Ecotourism Adventures in Norway

Overseas Adventures & Ecotourism Studies in Europe

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its blend of beautiful green mountains and pristine blue water come together to make Norway a fantastic country for overseas adventures. You can see for yourself and make a difference too with this incredible trip.

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Sojourn – Gain a better understanding of the community you’re visiting. Learn about different religions or spiritual practices. How do these impact the communities? How does religion or spirituality influence local traditions?

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Savor – Will you choose sweet or savory? Take the time to visit local markets and discover unique local ingredients. Learn how to prepare traditional meals & local favorites.

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Tip of the Tongue – Each morning, take the time to learn a few basic greetings and phrases in the local language. Learn how to write greetings & your name in the local script.

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A Wrinkle in Time – History influences our present. Discover the history of the country you visit. Hear the stories of your guides & their family history. Where do they come from?

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Journal Journeys – Take some time to reflect on the day’s events and document your journey. Spend a moment journaling about the day had & day ahead. These are memories for a lifetime!

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Culture – From local dances, festivals, or simple gestures to communicate – all of these make up a country’s culture. Learn and practice cultural norms & how to show respect in the culture you visit.

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Bergen is the largest city in western Norway, and this is where your group will begin your adventure. You’ll have an incredible view of its idyllic landscape upon descent, taking in some amazing views before you even step off the plane. 

Upon arrival, you’ll take a bus to the city proper where you’ll be able to explore the city with a guide leading you on a tour of Bergen’s most famous sights. You’ll start at historic Bryggen, a centuries-old wharf that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and walk along the water to Bergenhus Fortress. From there, you’ll venture to Gamlehaugen, the home of the Norwegian Royal Family when they are visiting Bergen, and then on to composer Edvard Grieg’s house. 

Afterward, settle in after a long day with a traditional Norwegian dinner. Norway specializes in seafood, but stews and open-faced sandwiches are very popular too.

Volunteering is a big part of life in Norway, and you’ll witness its importance in Norwegian society today. In the morning, your group will head down to the Asylum Reception Center, where you will help create positive experiences for asylum seekers. These centers generally work in conjunction with the Red Cross, and you’ll hear some incredible stories from refugees looking for a better life in Norway. 

Following a break for lunch, it’s time to put on those hiking boots! Bergen is surrounded by seven hills that overlook the city, and the most popular hill, Fløyen, needs some help staying pristine. Help keep Fløyen clean by stopping to pick up discarded objects on your way up the hill, and you’ll be rewarded with incredible views throughout the hike.

You’ll be spending a decent amount of time on trains in Norway as the mountainous interior leads to the vast majority of its populace living along the coast. The first part of today will be spent on a train from Bergen to Stavanger, but you won’t be too upset as you’ll have stunning views outside your window the entire trek. 

Stavanger is the oil capital of Norway. Much of Norway’s wealth comes from oil production, but they have started to move their economy away from oil in recent years to become more environmentally friendly. Your group will attend a presentation at the University of Stavanger’s The Greenhouse, an environmental humanities initiative that discusses these efforts in depth.

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Norway is the country’s iconic fjords. Dozens of fjords are scattered throughout the country, and today you’ll be visiting one of the most famous ones.

Your group will head out for Lysefjord in the morning, one of the most popular fjords in Norway. You’ll also get the chance to hike up Preikestolen to see one of the most incredible views in Scandinavia.

It’s time to head to Norway’s capital and most populous city, Oslo. In the morning, you’ll catch a flight from Stavanger to Oslo, where you’ll spend your last few days in Norway.

After taking the train from the airport to the main train station, you’ll head to your hotel before a day of sightseeing. The first stop on your journey will be Frogner Park. Amazing sculptures from Gustav Vigeland are abundant in the park, so take some time to admire these works. You’re sure to find something you love!

Then, it’s on to Akershus Fortress. This building has been used as a fortress and a castle for the past 700 years, and you’ll learn about its long history during a tour.

You’ll spend this morning working with a UNICEF office located in Oslo. UNICEF helps millions of children around the world, and you’ll take part in one of their numerous projects. You might prepare emergency kits that will be vital in case of disaster or help in a local fundraising project. Either way, your group is helping children that desperately need it.

Have you ever tried to imagine what an area would look like 100, 300, or 500 years ago? You don’t have to imagine at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. This open-air museum has more than 100 old buildings that have been relocated from places all over Norway. You’ll see quite a few major differences in home building from region to region, so try to note them all.

Before saying goodbye to this lovely country, one more adventure awaits — Vikings! Along with fjords, Vikings are what Norway is most known for. The Viking Ship Museum hosts three actual Viking ships that are centuries old, and you’ll be awestruck by their size. There are numerous other artifacts in this museum to experience, but don’t get too caught up or else you might miss your flight!

You won’t find a more picturesque country than Norway — it’s the perfect place for incredible overseas adventures, and your group will have the experience of a lifetime here. While you’re taking everything in, you’ll also be helping different communities and the environment during your week here. Come along and have an adventure today!


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