Sports & Event Management of the 2020 Japan Olympics

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From building new venues to grappling with a mass influx of people for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, Japan has lots of preparations to make. However, with this development also comes more waste. Add an impact by following the No Trace principles.

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Upon your arrival at the Tokyo International Airport, also known as the Haneda Airport, you will be greeted by your local guide at the arrivals gate. From the airport, you will be transferred to your accommodation in downtown Tokyo and get a briefing of the week’s upcoming activities. 

In the evening, you will head out into the city with your guide to check out some of Tokyo’s hotspots. From night markets to street food and more, get ready for a week of overseas adventures in Japan. Welcome to Tokyo!

On your first day in Tokyo, you will get the chance to meet with members of the International Olympic Committee to understand the five sustainability concepts centered around the goal to ‘be better, together.’ From climate change to resource management, human rights and more, today you will receive a briefing of Japan’s sustainability efforts planned for Tokyo 2020. 

In the afternoon, you’ll head over to Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, one of the several Olympic venues of Tokyo 2020. This stadium was also used in the 1964 Summer Olympics for the gymnastics competition and will be the venue for the table tennis competition in 2020.

Today you will be taking a dip in one of Tokyo’s several Olympic venues. Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming will be hosting the water polo championship and today, and you will get to try out the sport first-hand. Jump into the water with a world-class coach and get an intro lesson to this dynamic watersport. 

In the evening, hit the streets of Shinjuku with a company called Magical Trip to get a sample of some of the best bars and food options around. As you venture to various bars and restaurants during this tour, you will get an insider’s perspective of the nightlife scene in Tokyo that most travelers do not get the chance to see.

Take it easy this morning and relax with a hearty breakfast. After the bar and restaurant crawl last night, you’ll most likely need some time to recuperate. Afterward, you will get the opportunity to meet with one of the Japanese athletes taking part in Tokyo 2020. During this meeting, you will achieve a better understanding of what it’s like for an athlete both physically and mentally to train and compete in the Olympics. 

Surfing is one of the five new sports that will be introduced at the 2020 Summer Olympics. This afternoon you will be heading to Tsurigasaki Beach, the site of the first surfing competition held during the Olympics. While you are here, you will have the opportunity to enter the water with an instructor if you wish. Alternatively, use this time to relax and hang out along the shoreline.

Today you will head to the Heritage Zone, which hosted various venues of the 1964 Olympic Games and is also being used for Tokyo 2020. First you will visit the National Stadium, which was originally used for track and field events in the 1964 Olympic Games. This site will host the opening and closing ceremonies of Tokyo 2020. 

Next up in the Heritage Zone, you will visit Nippon Budokan stadium. This stadium was also used for martial arts competitions in the 1964 Summer Olympic games and will continue with that legacy by hosting martial arts competitions including judo and karate in the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games. In the evening, take the liberty of exploring Tokyo at your leisure on foot.

Representing the more modern and urbanized version of the Tokyo 2020 venues, today you will be checking out a few of the venues in the Tokyo Bay Zone. First stop is the Ariake Urban Sports Park, which will host the BMX and skateboarding competitions. 

In the afternoon, head to the beach volleyball competition location at Shiokaze Park. While you’re here, you will have some time to relax in the park and even play an improv game of beach volleyball with some of the locals and your guide! After the match, take some time to help pick up any unwanted garbage on site to help with the preservation of the park. Gloves and bags will be provided.

It’s time to start wrapping up the week of athletics and making your way back to Haneda Airport. Although the week has come and gone, the experiences and insights you’ve had along the way will stick with you for years to come. As you take off into the clouds, let all that you’ve absorbed over the week resonate within you. 

Japan’s initiatives to ensure a more sustainable Olympic Games are impressive and could serve as a model to be followed by other Olympic hosts in the future. From using 100 percent renewable electricity and having a goal of recycling 99 percent of all produced items and goods are just a few of the sustainability concepts Tokyo 2020 is putting forth. 

Are you interested in overseas adventures? If so, spend a week with in Japan to get a behind-the-scenes look at several of the Tokyo 2020 venues, connect with an Olympic athlete, members of the International Olympics Committee and more.


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