Margaret Thatcher Tour of the U.K.

Political Science Studies in the U.K.

While the United Kingdom is known for its wealth, history and tradition, it has among the highest levels of gender and racial income inequality in the European Union. Add an impact to your trip by participating in non-violent protests or handing out meals to the homeless and unemployed.

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Your overseas adventure has begun as you travel to London. As your plane descends, look out your window to see views of the big city and rural countryside that makes up the United Kingdom. A local guide will greet you at the airport and transfer you to an inner-city hotel. 

Take some time to unpack and rest. If you are in the mood for activity, take a dip in the hotel pool, stop by a local café, or stroll along the city’s busy streets. In the evening, you will meet up with your group and guide for dinner at the hotel restaurant, which is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about your upcoming schedule. 

Today is all about politics as you delve into the life and influence of Margaret Thatcher. As the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom, she stirred up controversy during her time in power. She was criticized for cutting welfare programs, privatizing industries, and reducing trade union power. She was forced to resign due to unpopular public opinions in 1991. As you learn more about Thatcher during your all-day tour, you can be the judge as to whether she was a positive or negative influential leader. 

You’ll first stop at the All Saints Chapel of the Margaret Thatcher Infirmary, where Thatcher’s ashes were spread after her death at the age of 87. Next, you’ll visit the Carlton Club where Thatcher became the first woman to ever join as an honorary member with full membership rights. Finally, you will arrive at the Palace of Westminster to see the statue of Margaret Thatcher. It was created to honor her as a political hero. As you further explore the United Kingdom during your trip, keep the influence of this powerful political figure in mind. The past impacts the present! 

Today, you will explore the many sights and sounds of London city. You’ll first travel to the main attractions of Big Ben and Westminster Abbey for photo opportunities. Next, you’ll enjoy a fast-tracked entry and guided tour of St. Paul’s Cathedral. You’ll also watch the changing of guards at Buckingham Palace. Can you make them smile? Enjoy lunch at a local pub before heading to Thames River for a sightseeing cruise. Finally, enjoy a birds-eye-view of the famous city by riding the London Eye.

Are you ready to explore the largest and oldest castle in the world?! Windsor Castle has been inhabited by royalty for over 1000 years. Explore the 10.5 hectares of high land, including a visit to St. George’s Chapel and state apartments. You’ll also have an opportunity to see Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House. Make sure to keep a lookout for paintings by Sevres, Holbein, and Rubens and Van Dyck. Enjoy high tea for lunch before heading back to your hotel. 

Head to southern England to tour two of the United Kingdom’s top-rated attractions. First, you’ll arrive at Stonehenge. Enjoy a guided tour of these prehistoric stone monuments situated on the Salisbury Plain. Learn about how these massive stones were used to track the sun and stars. Next, you’ll enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before exploring the Roman-founded city of Bath. Walk along its beautiful streets, visit the Royal Crescent, and (of course!) explore the Roman Baths. 

Calling all movie lovers and history buffs alike: today is for you! You’ll start by visiting the renowned university city of Oxford. A professional will guide you through England’s oldest university campus. Walk along the cobblestone streets and explore the famous college buildings. After lunch, your next stop is at the Warner Bros. Studio. Here you will get a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the Harry Potter movie series. Catch a train on platform 9¾, be allocated to a Hogwarts house, and see the real props used in the movie. What a fun way to end your trip!

It has been an educational and adventurous week in the United Kingdom, but the time has come to say goodbye. Enjoy one final English breakfast with your group and guides. Converse about what you learned. Next, you’ll head to the local airport for your flight home. 

The United Kingdom is full of new technology and old tradition and where the past comes to life. From its pulsing cities to magical countrysides, the United Kingdom is among the top tourist countries in the world. On this trip to study political science in the United Kingdom, you will enjoy both adventure and education – a perfect pair! The trip’s highlights include exploring the grounds of Windsor Castle, riding on the famous London Eye, and touring the renowned University of Oxford campus. Book your overseas adventure today!


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