the city of Rio. Have the ultimate cultural experience visiting the Historic City Center, art deco, and even a percussion class!

Linger Longer in Nepal

Nepal, known for its rich culture, lush landscape and extravagant, spiritual temples, is naturally a traveler’s magnet. Dive deep into spirituality and nature in the lively cities of Pokhara and Kathmandu. The country’s catchphrase is “Once is not enough” and you’re about to experience why first-hand.

Machu Picchu & Inca Trail Trek

Traverse this epic trail across an amazingly diverse array of landscapes, mountains, forests, jungles,  OH-MY! With four days of trekking you’ll be able to take in some of the most striking wonders of the Andes. Rest and rejuvenate in the spas of Aguas Calientes before making the vertical hike up to Machu Picchu.

Malaysian Adventure

Feel the rush of dynamic Kuala Lumpur, with it’s bustling energy and vibrant culture. Escape to the mostly undeveloped Perhentian Islands, where time moves a little slower. Explore ancient temples and get a taste of Malaysia’s potpourri of Asian culture and history of Penang, the state known as the “Pearl of the Orient”.

Metropolitan New York

Welcome to New York — America’s busiest and most influential city. Visit the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, museums, the Theatre District and Times Square. Join us on our most exciting and wildly diverse tours yet in New York City!

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Mountain Biking in Moab, Utah

It’s easy to see why Moab is hailed as one of the best mountain biking locations in the world. With a variety of terrain, endless amounts of trails, a deep respect for the environment, and some of the most breathtaking views around, outdoor enthusiasts won’t soon forget this incomparable eco adventure.

Myanmar Medical Expedition

In partnership with International Medical Relief, we will venture to small city communities and remote villages around Yangon (formerly Rangoon). You will hold clinic in small Buddhist temples, under tarps in the middle of the village, in orphanages, or in the simple homes of the people you will treat.

Study Environmental Science in Costa Rica with Worldwide Navigators

Nature Escape in Costa Rica

Looking for a tropical nature escape? Look no further and join us as we tour the rainforest, beaches and small communities of Costa Rica! Take a latin dance class, visit an organic farm, zipline above the canopy lines of the rainforest, walk the trails of a lush national park and immerse yourself in a beautiful small community on this trip to Costa Rica.

Nicaragua Medical Expedition

The growth in the Bluefields area has expanded beyond the ability of the medical structure to care for their patients. In partnership with International Medical Relief, we work in town to help offset the overload of patients from the continual growth in this area.

Panama Medical Expedition

In partnership with International Medical Relief, your group will be working with indigenous people and small villages throughout Panama. On this trip, you will be part of a continuing effort to help some of Panama’s poorest groups of indigenous people and the indigenous community that works in the largest garbage dump in Panama City.

Peru Rainforest Medical Expedition

This beautiful trip starts and ends in Pucallpa, Peru. In partnership with International Medical Relief, your group will provide care for many of the Shipibo-Conibo people as you work in the small villages along the river.

Philippines Medical Expedition

We are excited to return to Leyte — one of the most beautiful islands in the chain of 7,107 islands that make up the Philippines with our partner International Medical Relief. Your group will provide acute medical and dental care to many families while teaching them how to stay healthy in their environment.

Study Physical Therapy in Europe with Worldwide Navigators

Physical Therapy Studies in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country full of old-world charm yet with modern amenities. During this trip, you’ll study physical therapy with a number of specialists, covering settings like athletics at a soccer stadium, physical therapy in the private sector with clinic tours, and while volunteering at a local school. You’ll also experience life as a local by participating in tours, beach activities and enjoying delicious comida! Say bienvenidos a España and sign up today!

Playa del Carmen Getaway

Known for stretches of white sandy beaches and endless entertainment options, Playa del Carmen, Mexico offers a perfect balance of modern sophistication and authentic old-world charm. Pack your bathing suit & sunscreen and get ready for a vacation in the sun!

Polynesian Medical Expedition

In February 2018, Tonga was hit hard by Tropical Cyclone Gita, a category 4 storm that damaged more than 1,600 homes, caused widespread flooding, contaminated water supplies, and increased the incidence of dengue fever and rotavirus. In partnership with International Medical Relief, you will see patients of every age and diseases ranging from the commonplace to some of the neglected tropical diseases.

Rwanda Medical Expedition

Rwanda’s history, past and recent, contains a mixture of tragedy and triumph, and you will find the locals resilient, bright, and warm-hearted. Partner with International Medical Relief to tackle Rwanda’s principal health problems include dysentery, malaria, and acute infections left untreated.

Senegal Medical Tour

Most of Senegal remains rural, with very limited education, almost no health care outside of the cities, and extreme poverty. On this expedition, we will focus our efforts on the Talibé children.

