The women of yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Whether it’s retracing the life of an influential woman or working hands-on in a women-run organization, these trips combine the history of impactful women and women-led innovations of today. These highly influential trips leave students feeling empowered to come together to support and learn from women everywhere.

Women's Studies in Myanmar with Worldwide Navigators

Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar

Myanmar has centuries-old stupas and is a land full of vibrant religion and traditional practices. With landscapes scattered with gilded pagodas and architecture, it’s a ...
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Breakfast at Tiffany’s, New York

This trip to New York is the ideal combination of sightseeing and giving back, and is ideal for anyone who loves “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Explore ...
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Chasing Amelia Earhart Tour

Join us as we travel halfway around the world, learning as much about Amelia Earhart as we can: her life, her accomplishments, the aircraft she ...
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Women’s Studies in Egypt with Worldwide Navigators

Discover the History of Cleopatra in Egypt

International travel to Egypt is the perfect way to learn all about Cleopatra and the Greco-Roman period of Egyptian history. Visit some of the most ...
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Women’s Studies in the United States with Worldwide Navigators

Eleanor Roosevelt Tour in New York & Washington DC

Eleanor Roosevelt was the First Lady of the United States from 1933-1945. She was an important political figure and activist, and she’s said to have ...
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Study Sports Management in South America with Worldwide Navigators

Eva Perón Tour in Argentina

Eva Perón was the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death in 1952. In this post, she worked to help the labor movement ...
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Study Anthropology in Egypt with Worldwide Navigators

Female Pharaohs Tours in Egypt

On this trip to learn about the powerful female pharaohs of ancient Egypt, you will get to study anthropology up close in remarkable detail. Visit ...
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Women's Studies Tour in India with Worldwide Navigators

Fierce Goddesses of India

India is a land that’s rich with religious traditions. Roughly 80 percent of the country practices Hinduism, and if there’s one thing you should know ...
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Holocaust & Anne Frank Historical Tour

Anne Frank’s life and diary is synonymous with the Holocaust and the plight of Jews in WWII. On this 7-day tour, discover her home and ...
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Women's Studies Tour in England with Worldwide Navigators

Jane Austen History Tour in England

Jane Austen’s legacy has survived hundreds of years after her death. On your trip to study literature related to the author, you’ll get to see ...
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Jane Goodall Tour in Tanzania

Over 60 years ago Jane Goodall arrived at Gombe River in Tanzania to study the local communities of chimpanzees. Her work has brought us closer ...
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Study Philosophy in Japan with Worldwide Navigators

Japan Tour: Ryonen Genso, Zen Nun

Ryonen Genso was a Japanese nun who left a strong impact on the Rinzai school of Buddhism. She was so passionate about joining the monastery, ...
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Women’s Studies & Christianity in France with Worldwide Navigators

Joan of Arc Historical Tour

From her beginnings as a peasant girl, Joan of Arc relied on her faith to become a heroine of France during the Hundred Years War. ...
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Women’s Studies into the Africa of Karen Blixen with Worldwide Navigators

Karen Blixen Tour in Kenya

Travel to Kenya for an overseas adventure in women’s studies into the world of Karen Blixen revealed in her famous book Out of Africa and ...
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Study Political Science in the U.K. with Worldwide Navigators

Margaret Thatcher Tour of the U.K.

The United Kingdom is full of new technology and old tradition and where the past comes to life. From its pulsing cities to magical countryside, ...
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Women's Studies in Poland and France with Worldwide Navigators

Marie Curie Tour in Poland and Paris

Marie Curie was not only a groundbreaking researcher delving into the little-understood field of radioactivity, she was also the first woman to win Nobel Prizes ...
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Women’s Studies & Literature in New York with Worldwide Navigators

Mary Oliver Tour in New York

New York is known as being the dining and shopping capital, the epicenter of arts, and an architectural darling. Tourists come from far and wide ...
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Michelle Obama Tour

Michelle Obama was the First Lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017. She is an activist that has worked for many causes, including ...
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Volunteer Trip to India with Worldwide Navigators

Mother Theresa & the Diversity of Kolkata, India

Full of color, energy and tradition, India is a place that will stimulate all of your senses. Join us for a week and uncover the ...
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The Laura Ingalls Wilder Experience

American author Laura Ingalls Wilder captured the life of a pioneer family that moved throughout the American midwest. Her work is held close in the ...
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Study History in Paris with Worldwide Navigators

The Marie Antoinette Experience in Paris

Whether Marie Antoinette actually uttered those four famous words is up for debate. What is known is that she sparked a revolution of elaborate living, ...
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Women's Studies in Greece with Worldwide Navigators

The Power of Women in Ancient Crete

The island of Crete has a charismatic harbor in the glistening Mediterranean. From its beaches to ancient treasures to vibrant cities and magical villages, the ...
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Study Political Science in Paris with Worldwide Navigators

Touring the City of Lights

Paris is a city on practically every must-see list of international travel destinations. Travel there and spend a week touring some of its most famous ...
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Women’s Studies in the U.K. with Worldwide Navigators

U.K. Tour to Study Suffragist Emmeline Pankhurst

Manchester was Emmeline Pankhurst’s home, as well as the site of many of the women’s suffrage meetings and demonstrations. You’ll get a glimpse into the ...
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Women's Studies in the United States with Worldwide Navigators

Women’s Rights & Political Science in North America

Spend a week-long road trip USA visiting the main sites of the suffragist movement. See places where brave women rose up and demanded more from ...
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