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Hey there IMR traveler! Have you considered extending your stay to visit some of India's top spots?

Feast your eyes on India’s astounding architecture

Indulge your taste buds on some of the world’s best cuisine

Dive deep into the vibrant & colorful culture

Join International Medical Relief on an exclusive 3-Day trip extension provided by our partner, Worldwide Navigators!

Choose between two adventures of a lifetime...

Experience firsthand

A Taste of India

  • Discover the world-renowned Taj Mahal, learning the history and magic at every turn
  • Explore the winding streets of Old & New Delhi, and uncover what makes this city tick
  • Visit the historical Humayun’s Tomb

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The price of this extension is $600

*based off of 4+ travelers

Experience firsthand

Northern India Safari

  • Journey to Ranthambhore National Park, highly regarding for wild cat viewing
  • Ride through tiger’s natural habitat in an open-top jeep
  • Visit a nearby village for an unforgettable cultural immersion

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The price of this extension is $900

*based off of 4+ travelers

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Dive deeper into local culture and experience all that Uganda has to offer. We’ll handle the details from accommodations, transportation, fees, and meals to ensure you have an amazing experience.
Worldwide Navigators provides International Medical Relief and their volunteers unique opportunities all over the globe.


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