Senegal Short Stay

Welcome to Senegal, the French country on Africa’s west coast. Rich with colonial heritage and many natural attractions, Senegal is known for its exciting safaris, nightlife, and historical museums.

Short Stay in Cusco, Peru

A visit to Cusco tumbles you back into the cosmic realm of ancient Andean culture fused with the colonial splendors of Spanish conquest. Here, you will have the opportunity to dive into Inca history visiting sacred spots nestled in the landscape during this 3-day adventure. ¡Bienvenido a Perú!

Short Stay in Madagascar

Dip your toes in the exciting culture and unique landscape of Madagascar by discovering a royal city and burial site and the perfect symbiosis of a zoo and botanical garden on this 3-day getaway. Tonga soa eto Madagasikara!

South Africa Medical Expedition

Twenty years into South Africa’s democracy public health issues remain a challenge in epic proportions. In partnership with International Medical Relief, your group will be working in several communities of refugees, tribes and those living in slums without access to health care.

Study Exercise Science in Australia with Worldwide Navigators

Sporting Tour in Australia

Australia boasts some of the most diverse marine ecosystems on the planet. Journey to the other side of the globe with us on this epic sporting tour. You’ll learn about the country’s sport health industry, environmental practices and enjoy multiple cultural excursions to experience the most out of your trip abroad.

Study Sports Management in Japan with Worldwide Navigators

Sports & Event Management of the 2020 Japan Olympics

Japan’s initiatives to ensure a more sustainable Olympic Games are impressive and could serve as a model to be followed by other Olympic hosts in the future. From using 100 percent renewable electricity and having a goal of recycling 99 percent of all produced items and goods are just a few of the sustainability concepts Tokyo 2020 is putting forth.

Study History in Sweden with Worldwide Navigators

Study History in Sweden

Travel abroad to the magical land of Sweden. You’ll spend time in the country’s capital Stockholm as well as several smaller cities to the west. You’ll learn how to fika, and gain a healthy respect for the country’s innovative spirit, including all the ways Swedes treat environmental issues, and its devotion to green fuels.

Study Jazz Music in New Orleans

Your tour to the birthplace of jazz will give you a firsthand opportunity to experience where jazz was founded and visit venues and clubs where it is still performed today by the best in the business. Select tours will give you rich insights into the history of the jazz legends that lived and played here. You will enjoy delicious Creole food at some of the city’s most iconic establishments, plus learn more about the Mardi Gras festival that brings the city alive every February.

Architecture Tour in Indiana with Worldwide Navigators

Study Modernism & Postmodernism in Indiana

Columbus, Indiana may be a small town, but it packs a big punch when it comes to mid-20th century architecture. For anyone who wants to study architecture, this incredible off-the-beaten-path trip will have you marveling as you learn how legendary architect I.M. Pei among others was enticed to come to town and create some of his most impressive works. This hidden gem will be the highlight of any budding architect’s travel plans!

Study Environmental Sciences in Germany with Worldwide Navigators

Sustainability in Berlin

Learn about how Berlin has become a sustainable city by visiting an urban garden, exploring the city using energy efficient methods and seeing firsthand how you can live a sustainable life when touring a collaborative housing complex. We hope you take what you learn on this trip and apply it to your everyday life in your hometown.

Study Sustainability in Norway with Worldwide Navigators

Sustainability in the Green Capital, Norway

Sleep in the most northern igloo hotel in the world for a unique and unforgettable experience. Engage in the indigenous culture of the Sami reindeer herders to understand the challenges they face in preserving their way of life. Discover the sustainable efforts of Europe’s “Green Capital” and ideas to take home with you. Enjoy spectacular northern lights, dog-sledding, fun winter sports, inviting saunas, incredible exploring, and locally-sourced meals.

Tanzania Medical Expedition

Tanzania, a land of spectacular beauty, is one of the largest countries of Africa. In partnership with International Medical Relief, your group will host clinic in the small villages surrounding Arusha, at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Teach Public Health in Guatemala with Worldwide Navigators

Teach Public Health in Guatemala

There are at least 37 volcanoes surrounding the city of Antigua, making it the most volcanically active area in the region. The city contains beautiful architecture, ruins of many colonial churches, and vibrant people in need of public health education and medical relief. Join us in partnership with International Medical Relief to bring aide and support to some of the rural areas surrounding Antigua.

Teepee Camping Excursion in Montana

Journey into the land of the Northern Cheyenne where a spiritual leader will guide you in the traditional ways of the teepee and everyday life and introduce you to sacred places that influenced their unique culture. See fair-trade, ethical, respectful tourism in action. Immerse yourself in the stories shared around a campfire, walk in the footsteps of the soldiers and Native Americans of long ago, and understand how the past influences the challenges faced by the Cheyenne of today.

