The Architecture of Serbia

Study Architecture in Belgrade, Serbia

Situated on Southeastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula, Serbia is a country full of historical architecture and natural beauty. On the other hand, Serbia also faces issues related to freedom of the media, treatment of minorities, and more. Add an impact by getting involved with recognized organizations.

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As you begin your descent into the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, take in an aerial perspective of Serbia’s capital city. Upon your arrival, you will be met by your local guide, who is also a well-known architect in the city. Get ready to study architecture and explore the best in Belgrade! 

From the airport, you will be shuttled to your hotel in the city and have the rest of the afternoon to explore the surrounding area at your leisure. Before you hit the sack, you’ll be given a breakdown of the upcoming architectural sites and activities you will experience during the week.

Today you will first be checking out Knez Mihailova Street, a large pedestrian thoroughfare that plays host to many old buildings and interesting shops. As you walk through this area with your guide, you will hear first-hand information about the architectural style and history of the area.  

In the afternoon, relax with a bike ride through Košutnjak. This park and forested area is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban center while still being close enough to the action. Afterward, head out into the center with your guide to check out some of the area’s nightlife hotspots.

Today you will be visiting one of the Brutalist architectural icons in Belgrade, the Eastern City Gate, which is officially named Rudo. Set in the Konjarnik neighborhood, the Eastern City Gate is also known as the “Three Sisters” due to the three towers that make up its structure. The iconic structure was completed in 1976 and exists today as a residential building hosting over 2,000 people. 

In the afternoon, you will be connected with an organization called Human Rights House. Providing pro-bono legal assistance, the Human Rights House assists human rights defenders with cases related to freedom of the press, social rights, minority issues and beyond. During this meeting, you will get a deeper understanding of the issues Serbia faces and how this organization is counteracting them.

Next up is the Western City Gate, also referred to as the Genex Tower, which is a 36-story skyscraper designed by Mihajlo Mitrović. Completed in the late 1970s, this structural gem was also designed in a Brutalist style of architecture. The Western City Gate is composed of two towers that are connected by a bridge. In addition, there is also a rotating restaurant located at the top. 

Following your meal at the revolving restaurant, you will make your way to the University of Belgrade and to get in touch with members of the Faculty of Architecture. While you’re here, you will have the chance to discuss the potency of Serbia’s architecture directly with the faculty members as well as how the styles have transformed over the years.

Today you will visit one of Belgrade’s most charming neighborhoods, Zemun. Wander through the cobblestone streets with your guide and take in the rustic nature of this historic neighborhood. While you’re here, you will check out the Gardoš Tower, also known as the Millennium Tower, and gain some interesting insights about this memorial from your architecture-guide. 

In the evening, check out some of the cafes, restaurants and bars in the neighborhood of Zemun. This area is well-known for its nightlife. Furthermore, getting out into the area’s nightlife scene is a great way to interact with locals and other travelers. Raise your glass and enjoy!

On your last full day in the city of Belgrade, you will be visiting the Museum of Aviation. This futuristic building was designed by an architect named Ivan Štraus and represents an architectural style unlike any other in the city. Discuss the design and intentions behind it with your guide and uncover how it came to be. Afterward, you will enter and explore the museum. 

In the afternoon, you will check out Stari Dvor. Today, this building hosts the City Assembly of Belgrade. However, it was previously occupied by royal members of the Obrenović dynasty. Walk through it and take in the preserved interior and exterior of the building. There are also beautiful gardens on site which you take some time to relax amidst if you wish.

Sadly, it’s finally time to pack up and head back to the airport. Rise early in order to take advantage of your final hours in Belgrade with a typical breakfast and a stroll around the neighborhood. Around midday, you’ll be transferred to the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport where you will be able to catch your flight back home or onward to your next destination.

Full of fascinating and futuristic architectural structures, Belgrade is must-visit city for any architectural fanatic. Trip abroad and study architecture in Belgrade with us for one week to gain insights from a local architect who will be touring you around the city’s top architectural icons. 

During the week, you will also get a deeper understanding of the human rights issues the country currently faces by connecting with local organizations. Learn about hardships related freedom of the media, hate crimes, minority issues and how you can add an impact.


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