Trekking Argentina’s Mt. Aconcagua

Environmental Science Studies in Argentina

The spectacular country of Argentina has already experienced significant impacts from climate change as its temperatures have increased, and sea levels are unpredictable. Add an impact to your trip on environmental sciences studies by picking up trash along the way and avoiding the use of plastic straws.

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Your overseas adventure has officially begun as you descend into Mendoza’s local airport. Take a look out your airplane window for views of lush forests and mountainous terrains. A local guide will be waiting for you as you exit the airport to transfer you to the base of Mt. Aconcagua! 

There is no time to waste on this incredible trek, so gear up and travel to the heart of the Andes as you ascend into the Vacas Valley. You will travel with mules who will carry your gear. You’ll reach your first camp, Pampa de Las Lenas. Here, you will set up camp and enjoy dinner prepared by a personal chef! YUM! 

Get an early breakfast in the morning before continuing your trek through the Vacas Valley. Finally, the abyss will open up to reveal towering mountains. Soak in the eastern face views of Mt. Aconcagua. Enjoy a picnic lunch at this location. Next, you’ll make your way to Relinchos Valley base camp, which is on a glacial moraine and overlooks rivers and valleys. Get an early dinner and good night sleep! 

Today, the real climb begins with a hike outside of camp. The ascent to camp is steep, but an experienced climber will monitor and assist the group throughout the day, offering tips and allowing for breaks. You’ll reach snow on this portion of the trip. Enjoy lunch with views of the valley’s and forests below. Continue climbing until you arrive at Camp 1, then set up and enjoy a glorious night sleeping under the stars. What a wonderful escape from reality! 

You’ll have the opportunity for the first time this trip to view the expansive scree fields overlooking the Guanacos Valley. The ascent will take about six hours today, spread out with breaks. Make your way along while enjoying views of the snow peaks of the central Andes in the far distance. You’ll have an early arrival to Camp 2 to rest and prepare for the most anticipated day of the trip tomorrow!

Wake up before the sun rises for an early start for what will likely be the most mentally and physically straining day of the trip. Be sure to take breaks as needed and keep a positive attitude. You can do this! A gradual traverse will bring you past the abandoned Refugio Independencia. It is here you will climb a steep couloir to reach the summit ridge. Upon reaching the top, a short trail leads to the best views from the summit. Congratulations! Climbing to the summit of Mt. Aconcagua is a lifetime achievement! Take some free time to eat lunch and take lots of photographs. Following this, you’ll descend to upper camp for dinner and rest. 

Pack up and prepare for your descent day. You’ll head toward the Relinchos Valley for approximately 5 hours to reach Pampa De Las Lenas Camp. Pace yourself, as this may be straining for your knees and heels. Enjoy a celebratory Argentine-style barbecue for your last night in the mountains. 

It’s hard to believe how far you have trekked in the short time of a week. It’s finally time to say goodbye to Mr. Aconcagua. After breakfast, a helicopter will fly to your camp to pick you up and bring you to the local airport for your departure flight. What a way to end your travels in Argentina!

Argentina abounds in nature and has an expanse of iconic peaks. Mt. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere and is known for its glistening glaciers, rivers and valleys, and spectacular wildlife. The landmark has attracted global attention for decades. 

On this trekking expedition of Mt. Aconcagua, you will face both challenges and adventure that will leave you awe-inspired. The trek’s highlights include meeting your mule who will accompany you throughout the experience, sleeping under the starry Argentinian sky, and of course climbing to Mt. Aconcagua’s summit! Book your overseas adventure today!


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