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See first-hand the responsible tourism efforts being made by the first whale watch in the United States certified by the World Cetacean Alliance. Learn about the threat the incredible wildlife of the San Juan Islands face on land and sea and discover actions to reduce your environmental impact.

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Meet your guide in Seattle to begin your adventures in travel with others who share your fascination with ghosts! The ghosts come out at night, so by daylight, enjoy your sky-high introduction to the area from the observation deck of the Space Needle. Enjoy unforgettable views of Seattle, Puget Sound, and Mt. Rainier and a late lunch in the restaurant that rotates 360 degrees! Next door, in the world-famous Chihuly Garden and Glasshouse, you’ll find a unique place of discovery, creativity, light, and color. 

Tonight is your first ghostly experience: it takes place as you walk through Seattle’s oldest neighborhood in Pioneer Square where you’ll hear real stories of the ghosts who continue to haunt the area. A hauntingly exciting, first night!

Enjoy the waterfront today with a visit to the Seattle Aquarium. Meet an entertaining and charming assortment of marine mammals whose antics are sure to make you smile. Learn how the Aquarium’s research efforts reach beyond the animals in their care to those living in the wild around the world. Then enjoy a relaxing beach walk where naturalists will help you learn how to enjoy these beautiful shorelines without harming them. 

Afterward, you can experience Pike Place Market, one of Seattle’s most famous landmarks. This 17-acre historic district, filled with farm products, crafts, food, shops, and restaurants, is one of the country’s oldest farmer’s markets. It dates back to 1907 – and interestingly, it is the 33rd most visited tourist attraction in the world, so you can’t miss it! You will take a unique food tour to check out some of the authentic tastes that Seattle is known for and even adventure behind the scenes!

As night falls, explore the darker side of Pike Place Market as you wander through the arcades, and buildings, and alleys. Ghosts and their stories await you!

You’ll take a short drive today to enjoy the beauty of Snoqualmie Falls. For the Native Americans from the area, it is a place that represents the meeting of heaven and earth and is a treasured burial site. If you find that the falls look familiar, they were featured in the TV series “Twin Peaks.” Follow the trail to the observation deck to relax amidst scenic views.

On your way home, stop at Boehm’s Chocolate factory for a delicious treat of European hand-dipped chocolates! Watch how their candies and chocolates are made and take home a delightful and delicious handmade gift!

Tonight’s ghostly encounter takes you into Seattle’s Underground, where you’ll go deeper through the interconnected tunnels — deeper into the buried city that was destroyed by the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. The stories began when the old town was covered with the new buildings. Feel the presence of those from long ago as their stories come to life.

Learn about Seattle’s historic waterfront on this entertaining cruise along the Ballard Locks. You’ll experience Seattle’s sights and sounds amidst spectacular views of the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges, the Space Needle, the Great Ferris Wheel, and the whole incredible panoramic skyline. Learn about Seattle’s fishing communities, how the locks work, and see the houseboat community from the movie, “Sleepless in Seattle.”

Afterward, take a fun ride the Great Ferris Wheel that you saw on your cruise! It’s built right over the waters of Puget Sound for unique views.

Tonight you will be the ghost hunter! This Underground paranormal experience comes complete with the same investigative equipment used by professional paranormal investigators. Tonight, it’s all up to you! You will learn how to become a ghost hunter from paranormal experts – then take off into the dark and see what ghosts you find!

Today, both whales and ghosts await you as you travel north from Seattle to the spectacular San Juan Islands. An experienced naturalist will bring to life an incredible whale and wildlife experience aboard the first whale watching tour in the United States to be certified by the World Cetacean Alliance. This means you will witness responsible tourism in action with an environmentally-friendly tour provider who operates with exceptional care for the wildlife and the land and waters they inhabit. You will discover the actions they are taking that support sustainability and how they are giving back to protect the oceans. Learn what steps they have taken and how you can make a difference.

 You’ll overnight on Orca Island in one of the ghostly hotels with stories of nightly visitations and strange, other-worldly happenings. Will you feel or see anything unusual tonight?

Before heading back to the city for your final ghostly encounter, explore more of this charming village, refresh yourself with a walk through time in old-growth forests, and see the breathtaking panoramic vistas of the sea and surrounding islands from Mt. Constitution, the highest point in the San Juan Islands.
On your last evening, enjoy the ghost “pub crawl” to some of the most haunted bars and hotels around town. No drinking required, but you may enjoy both kinds of “spirits” along the way as you toast the new friends you’ve met along the way.

Depart for home today with memories of the ghosts you are leaving behind, and especially happy memories of your fellow travelers and the incredible wild beauty of the San Juan Islands and its whales and wildlife. Treasure all that you’ve learned along the way to care even more for the earth and all the creatures who share the planet with us.

Travel to the Pacific Northwest and explore the ghosts of Seattle and the San Juan Islands. Your adventures in travel to this incredibly beautiful area will explore not just fascinating ghosts and their stories, but also whales, dolphins, and wildlife. Learn about the challenges to the natural world inhabitants of the San Juan Islands, the quest for solutions, and the responsible tourism efforts there.


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