Eva Perón Tour in Argentina

Women’s Studies in Buenos Aires

If you’re interested in women’s studies like Eva Perón, you should volunteer to help women on your trip to Argentina! Work with a feminist group to lobby for safe and legal abortion in the country or teach young girls some English at school in a poor area.

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You’ll land in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a huge city filled with historical landmarks and new innovations alike. Take some time to walk around the city and brush up a little bit on your Spanish.

The first destination on your tour is the Evita Museum. Your tour guide will tell you about Eva Perón’s life and tell you more about why she was called Evita. You’ll see videos and historical photos, as well as her beautiful, well-preserved wardrobe.

Next, go to the Facultad de Ingeniería, which is now the Faculty of Engineering building at the University of Buenos Aires. It used to house the headquarters for the Eva Perón Foundation, her charity which was very important to her. You’ll learn about this charity’s work and how it impacted Argentina.

Your first stop today is the Ministry of Health Building. Outside, there are two striking steel portraits of Eva. One shows her standing strong while giving a speech, and the other is her official portrait, giving you a great opportunity to get a photo with Eva!

Now, you’ll go to Posadas 1567, the building where Eva and her husband Juan lived before he was elected President of Argentina in 1946. The halls and lobby are decorated with Eva Perón memorabilia, so take a look.

For dinner, enjoy some asados, the method people in Argentina and other South American countries use to barbeque their meat on a parilla, or grill, one that you’re sure to enjoy!

This morning, you’ll go to the Casa Rosa, or Pink House. It’s Argentina’s current presidential palace. Eva used to give impassioned speeches out on the balcony to her devotees, and also where Eva gave her final speech on October 17, 1951. The day of this speech is now celebrated as Loyalty to Perón Day. You’ll hear some excerpts from this famous speech to see what made Eva so passionate.

Later, you’ll go to the Luna Park Stadium, where Eva and Juan met at a gala to raise money for earthquake victims. Eva had just moved to Buenos Aires to become an actress, but it’s obvious the world had different plans. The stadium is now a popular spot for concerts and other events, so if there’s something that strikes your fancy, you can attend!

You’ll go to the Biblioteca Nacional, the place where the royal palace used to sit. This is where Eva lived out her last days battling cancer, and where she eventually died in 1952. You’ll learn about how her illness impacted her activism.

Now, it’s time to volunteer! You’ll work with the organization FundaciónSí, which gives food and drink to homeless people on the street. They also provide educational opportunities for the poorest in society. One of the things Eva fought hardest against was poverty, so spend some time working with these people and bringing some light to their day.

It’s your last day in Buenos Aires! You’ll make your way to Recoleta Cemetery, where Eva Perón is buried. You’ll hear about the fascinating and tragic story of Eva’s body being stolen and lost for 16 years. But she lays in this cemetery now, in a heavily-fortified crypt. Pay your respects and maybe lay down some flowers.

Lastly, it’s time to see “Evita!” It’s the beloved musical based on Eva Perón’s life written by Andrew Lloyd Webber (who also wrote “The Phantom of the Opera”). There was a movie version of the musical made in 1996 starring Madonna. We’ll find you a showing of the musical in Buenos Aires so you can experience its history and its beautiful music!

It’s time to head home, but you’ll always remember everything you learned about Eva. Maybe her political activism will help you get involved in your local community like Eva was in hers.

Eva Perón was the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death in 1952. In this post, she worked to help the labor movement and started her own charitable foundation. She is an important figure in women’s studies because she ran Argentina’s first notable all-female political party, and because of her work in the country’s women’s suffrage movement. On this tour of Buenos Aires, you’ll learn about her important work and how she inspired one of the most popular musicals of all time.


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