Fashion Week in Paris

Study Apparel Merchandising in Haute Couture

In 1973 Paris Fashion Week was born. It is now the highlight and most important event in the world fashion industry. Learn more about this important worldwide event as you study apparel merchandising in Paris.

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Your hotel is within walking distance of the Carrousel du Louvre, home to many of the best shows. As you relax in your hotel suite and unpack your carefully planned wardrobe, you need to pinch yourself to believe it’s true!

This afternoon, your Parisian tour guide will whisk you around Paris, giving you an overview of the city’s layout and history. As you ride through the city center, you are aware of the beauty and mystery of this magical city.

Late in the afternoon, you will tour a high-end design house! Touring with a member of the staff, you will be allowed into design rooms that the average customer will never see. Explore the design process from sketch to fabric selection to construction to final draping to finished garment. 

Enjoy a quiet dinner with your fashion house guide as you discuss the business and their internship plans?

After your croissant and cafe au lait, your personal fashion stylist will guide your through the best vintage shops in Paris. Your stylist knows where to find unique designer pieces and will impart her wisdom and advice as you search for just the right piece — or many pieces — you did bring an extra piece of luggage?

After scouring the wonderful vintage shops, rejuvenate at a quintessential Parisian cafe for a light lunch.

Your next stop is a return trip to the fashion house. Today they will be choosing all the accessories for the garment walking the runway at their upcoming show. Your intern skills will be put to the test as you search for just the right pair of red shoes or the perfect bag. Marvel at how these talented designers accessorize an amazing garment to bring it to the next level. 

Tonight is opening night of Fashion Week and you will be decked to the nines in your new vintage threads as you attend the opening show and  gala

Enjoy a leisurely morning at your hotel, perhaps a visit to the spa before the afternoon and evening shows begin.

Your private driver will make sure you arrive at all the shows on your schedule looking cool, calm and collected. Walk past the envious tourists as you slip easily into each show, find your seat and let the magic begin.

Make sure to take plenty of pictures, you’ll want to flaunt those Instagrammable moments.

You driver will arrive early today, the shows on your schedule are late morning and mid-day. Each show has its own style and flavor, but you can begin to see the seasonal patterns emerging. You find yourself desiring each ensemble as it walks the runway and you consider what it would be like to be one of the models or even the fashion creator.

This evening, hop on a beautiful river boat for a luxurious dinner cruise on the Seine. Enjoy local delicacies as you watch the sun set and the city of lights come to life.

Your backstage intern show is today. You arrive at the show destination early, it is an “all hands on deck” day. The garments have arrived and need to be unpacked, steamed and sorted with their accessories. You are now an integral part of the backstage team, participating in making this show a runway hit. 

When the models arrive, it is organized chaos, and you love every minute. As the show begins, you know you have been part of something amazing, something very few people experience.

After the show, join you new friends in a dinner celebration as you toast to the success of the designer and his/her creations.

You deserve it, you worked hard. Sleep in, people watch at a cafe, stroll through the Louvre, climb the Eiffel Tower – today is your day.

As you soak up the sights and sounds of Paris, you will find your mind wondering, will Paris be my new home?

Your driver will take you to your fashion house so you can say goodbye to your new friends. Your interning experience at the Parish fashion house has been amazing.

Au revoir Paris – en attendant de nous revoir!

The coveted ticket to Paris Fashion Week is yours to enjoy. This twice-yearly event brings the fashion movers and shakers out join forces and create a fashion feast for the eyes. Experience an opportunity to intern at a Parish Fashion House.


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