Professional & Group Navigators

Over 1,000 unique travel experiences for adults and professional groups in 72+ countries.

Worldwide Navigators offers transformative travel for professionals and other groups aspiring to feed their curiosity through authentic international experiences, human connection, and engaging purposeful travel. By introducing professionals and groups to international service experiences and exposing them to different cultural norms, they will grow as an individual and as part of your team.  They will become more engaged employees and global citizens, Not only will they feel amazing for taking part in the experience but they’ll also seek to cultivate positive, sustainable change in the world around them both while abroad and when they return home.

Benefits of Being a Group Navigator

  • Broadening comfort levels as a problem solver and grow your skills as an individual contributor to a collective team goal
  • Sharpening your mind by experiencing new and unusual situations
  • Develop interpersonal skills like empathy, self-awareness, and independence that will benefit them their entire lives
  • Becoming more creative by engaging with the local culture
  • Working in a multicultural environment with local experts and communities
  • Gaining confidence and independence by interacting with unfamiliar environments and local people
  • Building resumes by highlighting global competency and volunteerism experiences
  • Avoiding burnout by engaging in sustainable, purposeful travel

Being a Professional Navigator
Impacts Overall Growth & Success

Travel transforms how professionals work, strengthens their sense of community with people of different ethnic backgrounds and expands their career possibilities.

  • Experience an increased resilience to stressful situations to help increase productivity and engagement
  • Become more creatively charged at work after traveling abroad
  • Gain an increased appreciation for home and family upon returning home
  • Improve overall brain health by overcoming new obstacles and introducing new activities to your brain
  • Strengthen your sense of self and understanding of different cultures and communities around the world

We Make Travel Easy for Groups!

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Take the hassle out of group travel! When your group travels through Worldwide Navigators, all per-person trip costs include:

  • Transportation – flights and local transportation
  • Lodging
  • Meals outlined in your itinerary
  • Customized activities to inspire your group and enhance their learning experience
  • Tips for services provided to your group
  • All logistics, including security as needed

Individual travelers will be responsible on their own to pay for:

  • Passport and any visa fees
  • Luggage fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccinations and medications
  • Spending money for souvenirs, snacks outside regular meals, and personal purchases

Option 1: Pay in full upon enrollment

  • Pay your trip’s entire balance when you enroll
  • Worldwide Navigators accepts payment from all major providers. Sorry, we cannot accept checks.

Option 2: Set up a payment plan

  • Customize your payment amount and frequency of payments

Option 3: Make manual payments

  • Log into your program portal to make payments at your own convenience
  • Be sure to pay attention to important payment due dates

Ensuring the safety of our travelers is our top priority and we take this responsibility very seriously.  When choosing Worldwide Navigators as your travel planner, be assured that you and your student will be in a “professionally led-we’ve left no detail untouched” environment for the duration of your trip.  All of our destinations are chosen with safety at the forefront and we do our homework on every destination that we select.

We have partners in every country that we visit that help us to ensure that our teams are welcomed and supported.  The missions that we plan are to friendly towns and cities throughout the world. We realize that worry is a natural part of being a parent and we do our part to help keep your mind at ease. Worldwide Navigators staff members are in constant contact with our teams that are overseas and families receive regular updates during all trips.  An emergency contact number that is monitored 24/7 is also provided to each family so that should the need arise, the team and your student can be reached at any time.

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