Engineering in Germany

Study Engineering While Touring Berlin

STEM Education is important for the jobs of the future, but out of reach for many underprivileged youths. After you learn all the ways we can engineer technology, consider donating to or volunteering for an organization that supports STEM education.

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You’ll waste no time starting to study engineering in Berlin. After a day of travel, you’ll get to continue your journey, but this time to the stars. The Archenhold Observatory is home to the longest refracting telescope in the world, as well as a reflecting telescope, both of which you can look through to see stars, planets and Earth’s moon. Once you’re done peering at the stars, explore the Solar Physics exhibit to learn how the machinery you just used to look out into the universe works.

The Deutsches Technikmuseum is one of Germany’s most celebrated science museums and prides itself on its focus on education. No type of engineering is too small or too abstract at the museum. You can learn about what technology is behind the sounds that come through our radios, the technology behind the evolution of the camera from a big box to a tiny phone, to the technology behind your favorite beverages.

The Science Center Spectrum is recently renovated and ready to receive visitors eager to explore its 150 exhibits. Today, you’ll be one of them. One of the shining features of the Science Center is the experiments peppered throughout the facility. Sometimes the best way to understand a scientific concept is to interact with it and make it happen with your own hands, here is where you’ll get the chance. When you’re done exploring the experiments, the eight themed exhibitions will take you on a journey through all things theoretical.

Feats of engineering aren’t always grand in size; sometimes they’re on a smaller scale, or a technological one. At the Game Science Center, you’ll explore the science behind video games, augmented reality and virtual reality. The museum wants to put visitors in touch with the technologies of the future, and the brightly-colored, interactive exhibits will let you do just that. You’ll get to play the games — many of which you may have already experienced in your mobile phone gaming — and learn about how they came to be.

The trip to Dresden will take a couple of hours, but when you get there, you’ll start another journey through just about every mode of transportation we use. By land, by sea, and by air, this museum showcases it all. There are historical relics of transportation, as well as car, train, boat, and aircraft from more recent days. The exhibits are surrounded by information about the inner workings of each vehicle. The museum is very interactive, so whether you’re looking to investigate an airplane engine or see what the view was like from the driver’s cab of a train 100 years ago, there’s something for everyone.

You’ve learned about the future of gaming, today you’ll learn about its past. Video games have their roots in computers as much as they do in consoles. At the Computerspielemuseum, you’ll see how games progressed from 8-bit to virtual reality headsets. The museum boasts a collection of over 300 objects, many of them rare or originals from the first days of computer and video games.

Behind every major architectural or engineering marvel, there’s a set of blueprints. At the Tchoban Museum, you’ll get to see a vast array of these on display. The museum was founded in 2009 by a draftsman passionate about preserving the craft of architectural drawing. Today, the collection includes everything from historical architecture to blueprints used for architecture in film.

German engineering is some of the most admired in the world, and Berlin is one of the most exciting places to study engineering. You’ll visit unique museums that cover every topic from the theoretical to the concrete, and see everything from idea to schematic to result. From the Game Science Center to the Museum of Transport and many more, this engineering-focused trip will leave you with a better understanding of how the world around you works.


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