Worldwide Navigators recommends you talk about your health, your health history, and how to avoid getting sick while you’re traveling internationally with your healthcare provider.

We can’t make recommendations on vaccines for any particular trip, medications you should take, or specific trips to take or avoid based on health concerns. All of that is perfect to include in a conversation with your doctor to help you make decisions.

You may want to review the vaccinations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for the country or countries you will be traveling to. The CDC has the most up-to-date recommendations for vaccinations, region-specific risks, and traveler’s health warnings. The CDC’s travel destinations website offers a number of different search options based on country and the type of traveler you are.

Many different healthcare facilities offer vaccinations and common preventative travel medications. These include:

  • Your primary care physician
  • Travel clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Public health clinics
  • College health centers
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