Thailand Lantern Medical Expedition

Experience the real “Land of Smiles” in a serene town of Northern Thailand where you will stay in a small forest compound surrounded by mango trees. In partnership with International Medical Relief, your group will participate in an ongoing effort to decrease certain health concerns in the villages we work in.

Study Humanities in Papua New Guinea with Worldwide Navigators

The People of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has endless greenery, pristine coastlines, and colorful wildlife. The country is rich in history, culture and attracts all kinds of travelers from around the world. On this trip to study humanities in Papua New Guinea, you will immerse yourself into the country’s way of life and culture. The trip’s highlights include scuba diving to see marine life and WWII remains, cruising through Sepik River, and being welcomed into a Segori Jungle village.

Study Agriculture in Chile with Worldwide Navigators

Trekking Expedition in Chile’s Torres del Paine

Chile is a land where soaring peaks meet rushing rivers, a place where nature runs wild. On this expedition, you will visit Torres del Paine National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the most visited tourist attraction in Chile. Experience adventure, adrenaline, and a sense of accomplishment as you trek these jagged peaks, witnessing the breathtaking views, the magnificent Grey Glacier, and enjoying the refuge lodge’s hot tubs. Start planning your overseas adventure today!

Study Environmentalism in Switzerland with Worldwide Navigators

Trekking Expedition in the Swiss Alps

Hiking in Switzerland is a bucket-list item for a reason. With a stunning variety of terrain, wildlife, and payoff-filled treks, your study environmentalism trip through the Swiss Alps will be every bit as inspiring as it is memorable. You’ll hike in the shadow of the Matterhorn, ride mountain gondolas, see the awe-inspiring Trummelbach Falls, and even visit some alpine cows on a trotti bike ride. Sign up today and start practicing your yodel!

Trinidad & Tobago Getaway

Laden with vibrant Caribbean colors and stunning natural beauty, the dual-island nation of Trinidad & Tobago will whisk you far away from reality. Spend restful hours lying on palm tree-lined beaches and snorkeling in transparent Caribbean waters or take a nature trek to explore stunning waterfalls!

Trinidad & Tobago Medical Relief Trip

In Trinidad and Tobago there is a concerning ratio of 18 doctors to every 100,000 citizens. Consequently, thousands of Trinidad and Tobago’s citizens die annually from preventable illnesses, and these numbers are increasing. We have been invited in partnership with International Medical Relief to intervene in the remote areas of the country to provide quality medical care for its citizens.

Uganda Medical Expedition

Join us as we return to Uganda to provide lifesaving care and extensive health education in small villages around Kampala and Jinja in partnership with International Medical Relief. Your group will participate in an ongoing effort to empower communities to take steps for better preventative care through community health education and in training community members to help others in their communities.

Study Health Sciences in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Ultimate Outdoor Adventures in Boulder

It is possible to stay healthy on vacation. Boulder is a great place to study health and what effects an active vacation can have on your overall mood, health and well-being. You’ll find an opportunity to do almost every activity you could think of, from rock-climbing to running, bouldering to bicycling. Whether you’re on your own two feet or on wheels, you’ll enjoy an active tour of Boulder, Colorado that may even leave you feeling better when you depart than when you arrived.

Vietnam Medical Expedition

The Vietnam you see today is steeped in ancient rites and traditions that have survived throughout the bumps and scrapes of history. Join us in partnership with International Medical Relief in Da Nang, Vietnam for a fully-immersive medical and health expedition.

Vietnam Short Stay

Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh City journey is excellent for travelers who want to know about the heritage, culture, cuisine, and wonders of Vietnam. The trip covers a cycle ride of Hanoi’s Old Quarter; the Halong Bay cruise on a traditional junk boat; visit of UNESCO world heritage site Hoi An on foot; and the amazing network of Cu Chi Tunnels

Study Animal Sciences in Colorado with Worldwide Navigators

Volunteer Zoo Experience in Colorado

Your important volunteer work with animals at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will bring you closer to the wild, reminiscent of an African safari in the heart of Colorado. Spend your days feeding and caring for the animals, learn about their history and wild habitats, and spend your evenings at a local Dude Ranch where you’ll live the cowboy life.

Zambia Short Stay

Victoria Falls is classified as the largest sheet of falling water in the world and is roughly twice the height and width of Niagara Falls. Livingstone also cites the older name of Seongo, which translates to “the place of the rainbow” as a result of the immense and constant spray. If you’re lucky you may spot one of the many hippopotamus or crocodile that call the river home. 

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